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  1. Both the theatrical and complete edition will be on the BD. I would guess that the Flashback portion will be redone since they remastered the video and the sound credits need to be updated to reflect the new people working on the audio.
  2. I reread the page entry and it was probably the book, since they mention "Poster nado" (Posters, etc). I wonder why they want the book though, since there were no posters in it. I guess it did have four new Mikimoto illustrations and is the only place the scenario is printed (from what I know). I've been wanting to read the scenario again since I remember there were quite a few changes from the final movie. It looks like they've had a good response and are only missing the train and Animage posters now. I would think the Animage posters would be easy to find (I saw them years ago at Mandarake but had no way of taking them back to the states with me).
  3. From the Bandai page, it looks like they had a poster advertising the Postcard book, not the book itself. This is what I assume since the title of the search is "Please Lend Us Your Treasured Posters!". The description is a bit vague though, but I have three copies of the book myself (all stored away somewhere).
  4. The reason why Newtype Ace is still numbered vs. numbered monthly is because it's still in the "Zoukan" phase. Basically it hasn't been given a 100% backing as a full-fledged publication. Young Ace started off this way before it was given a green light around issue 8 or 9. Sadly, I can't subscribe to this magazine through the Kinokuniyas in the states for this reason, so I need to place special orders monthly or call about three weeks after its release to place one on hold. At least Volume 10 will have Macross on the cover.
  5. Very nice pics Renato. Do you know if the Kawamori interview is printed in a magazine or available on the web? From the pics you took, it's a fascinating read to see his thoughts of first Macross (toy makers saying planes wouldn't sell and the hellish production schedule with three hours of sleep a week), his ideas on Flashback (only did it because he wanted to play with the editing functions), Macross 7 (finally gave in to doing another TV series), Macross Plus (digital technology advances) and Macross Zero (trip to Laos and Thailand, and real war survivors influencing the story and production). I'd like to see the entire interview one day. :>
  6. I thought the BV 2008 Remaster had the best color out of all the releases. When I did some screen captures to compare the two releases years ago, the Animeigo DVDs were really dark, especially with Claudia's skin tone. The one major problem of the 2008 release is the dust, which hopefully they cleaned up for the BD release (although some can be seen in the BD promotional video). It was so distracting, and looked like animated snow. Also, Animeigo used a film where more of the screen could be seen. Hopefully the BD will use something similar.
  7. Deagostini's letter included with the ninth issue confirming the cancellation. http://stat.ameba.jp/user_images/20120407/19/maiii-blo/34/46/j/o0480085411902084903.jpg
  8. Many blogs have announced that the new Macross Chronicle has been cancelled due to poor sales. The announcement came in the 9th issue and the 10th issue will be the last. Also, the pin set for collecting all 80 issues has been cancelled as well.
  9. The official BD page is now up (although it only lists content for the 30th Anniversary Box): http://www.macross30.com/1stmovie/ Some details: 1) Brand new HD master from the 35mm negative: According to the About page, it's a brand new scan (unlike Gunbuster BD using the old DVD remasters) 2) Unfortunately, the master film for Flashback 2012 doesn't exist, so it will be an upconvert from the best quality master available. 3) New 5.1 ch sound. 4) Choose between the original theatrical presentation or Complete Edition. Stereo or 5.1 audio tracks. 5) The "Macross Roots" video is the same one available on the PSP Ultimate Frontier Nyan Nyan UMD. 6) The documentary "Do You Remember Love Flashback 1984" is completely new, using footage from those involved at the time. 7) The game footage, CMs, trailers, image boards are upconverted from the DVD HD Remaster Box. The 24 page color booklet will be character designs/mecha designs (settei shiryoushuu). 9) Movie pamphlet reproduction will of course be BD sized. 10) Posters will be the three theatrical, LP bonus posters, DVD announcement, game posters (will some of them be double-sided?), bonus posters, anime magazine poster reproductions, and event posters. 11) Mini main frame animation reproduction 12) New Tenjin illustration box (wish it was a Mikimoto box) 13) Macross Archives: reproduction of anime articles from 2012 flashbacking to 1984. Includes comments and illustrations from Out, Animage, Animec, Animedia, Anime V, The Anime, My Anime, etc. If it's Anime V, then Flashback will be covered most likely (since it was on the cover of an issue as well). 14) Film strip: cut from a new reel created just for the Anniversary box I'm really excited about this one, although the price is so high. Only question is why the standard edition disc has a Flashback 2012 image, while the box edition have LP illustrations. One of those should have been on the standard edition instead. One other note, the amount of picture frame that can be seen will be extended as much as possible.
  10. According to this news site, Macross 7 is the next BD set to be produced: なお、他の「マクロス」シリーズも順次BD化を予定しており、第2弾として「マクロス7」BD化プロジェクトが始動しているという。 The other "Macross" series are planned to be released on Blu-ray. Work on "Macross 7," the second BD-release project is reported to have started. http://www.phileweb.com/news/d-av/201201/06/30052.html Although there are complaints about the pricing, I'm OK with it. It is Japan, not America, so the pricing is standard. I was hoping that it would not be above 40,000 yen MSRP for the complete set, but it's still cheaper per episode than Gunbuster or Escaflowne. Plus, the extras seem nice, although I was hoping for a reproduction of the proposal pamphlet shown in the Remaster DVD-Box book. The "Perfect Memory" book is a reprint in a smaller size (probably BD or DVD case), which I'm glad since I have two copies of the originals and shipping that would just add another $50 or so.
  11. I remember listening to this song a lot when I was younger. Definitely a favorite Macross song. Here are the lyrics and translation for the song: Watashi no koi wa orugo-ru yo (My love is a music box) Kokoro no futa wo tojite (Close the lid of my heart) Anata ni au to kakushiteiru (When I see you, I'm hiding) Yofuke no hitorigoto wo (the things I say to myself late at night) Naze anata wa kanojo no namae kuchi ni shita dakede (Why is it that when you just say her name) Mou daikirai nante omou no kashira? (I think I hate you so much?) Namiutsu mune ga kanaderu no wa (My fast pounding heart plays) Namida ga moeru oto (the fiery sound of tears) Hizashi wo abite sunao ni naretara (Bathing in the sun, if I could be myself) Anata ni iitai (I want to tell you) Yasashiku iitai (I want to tell you softly) "Mia Sentesu Ren" (Marduk: I can feel you) **Kimochi ga fukaku katamuku hodo (The deeper my feelings wane) Hohoemi sae mo kowai** (These two lines appear in the liner notes, but do not actually appear in the song) (I'm even afraid to smile) Kizuiteiruno? Anata ga ima (Do you realize? Right now, you) Watashi no subete nanoyo (are my everything) Nee konomama aruiteyukeba (Say, if we could walk like this) Puratanasu no michi (A street of Platanus) Hora komorebi no naka de mimi wo sumashite (See, if you listen closely within the sunlight that shines through the trees) Watashi no koi wa orugo-ru yo (My love is a music box) Kokoro no futa wo akete (Open the lid of my heart) Sonote ni dakare kanadetai no (Held in your hands, I want to play) "Anata wo kanjiteiru" ("I can feel you") Enjoy!
  12. I contacted the San Jose branch of Kinokuniya, and they confirmed they have ordered the magazine (and I placed a hold for two copies). For those living near a Kinokuniya, try contacting them via e-mail. Here is the information listed on Kadokawa's website for now. Nothing spectacular, and no dedicated page to the issue yet (probably will be up around 6/26): *ガンダムエース 21年8月号 増刊 マクロスエース Vol.002 12402-08* http://www.kadokawa.co.jp/mag/bknum.php?tp=gundam_ace
  13. Hi Gubaba, I started a translation last year, but lost the audio files in my iTunes when I switched computers and the CD is somewhere in my closet behind DVDs and books. I thought I put up what I had, but I guess I didn't put up anything. Looks like I did up to around Track 4 (although I do have bits of the other tracks translated, not sure if I missed things in the other tracks). If you want to see what else I did, let me know. Macross Vol. IV Harukanaru Omoi (Distantly Fading Memories) 1. Mezame –AWAKE- (Used three times) Composed and Arranged by Kentaro Haneda Misa Monologue: The earth… the solar system... the milky way… space… And within them, I’m a tiny speck… Misa Hayase. Occupation: soldier. Age 19. Blood type… A. “Female.” Something’s trying to begin. It looks like it’s begun to move deep within my heart. What could it be? I feel like I’ve experienced it before. A distant, distant memory is coming back little by little. What is this unfamiliar passion that makes my heart squeeze? Ahh… without knowing, another day is beginning. It repeats. Yesterday, today, and probably tomorrow, it repeats. But I have to start. I work as a soldier, UN Spacy Macross, Valkyrie instruction duty, Misa Hayase. 2. Shitou –JEALOUSY- Composed and Arranged by Kentaro Haneda Shammy: Hey, hey, hey, hey. Kim, Vanessa. Kim: What is it, Shammy? You’re so loud. Vanessa: Hey! If you socialize during work, Major Hayase will scold us again. Kim: That’s right. Major Hayase is scarier than the devil. (Laughter) Shammy: It’s about Misa. Don’t you think she’s been acting strange lately? There’s times when she just spaces out, right? Kim: Now that you mention it, you’re right. I wonder if she got a boyfriend. Vanessa (laughing): No way! Shammy: No! Vanessa: But you know what they say, “oni no kakuran” (a Japanese proverb meaning literally “Devil’s Illness,” but means something along the lines of someone who never gets sick gets a cold.) Shammy: Ah! Look, she’s spaced out again! Kim: You’re right. I wonder what she’s thinking of. Vanessa: Maybe she’s thinking about what to have for dinner tonight? Shammy: Really? I wonder what she’s thinking about. Vanessa: I wonder what she’s thinking about. Kim: We’ll never know. Vanessa: So true. Shammy: Too bad. Minmay Memory: I’m going to a new town. There, I’ll try singing again. I won’t say I’m not going to sing anymore. Miss Hayase, I don’t know when it will be, but when I can sing my own songs, may I come aboard your ship? Until then, take care. Misa Monologue: Lynn Minmay… Why can’t I be straightforward like you? Lynn Minmay… Why can’t I become passionate like you? Your smile. Your singing voice. Your passionate burning heart! I’m envious of you! Jealousy? …I’m embarrassed. My heart is pure white, but for some reason it feels blue. (whisper) …I’m embarrassed. I want to talk him, yet I purposely avoid making eye contact and ignore him. A street at night. Lovers are kissing in the darkness. “Really, people are looking!” I want to mutter that, but I hold my breath and I stare. I’m embarrassed that I can’t control myself. I don’t like that… 3. Kasa no Naka (Under the Umbrella) –DUET- Words by Akane Asa Composed and Arranged by Kentaro Haneda Misa Monologue: …Rain? Drizzle. Damping. A fine, misty rain. (konuka ame) I’m embarrassed. I want the rain to wash it all away. Rain… and I want it to downpour on my heart. A beautiful drop of love. Rain, it continues to rain The people in town carrying their umbrellas Red umbrellas, white umbrellas, yellow umbrellas Each person under their umbrella Drowning in loneliness Dreaming rosy dreams Passing without looking at each Alone under an umbrella Rain, it continues to rain The people on the street carrying their umbrellas Umbrellas of dreams, Umbrellas of love, Umbrellas of laughter Wet by the rain, I hand my umbrella to you as you walk At that moment, a single tear Stops the rain in my heart We snuggle under the umbrella The lonely flow of umbrellas continues Our love Separates us from the people passing We dance under the umbrela 4. Boukyaku –FORGET- (used twice) Composed and Arranged by Kentaro Haneda (Laughter) Shammy: Because! Kim: Hey, hey, Shammy, Vanessa. Do you know a better way of getting a boyfriend? Shammy: Hey, hey, Kim, how about this then? Kim: Uh-huh. Shammy: When you see a COOL guy in a car, you jump in front of it and get hit, and cause an accident. When they’re investigating the accident you talk about this and that, and get to be really close. How about it? Vanessa: Shammy, Shammy, that wouldn’t work. Hey, hey, Kim, how about this? On a dark street you scream “HELP!” or something, and someone might rush to your aid. And then you make that person your boyfriend, and you make him treat him to something to eat and then run away. Shammy: No way! What if he an old man comes? Vanessa: You’re right. Kim: Then some guy jumps on him. Vanessa: Oh, Kim, you pervert! Shammy: A relationship between men is good! Kim: That’s impossible. Shammy: What? Vanessa: Isn’t there something? Oh, that’s right, that’s right. You call someone and say, “Become my boyfriend.” Isn’t that the most realistic? Kim: Yeah. That sounds good. All right, I’ll use that to get a boyfriend. Shammy: Hooray, hooray! Kim: All right. Let’s go! Girls: Yeah! Misa Monologue: Everyone’s having fun, with their best friends… Just a moment at lunch, they chatter endlessly about this and that … But after having such a great time, I begin to feel empty. After making so much noise, I feel a hole appears in my heart. What could this pain be?
  14. Thanks for the suggestions. Since the prices are pretty high, I guess for now all my posters will need to live in tubes. :<
  15. Thanks for the info. Unfortunately, I've only been to one anime convention in my life and it wasn't to my liking. Anime Jungle used to sell the poster files way back in 2000 or 2001, but of course when I went back in 2005 or so, they only have ones they used to display for sale posters. I remember them being $75 at the time, which was a bargain considering how much it would cost to ship one from Japan. I've tried a few art shops (including the Aaron Bros near my house), but they have no idea what I'm talking about. Also, I've looked online using terms like "poster file" or "poster folder," without any luck. What does everyone else use? It'd be nice to display some of the posters I have in non-frames, instead of having to go through tube rolls just to look at them.
  16. Actually, mine used to hang up in my room (with some tape marks on the back), but my brother's is the mint one. He actually has a ton of Macross posters (many of the ones already posted). Ones that haven't been, but I'm sure we'll see soon, are the Macross 7 broadcast poster with the Fire Valkyrie, Mac 7 LD poster with the cast, Mac 7 Encore poster (by Mikimoto), and Macross II poster with Hibiki and Ishtar in the snow (I'm guessing this was the first soundtrack's bonus). Quick question. Does anyone know where to get a poster file/folder or something to display posters that aren't frames? I remember Anime Jungle in Little Tokyo and Mandarake in Torrance (now long gone) used to sell them, but I'm not sure if there's anything else available. Doesn't seem big in the American market.
  17. I was able to find the Super Dimension poster with characters and mecha from all three series. Sorry, I took the images with my camera so the images aren't so clear and a little shaky. Due to the print on it (especially the silver) I had to take all pictures without flash. To recap: It features a watercolor of Minmay (in her Do You Remember costume), Mimsy (Orguss) in the center, and Jeanne (Southern Cross) squatting and pointing to the left. In the background, printed in metallic silver ink, are the heads of the VF-1S, the Orguss, and Jeanne's armor. It's signed by "Hal" near Jeanne's helmet and Copyright Big West in the bottom right hand corner. Printed on heavier stock paper, and was purchased around 1991 after the Southern Cross LD set came out. Originally I said 1993, but I was mistaken and now remember it had to be before Macross II, since I was so excited there was a new Macross item to purchase. I'm guessing it was a promo poster released by Pioneer to commemorate the final Super Dimension LD release. Bandai Visual released the Macross LD set in 1989, but Pioneer released both Orguss and Southern Cross. Unfortunately, I can't find any information about it, neither on Japanese or English websites. It's the same size as most other posters (like the CD and LD posters). I bought it from Mikado in SF Japantown for $10. I'm a pretty good judge about Mikimoto illustrations and it definitely reflects his style at the time (especially against the Orguss LD Box pics, it matches his style). I'm almost 99.99% it's not a fake, since the Mikado video store imported a lot of LDs and CDs from Japan (and resold promo posters that were freebies in Japan for $10). Unfortunately, this past year, they closed most of their stores in Japantown and I'll always have found memories of staring at Macross toys in their windows circa 1984 and seeing Macross the Movie footage there for the first time then too...
  18. It was a full-sized poster. The paper stock was a thicker than normal (similar to a Takahashi Mermaid's Forest poster I have). I'll see if I can dig mine up. I bought one and my brother bought one, and we really wish we could have bought the rest of them at the store at the time (there were four), but being only 15 at the time proved a little hard.
  19. I don't have a photo at the moment (since all my posters are stored somewhere at my parents' house in a closet behind all my old manga books and magazines), but does anyone have the promo poster with Minmay, Jeanne (from Southern Cross), and Mimsy (from Orguss)? It features a watercolor of Minmay (in her Do You Remember costume), Mimsy in the center, and Jeanne squatting and pointing to the left. In the background, printed in metallic silver ink, are the heads of the VF-1S, the Orguss, and Jeanne's armor. It's signed by "Hal" (and looks like Mikimoto's style at the time) and Copyright Big West in the corner. I bought it around 1993 from Mikado in SF Japantown, after the last Southern Cross came out on LD. I suspect it was a promo to celebrate the end of the SUper Dimesion series releases (Macross in 1989, Orguss in 1992, and Southern Cross in 1993), and it definitely doesn't look like a fake (Mikado was very reputable and sold all the promo posters that came with LDs, videos, and CDs for $10 each). Unfortunately, I can't find any information about it, whether on Japanese or English websites.
  20. I doubt there would ever be a sequel to Macross II, but there is an extended storyline available through the five novels, specifically books three and four. Part of the story includes a Chinese mafia run by Minmay's "grandson," but it's revealed that Minmay never had children. It's been years since I've read these books, but they weren't bad and I've never been a Macross II hater. Except the general storyline, Macross II had nice character designs and Mikimoto did some awesome illustrations for the series.
  21. It's been so long since I've seen the first issues of Gundam Ace, I can't remember the contents. True that Gundam The Origin took up most of the volume (since we were able to get the first volume from just the first two issues). Sadly, Macross Ace doesn't look to be quarterly anymore, since that photo of the Table of Contents page puts the release currently at the end of June. Could always change, depending on sales, but scary to think that the next "Macross the First" chapter will have Minmay meeting Hikaru... I wonder if that means we're on Episode 2 in the next volume??
  22. Rakugakidou.net posted a link to Newtype's page that shows the cover and splash page for Macross The First and Macross F Secret Visions. http://anime.webnt.jp/nt-news/?detail=791 Minmay looks great in her Flashback costume and I'm interested in seeing how the comedy plays out in Secret Visions. 80 pages of Macross the First is nice, but 76 pages of Macross F information?? Looks like they're really scraping to fill up the magazine.
  23. I already secured a copy from the Kinokuniya San Jose store (should arrive at the end of February), so most likely Kinokuniyas would be a good bet. E-mail them and most likely they'll know the status or can order a copy. Here's the link from Kadokawa's website (although the ISBN number and cover illustration probably won't be revealed until 1/26). http://www.kadokawa.co.jp/mag/bk_detail.php?pcd=200812000174 While I'm excited at the prospect of "Macross The First," Mikimoto's storytelling skills aren't that great (Macross 7 Trash was a disappointment, although it picked up towards the end). Also, I worry if it will ever be finished. Mikimoto's run of Ecole was spotty (breaks every few months, sometimes only 16 pages per month), and we were nearing the end of the story, only to be on indefinite hiatus. I have a feeling we won't see an end until after Macross the First ends... or until he gets tired. Definitely interested to see the end of Gundam the Origin. With the original story section running longer than planned and Yasuhiko's interest in expanding the Zabi family's back story a bit, two years (four books) more isn't so bad (although I thought I could stop my Gundam Ace subscription after this year).
  24. The manga still runs in Shonen Ace and the second volume came out on August 26th, which covers up to the "Legend of Zero" episode. It looks like each book will collect four chapters, and according to Aoki Hayato's blog, the current chapter in Ace is up to around episode 13. Also, starting with book two, it looks like the Valkyrie Girls manga pages are being collected (only four of them, and I can't remember if these are the very first ones). I don't purchase Ace monthly (only the collected manga books), but at this rate there should be a new manga book every four months (the next volume probably in December since Kadokawa usually releases the manga the month after the last chapter ran). If every four chapters covers approximately five episodes of the series, it looks like the manga series will be 20 chapters (or 5 books?). Of course, the series doesn't follow the anime exactly, but this is a pretty good guess based on the current serialization.
  25. The information about Animedia's Macross F Official File can be seen on Kinokuniya's website. Comes out this Friday (9/19) and looks like #2 will be out very soon?? http://bookweb.kinokuniya.co.jp/guest/cgi-...A=02&LANG=J http://bookweb.kinokuniya.co.jp/imgdata/large/4056052689.jpg Notes from Cover: Macross Frontier's First Official Guide Book! (beats Kadokawa's, although theirs was announced first) Sendaway: Cover Illustration Printed on Photo Paper (for those that buy books one and two) Episode 1 -17 Story Digest PSP "Macross Ace Frontier" Information Before it's Released A Guide for Macross Newbies about Characters, Mecha, and World Macross Girls (and Guys) Character Shocking Photos Interview with Shoji Kawamori (Before the End of the Series) Looks very promising, and it's an A4 sized book for only 630 yen!
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