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  1. is that a good or bad thing? i dunno though, some of the old timers at the 'classic' shows can be pretty foul mouthed, specially the old war guys. you ever go "rallying" in it? hope you do better than this guy: yikes how in the hell did that guy mess up his h2 rallying?
  2. whoa very cool, cant wait for a myung one to come out too
  3. hey can somebody do a side by side picture so we can see the size difference?
  4. Murphy

    ps2 hard drive

    can anyone give me info about the ps2 hard drive add on, like what does it do?, does it improve graphics?, memory? make the game speed faster mucho info needed thanks in advance
  5. mine would be the fist "macross liecensed" valk i got and that would be my yf-19 back in dec 2000
  6. hey what happened to the pics of this game on gamespot?
  7. Murphy

    I got them today....

    sorry if this has been asked b4 but toons what pilots come with them?
  8. It's in the archives http://www.macrossworld.com/cgi-bin/mwf/ik...ct=ST;f=21;t=41 damn beat me to it
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