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    Hi-Metal R

    Just canceled my HLJ preorder for Hi-Metal R VF-1D if anyone is looking for one. And it's gone. Hope someone here got it.
  2. Well I guess this may be the end of the line for Macross collecting for me. The last successful preorder I got was the DX VF-1J, but after HLJ updated the site I have not got any. I did not mind missing out on the HI-Metal R attempts, but this one.... This one is really hits home.
  3. Although.... That door hinge is highly suspect. Not sure what to think now.
  4. Does this mean what I think it does?
  5. I've always wanted so see someone do a custom of the unofficial MW scheme. http://www.macross2.net/m3/forfansonly/crazycanuck/layouts-macrossworld.jpg http://www.macross2.net/m3/forfansonly/crazycanuck/lineart-macrossworld.jpg
  6. Hold on.... Is that a VF-1A cannon fodder (battroid) and VF-1A Shin (Fighter) in the pic or are they both the Shin version and it's just the lighting that makes the fighter seem so white? I don't care if I get a cannon fodder or a Shin version, I just want a nice mid-tone grey, not the off white the Shin seems to be headed for. For that matter is a VF-1A cannon fodder even confirmed at this point?
  7. Nerd-linger

    Hi-Metal R

    I went ahead and cancelled one of my HLJ orders, I can't risk having my account frozen with a VF-19 Advanced in there.
  8. Nerd-linger

    Hi-Metal R

    In the mad preorder rush I ended up with two orders at HLJ. Did anyone happen to notice if there was a "1 per customer" rule for this one? I'm trying to decide if I have to cancel one or not.
  9. Nerd-linger

    Hi-Metal R

    I guess I will see in the morning if my HLJ order went through or not. A part of me wonders if it would be better if it doesn't. I washed my hands of the frontier Dx line long ago because of the pre-order madness and I don't look forward to dealing with it on the Hi-Metal R line. If this order does not go through I will probably just walk away from Bandai Macross altogether.
  10. Oh crap. I hope not.... Seriously I did not mean to start anything. I realize I may have been a little too negative in my initial post but I just needed to vent and where better than here? It's fine, I don't regret buying it, I was just disappointed in what otherwise would have been a perfect toy.
  11. That was what I was doing until I found my alternate workaround (see update on my original post). Now that I really look.. I think my workaround might be what was done for the figure on the box cover image. My foot position is identical to that one.
  12. Well finally got around to transforming my copy and I'm pretty depressed. The ankles on mine are really loose. I have to balance it in battroid just right or it will fall over and even then a slight breeze will cause it to nose dive. I did not even put it in gerwalk to avoid stressing the ankles as I know its been an issue. Really really disapointed in Arcadia, to the point that I may pass on anything else from them. I've been Yamato'd in the past and but for the price Arcadia is charging I just can't overlook something as basic as not being able to stand. Real shame too because it's such a great looking toy. In the end Im sure I can disasseble the ankles and find a way to tighten them up but at $300 I'm kinda pissed I even have to. It basically ruined the toy for me and possibly my faith in Arcadia. Update: I was able to find a passable workaround. I angled the second joint above the ankle ball joint so that the feet are wider apart. This allows the top of the foot ball joint to rest against part of the inside leg, effectively locking the foot in place. It will only work for a basic "A" stance but at least the thing will stand now. Still kinda a let down, but almost forgiven due to how awesome Battroid looks.... Almost.
  13. I was really hoping a MP-10 reissue would be without the trailer. I scored the TRU Hasbro version during a 30% off sale for $70 CAD so $230+ CAD for the Takara is pretty hard for me to justify.... I will wait to see if there are any mold improvements or additional paint apps on this reissue. MP-11 Starscream is as good as ordered though.
  14. I was able to put together the various (non hero) squadron schemes from the "Variable Fighter Master File: VF-1 Valkyrie Volume 1 & 2" books. I think some of these would be great start for non-licensed schemes. I wish we knew if Hasegawa schemes were even an option, because if they aren't due to licensing that would change this poll dramatically
  15. I think this topic would benefit greatly if we could find scans from "Variable Fighter Master File: VF-1 Valkyrie Volume 1 & 2". There are quite a few nice schemes in those books, otherwise Hasegawa schemes will probably dominate the poll and we don't even know if those are an option due to licensing. Speaking of Hasegawa (and the need for pics).... There are actually 3 "blue Roses" schemes, so if it makes the poll there could be some confusion. http://www.macrossworld.com/macross/magazines/mg_1020015.jpg http://www.macrossworld.com/macross/magazines/mgpg31.jpg http://www.macrossworld.com/macross/magazines/no02v-mg-page5.jpg I'm going to risk it and hold off making my pick until I get home and take a look at the master file books.
  16. I seem to recall the Sheryl figure being in a wedding dress, possibly referring to M&M being married?
  17. Maybe the hint is..... Blue, Red and marriage? M&M reissue?
  18. Honestly I did not give much thought to how the colors would work on the underside of the fighter mode for the last three schemes. However now that I have, I don't think it would be as bad as some thought since the back and the arms would be the same color. This means the crotch plate would not stick out because basically everything between the legs in fighter mode would be the same color. In the end it doesn't really matter since we don't even know if we will get a re-color and if we do I will not be one of the schemes I made up.
  19. I've never been a fan of the actual colors of the VF-X2 scheme, but color placement is interesting, so here are a few schemes using the same pattern, but with different color choices. I'm not sure why, but something about this sculpt has really caught my imagination for re-color possibilities. In the end if Arcadia does give us another scheme, I'm pretty sure they will go with something safe. However a tiny part of me still has hope they will give us something unique and who knows, maybe someone at Arcadia will see my crappy Photoshop attempts and be inspired.
  20. Yeah... An Ozma scheme is a bit of a stretch. I just thought since Bandai is doing the Isamu scheme for the YF-29 maybe a Frontier scheme for the YF-19 might look interesting. I don't mind the Ozma colors, but I would prefer something a little more low vis. Maybe something like this:
  21. I just made those schemes in photoshop to better illustrate what I was thinking might be good options for possible re-colours, they are in no way official. We don't even know if Arcadia will even do a different scheme for this mold.
  22. Agreed. There are many schemes I would prefer from the Master File book. I would love any low vis scheme above all others (other than Isamu). The problem is we just don't know if Arcadia is willing to risk an obscure scheme, especially if it requires new tampo and paint apps. From what I understand non-hero schemes do not sell nearly as well in Japan which is why I thought maybe a Roy or Ozma using existing tampo and paint apps might work.
  23. I really hope we get at least one re-color. I want two of these and having a different scheme makes it so much easier to justify getting a second one. The tricky part is that there are no other canon hero schemes for the YF-19. The closest would probably be the VF-19A XF-X2 scheme, but that may require a license and would definitely require a change to the tampo printing and additional paint apps. Not sure If Arcadia wants to commit that much to a non-hero scheme. They have the license for Mac+ so in theory they could do a YF-19 Prototype No.1 scheme, but again this would require different tampo printing and more paint apps and is very obscure. Yamato did the Double Nuts and Bird of Prey using existing tampo and paint apps with debatable results. If Arcadia were to follow suit I would prefer a Roy scheme or maybe an Ozma. Of course they could just make up a brand new scheme... I would love a low vis scheme, but that seems pretty unlikely. In the end though I would take pretty much any re-color.
  24. I really want to get two of this mold, one for Bat and one for fighter but I don't know if I can justify getting two of the same scheme. If given the choice I'd like my second copy to be a "YF-19 Prototype No. 1", but would settle for a "Double Nuts". A VF-19A VF-X scheme would be cool, but I assume that would require a new license so that may be an even longer shot. I'm sure there some even better schemes out there. Anyone have a list and/or images of VF-19A schemes from the master file book? At this point I'd settle for anything different just to justify getting two. In the end though, who is to say Arcadia will even be willing to risk re-colors of non-hero, or obscure schemes? This could very well be the only scheme for this mold. P.S. We need a V2 YF-21.
  25. Looks Darn near perfect. I almost wish I did not panic buy a VF-19P and just waited for this. Few observations: 1. There appears to be a sliding panel to cover the gap in the knee when the legs are extended in fighter mode. You can see it in the image showing the leg weapons bay. I don't recall the VF-19s having this. 2. It appears there will be a filler neck panel like the VF-19s (high speed mode image does not have the panel others do), but no sign of panels for the back of the thighs. I hope those are included as they do a great job of cleaning up the legs for bat mode. 3. The leg fast packs may require the upper leg gerwalk joint to be used similar to the VF-1 or the profile fighter image is mis-transformed accounting for the gap in the gerwalk upper leg joint. 4. No indication if the leg fastpacks will allow the leg weapons bay doors to open or not. 5. It would seem there will not be a second more line art accurate shield. 6. Gunpod handle appears to either retract to detach for shield storage mode. 7. This is going to be expensive. 8. We NEED a v2 YF-21 to pair with this masterpiece.
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