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Countdown until the Shogakukun Macross Package Art Collection Book is released! 

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  1. Yeah, I got the BBTS "This is almost here so be ready" notice on the Iota. Their price is usually around the same or slightly higher, but with $4 shipping, so it often ends up slightly cheaper. OTOH, you have to deal with waiting while you see everyone else get it, since it is shipped to them first by surface ship (and shipping has been totally screwed, so it's added a few months on to the normal 1-2month wait for BBTS). I decided I could be patient for the Iota, but I can't be patient for this one.
  2. Completed with HLJ. I could wait for my Iota legioss (which looks like it is *finally* making it to BBTS) but I'll want this as soon as it rolls out.
  3. I'm glad that Fuke model isn't as pink as many hoped. Still pinkish, but not as terrible as it could have been.
  4. vladykins

    Hi-Metal R

    I answered asking for the SDF:M line to be completed, especially those that have been displayed already
  5. Also got my @LUNA PARK DHL notification. It sometimes takes a day or two go out, but it being a Monday, will probably be faster (my last experience was on a Thursday so a one day turnaround meant the weekend got in the way).
  6. I found who I ordered from and it is from @LUNA PARK as well, so with those starting to ship I'm getting excited.
  7. I'm just trying to remember who I ordered mine with now.
  8. If you are looking for details with colors, then nope.
  9. I'm tempted to cancel my PO with BBTS and order to grab from HLJ so I don't have to wait three months.
  10. Most of my DHL stuff rolls through HK, but ends to move out of there fairly quickly unless it hits customs issues.
  11. Took a fast, terrible pict but just received this from @ChristopherB My seventh 1A and second GBP 1J, which is earmarked to be customed into the black GBP from "Love Flows By". The 1D is my second and is going to wear the super parts like the old model kit. The VF-4 is my first HMR of these. Deciding what I'm going to do with the extra 1J (I already have a GBP and one getting whacked by the Breetai from MEPTOYS).
  12. Agreed. I've ordered quite a number of things from them and that $4 shipping is hard to say no to. The cost to that is watching everyone else on here receive theirs months ahead of you. I ordered my Eta from BBTS, got anxious for the zeta and picked it up from AE, and went back to BBTS for the iota. I'm not counting on seeing it until December or so.
  13. Would be a stand out in your Roy collection.
  14. I have no self-respect. lol
  15. Yeah- the BBTS stuff doesn't list even the guns they show in the pictures, so that doesn't help. But just from running through the pictures, it looks like the Robotech "Scott" doesn't have a Laser Hound but the Mospeada Stig does. Both have the 60mm beam cannon. I'm guessing the Robotech release will have a lot less goodies. I grabbed one of each (Mospeada and RT) and so expect to have three riding and three in armor mode. I'll mix and match parts, if necessary.
  16. They also seem to be generally more pricey so far ($70-80 + shipping versus $59 shipped) . I preordered the BBTS ones even if they say Robotech on them but have been waiting to get a set of Mospeada ones from Japan. So I'm hoping the Mospeada ones from Japan have extra goodies to justify me paying more.
  17. Interestingly, this is actually closer to the novel Bond in a way. Bond definitely gets into situations in the books that he didn't plan on at all. Then he ends up reacting to things and trying to pull something out of it or he gets off a message somewhere and you get the deux ex machina. And I don't see him as a "dumb thug", but I do see him as flexing that license to kill. Novel Bond, as Seto mentions, hates killing if he doesn't have to. So this is a switch up. Except it isn't *really* a revenge thing- that's what it was played out for everyone to think he was focusing on, but the classic line at the end of Quantum of Solace indicates that's never what it was about ("I never left.". I think the DC movies do a better job of using the "rogue 00" theme than some of the prior movies. Probably one of my favorite scenes is in QoS when Bond takes out the guards on him in the hotel, slips back over to M, and then M says "He's my agent and I trust him", quickly followed by Felix helping him in the bar stay just ahead of the US troops gunning for him.
  18. What's funny is Brosnan wanted to be a more gritty Bond but they didn't allow him to. He ended up getting closer to what he wanted to be in The Matador. Also- Dalton is very underrated as Bond.
  19. Oh yeah- I totally know the time period stuff (after all, women couldn't even get their own credit cards and such until the 70s). It's just amazing to be reading along through a spy adventure novel and then it drops something crazy misogynist or racist. H.P.Lovecraft's earlier stuff is often less in comparison (hell, he writes about what he considers white trash people like the "degenerate Catskills people" more than he does other races). It's 20 or 30 years after Lovecraft (and after WWII) and Fleming is throwing out lines like "Oh yes, this club doesn't allow Goldblums or Shaumbergs- we have a no Jew policy". Fleming trying to write from a woman's perspective in The Spy Who Loved Me was very entertaining, though. I did love the hatred of tea by Bond, only for him to savor it in the novel version of Thunderball when he is stuck at the clinic. And poor novel Felix gets messed up so much and keeps on going. I have to say in the Craig Bond's, I love Wright as Felix.
  20. I actually like Daniel Craig's Bond, but Spectre was such a mess of a story that ruined everything the other three films set up (like Mr. White going from the guy from Quantum who keeps slipping away again and again to suddenly he wants Bond's help). I'm also rereading all the original Fleming novels and damn is there an extreme level of misogyny throughout them. The adventure aspect is a lot of fun but there isn't a book where Bond doesn't mention wanting to hit a woman (usually referred to as "spanking" but it is almost always described as him being angry and not playful).
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