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  1. Mine did the exact same thing.
  2. Figmas are technically "non-scale" but they're roughly in the 1:12 size range (so around 5-6" tall). Sharon here is just shy of 2.5" tall.
  3. I do! phillips hue bulbs. They make me feel like I live in the future.
  4. I dunno, I feel like my Alexa is just a few rogue upgrades from locking my doors and cooking me in the night with my thermostat.
  5. QuinJester

    Macross figures

    It is, i've got a shapeways store if you'd like one. https://www.shapeways.com/shops/quin-s-bin
  6. Hi folks, don't know how much of an interest there'd be in here but I thought i'd post it up anyway just in case - I recently finished up a 3D modeling project to make a Sharon Apple Virturoid that would be in scale with Bandai's figuarts figures (Sheryl Nome, Freyja, etc...), since I figured they'd never make one themselves (after all, she's "just a box"). It's a fun little display piece that can sit with figuarts figures or be a part of a Macross Plus display. If anyone wants one I've got it up on my Shapeways store. (If this is the wrong place to put this I'll move it, wasn't sure if the scratchbuild or sales section was more appropriate since I'm not selling any of these directly. I'm not looking to make mad $$ on these things, just wanted to share the fruits of my labors ) Shapeways store: https://www.shapeways.com/shops/quin-s-bin Phots by the incomparable Ian Reid - http://hardreturn.net
  7. QuinJester

    Macross figures

    I got really excited when Bandai started announcing they were doing Figuarts of Macross singers, but I knew in my heart of hearts that they'd never do my favorite one... ... So I made her myself! Figuarts/Figma scaled Sharon Apple. It was a fun project to remind myself how to use Maya. The shapeways quality of even the basic prints was also surprisingly good (she looks quite grainy in closeups but it's much less noticeable in person).
  8. Yeah, it was a nuisiance. I'm glad they didn't bother with those hinges on the 31. Thanks!
  9. Got mine today. The transformation (granted, I've watched videos so I'm not going in blind) doesn't seem as bad as videos and such seem to imply, although going to Gerwalk is definitely more of a pain than going to battroid. I think it looks better with the wings in normal fighter position when in Gerwalk, frankly. Also, this thing is like 80% legs. It's literally just the nose of the jet with arms hanging off when in Gerwalk. Crazy!
  10. Hi folks. I've got a DX YF-30 up on ebay right now for anyone who's interested at (I'd like to think) a non-horrific scalperiffic price. Some minor damage - one of the fold out hinges cracked when unclipping the arms, so I wouldn't recommend using them anymore (they're totally unnecessary, anyway), but otherwise it's in great condition. http://www.ebay.com/itm/192144082724
  11. I highly doubt that, since it's still widely available. Or maybe you're just making fun of me . All I know is that I PO'd (and paid for) this thing seven months ago and the retailer keeps insisting it's not actually out yet. Sadly I can't read chinese or maybe FMT's weibo account would shed some light on things; http://weibo.com/u/5310763972
  12. When I inquired with the vendor I had PO'd this from (Toyercity), they replied that it hasn't actually been mass released yet and that fansmaketoys recalled/stopped most shipments to try and fix a lot of the problems with the first batch that went out. I don't know if that's actually true or not seeing as there seem to be quite a lot on ebay - maybe that's stores just trying to dump their first batch releases, who knows?
  13. Long shot, because I don't know why you would under normal circumstances, but has anyone opened up the lower leg to get at the spring mechanism? It appears that on one of my 19's legs, the spring was put in backwards because the filler panel (the thin one, that goes up the midle when you extend the upper part of the leg panel) just droops down into the leg when I pull out the foot. There are two screws present that I've removed but it doesn't seem to free up anything and It looks like the rest of the screws are hidden behind covers. EDIT: To clarify, I'm talking about this narrow panel here (sorry to steal your pic, Actar) There's zero spring tension on it at all, the long part of the spring is just flopping loose inside the leg.
  14. Yes. Unfortunately, no Theoretically, sure. Unfortunately, beyond just the shoulder triangles there are other, structural parts of the CF VF-171 that are also made of the faulty plastic, like in the chest hinges and in the knees, and these parts are covered by screw covers, glue, and rivets, making swapping those parts likely a nightmarish experience. You'd honestly be better off just keeping the Alto or whatever stock and enjoying it as-is.
  15. Transformation videos here, dated from earlier this month: http://weibo.com/u/5310763972
  16. I'm also in need of white (the original VF-1A Hikaru colors ... I presume that's off-white? I'm not entirely sure, or even that picky as long as it's some form of white) shoulders as well.
  17. Never has a photo of mine been used for a greater evil.
  18. Something of note is that the picture on amiami of the battroid mode isn't the exact same as the one in the magazine - the backpack area looks to fold up to produce a tornado-pack style turret; this is the area that was ????'d out in the magazine. I wonder if that's the extent of the new stuff? Even if it is, that's not too bad - it gives the backpack area more to do and might provide something for the people who feel that the gerwalk mode looks "too much like a plane with legs"
  19. Check to see if your gunpod mounts straight, for one thing, and if your landing gear swing out all the way or if they're constantly trying to angle inward when deployed. Those were the two biggest telling points for the first run that would most easily identify if someone had pulled a switcharoo on you. In my own personal experience with the YF-19, though, even a reissue is going to look and feel a bit wobbly, especially if you're comparing it to the feel of a V2 VF-1. That's just the way it's designed.
  20. The first thing that jumped into my head when I saw the head sculpt is "Ingram Economy" I'm okay with that.
  21. You were able to get replacements from HLJ? Was it because you had purchased one directly from them recently, or will they take a parts request on its own? I've been needing replacement hinges for my VF-1A Hikaru for what feels like an eternity....
  22. I wasn't aware that my Hi Metal VF-19 that can transform into fighter, gerwalk, and battroid modes was both incomplete and improper. Damn. That sucks.
  23. Longshotting this, since after their initial reception I doubt anyone went in and bought any of the later release CM's ride armors if they didn't already really want them and understand their shortfalls, but if anyone is looking to let go of a CM's Bartley Hoquet/Fuke/Redheadedchickie Ride Armor, I'd be interested in picking it up (In the US, preferably, to cut down on shipping)
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