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  1. As for me I am probably one of the rarer Macross fans who loves the VF-1D, I actually like it better than the VT-1. But as far modernizing it for the sake of Yamato to speed up production or what not, that's kinda weak. If your going to make a certain Valkyrie, then make it the way it was originally designed. And speaking of better or other scans, when you can not find them, go to the source... your DVD's. The other pic is of Hasegawa's 1/72 model version of the VF-1D and that's what it should look like. Just a shame they'll never do a 1/48 and this is apparently what the new 1/60 v.2 is gonna look like. But then again, its just my opinion.....
  2. That is a sick & sexy collection you have there my friend!!! Love the Valkyrie line-up!!
  3. It would be amazing to have a 1/60 version, no doubt about it, But definitely size and what one would cost, It be either a down payment on a house or new car!!!
  4. That's an awesome paint scheme!!! And you have your self some talent for painting!! Keep up the great work!!
  5. Well after all the delays that have occurred with the VF-11B, I just hope it is a very accurate looking Valkyrie that is true to the anime and has every detailed matched up correctly. And even if the pilot sizes a slightly off between a VF-1 & a VF-11 pilot, well just keep those valk's on separate shelves!! And just think...... Accurate landing gear this time, Holy cow!!!!
  6. Thank you for the compliments!! I am waiting for Hobby Link Japan to get resupplied on the Macross Zero VF-0B 1/72 kits, and get a few of the VF-0D kits too, I'm going to try a few different custom paint schemes on those kits. Hopefully down the road do some work on other Valkyries as well!! This is the other VF-19!! Peace!!!
  7. Roy Fokker in a sports car, that is just genius!! Love the pics!!
  8. Thanks ruskiiVFaussie!! Heres a few more pics of my VF-19. I still have work to do on it, but one day she'll be finished!! Custom landing gear is on the drawing board. As well as a few more pics of my new VF-0A, I love this Phoenix!! Take care friend!!
  9. However they redesign the Heat shield, it couldn't be any worse than the original design. But seeing how its been done for the VF-1's & VF-0's, I think Yamato will have a good concept to work with!! If anyone has any preview pictures in the future, don't be shy to share them!!
  10. Hi Miriya, the YF-21 is the older Yamato 1/72 version. The joke machine is made/stamped by Bandai. the VF-19's are the the knock-off Bandai versions... not much too look at as they are, but with the repaints, decals and new hands makes them look way more exciting!!! I hope to have the 1/60 YF-21 of these days!!! Take care friend!!
  11. Hey Guys, just doing a little bit a rearranging as usual. As well as showing off my new baby, Its my 1st VF-0A with VF-1 Wolf Pack squadron markings added. Its awesome, its amazing, won't be the last one to my collection either!! And its transforms just perfectly!! Got the GHOST-B today from MW member "Brannon" excellent seller I must say!! I thought it was neat to compare the size difference between my Hasegawa 1/72 VF-0A, Max's VF-1A 1/60 & my new 1/60 VF-0A... its crazy how much the bigger the Phoenix is compared to a Valkyrie!! Take care Everyone!!!
  12. I hope they never try to do a remake of Alien or Aliens. That would truly be a dark day in history!!!
  13. The VF-1D was always one of my favorites, I have the original 1/60 version, but after seeing these pics, This is a definite purchase for my collection, Any possible ETA when it might release?? And for all us 2-seater fans, lets hope the VE-1 & VT-1 DYRL versions are in development too!!! Thanks for the Wonderfest photos!!!
  14. Either way my Friend, it looks awesome!! The rust on the engine exhaust looks great!! I just ordered a VF-0D And a pre-ordered some VF-0B models for my collection. HLJ will be reselling them in August, you should check that out as your next kit, The 2 seater designs are usually the best!! Take care man!!!!
  15. I have been waiting for years for there to be a good version of the Mospeada Ride-Armor to be made and this one looks like it!! By far better than the CMs version or Toynami's entries. If you look carefully at the pictures behind the engine there is even a coiled shock system in the back. Plus Stick/Scott Bernard looks like the Anime character this time, Not a toy gone wrong!! I agree the legs are a little on the narrow side, but look how the figure sits on the bike, perfectly!! The hands, Helmet, even his pulse rifle look detailed! Even my old school Gakken 1/8 Ride Armor (I have 4 of them) never sat properly, even the latest new versions do not look right!! So even if Beagle is a new company, just from what I have seen, I'll take my chances and for once own a perfect version Ride Armor, Glad i waited !!! Who knows, if these do well, maybe the Legioss & Tread will follow, they will look better than whats out now!!!!!
  16. Well when this Beagle version releases, this is what I'll be spending some money on. And to stay on with this thread, I'll be getting some VF-25 model kits too. Love the design. Any release dates for either of these items ???
  17. Well said my friend, they even used some Macross Zero footage in the new Frontier episode.
  18. Ok, just curious... who is the mysterious guy in episode 7 & 8 flying what looks like to me a cross between a YF-19 and SV-51??? And how did Renka seem to recognize him? Any body have some thoughts on that, because I am lost/really curious.
  19. Thank you for the Line art info from Grahams old posting, that is exactly what I was looking for. The Island-tower will be tricky still, but know I have a better idea of the layout of the flight deck. It is definitely smaller than a Nimitz class carrier. Thank you everyone!!!!!!!!!
  20. I like the scale size of the 1/48 carrier, but I think the detail to the 1/72 carrier is much more impressive, or its just laid out better. I have been sketching out the plans and how to get some thing build as of now. Thanks for the info Warpaint22, I thought I had remembered reading some where that the Auska II was a smaller size carrier. Who knows, maybe by the time I get thing underway, the Cheyenne Destroid will be available to build. But I do agree, the tower/island is gonna be tricky. Thanks everyone !!!!!!!!!!!
  21. Thanks Hal9000, I was thinking the Auska II as well, especially since it is not a real carrier, I could probably fake a lot of items on it, where as to a Nimitz class carrier, it would have to be precise so no one could point out all the faults... However, where can I get some pictures or stats of the Auska II? Hmmmm......? Keep you all posted and remember, if you have a day dream, make it real!!
  22. In the link provided here, there are some pictures of a Mospeada ride-armor, I know its a bit off topic, but that version is awesome, looks like a precision design as appose to others for sale right now, anybody know whos makin that one??
  23. Hi Everyone for years now I have been drooling over the idea of having a 1:72 scale Aircraft carrier. After seeing Macross Zero, I am pretty well convinced I want one now (I know the story wasn't that good, but still) and it will be a challenge. What I am thinking though, is a Nimitz class carrier would be easier on design as finding info or reference pictures to go by, However if I did the Auska II, I am not sure where to get some detailed picture from for design of the ship.... Its definitely different from a Nimitz class carrier. Another macross world member sent me some pictures of a guy who made a carrier years ago like this, haven't seen those pics for years, but if could , So can I. Keep you all posted!!
  24. Thanks for the pictures, Its just a loss for words when you see that Carrier, un-frickin real how he did that, But I'll have one some day!! Peace!!!
  25. Thanks everyone for the input, especially the pictures of that 1/72 scale Enterprise carrier, very impressive... By the way, last time I saw that carrier and pictures was like back in 1985 in an old Boy scouts magazine I had, since then I always thought it would amazing to have one. Any by no means am I rich or retired, but I figure it will be a hell of a challenge and I always wanted to try it, So I am gonna go for it. Keep you all posted!!!
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