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  1. Up to this point I have ignored the whole Bandai Frontier DX line. The ridiculously small pre-order window being the reason. I have two young children and staying up all hours is simply not an option. Having said that I did order a VF-171 Nightmare Plus (Production Type) last week as it was readily available at HLJ. I had assumed Bandai had finally stepped up supply to meet demand, yet here we are once again with pre-orders being sold out in an instant. I gather that the reason the VF-171 was available last week was because that was the actual release date. But I don't understand why there would suddenly be more on release day. Did HLJ secure more stock or did droves of people cancel their pre-orders? Was is available at other sites on release day? For those of you who have experienced both, how would you compare the VF-171(Production Type) pre-order to the VF-25A (Production Type) pre-order? Did one sell out faster than the other? What do you think the odds are the VF-25A (Production Type) will be readily available like the VF-171(Production Type) on release day? Will there be any other chances to order VF-25A (Production Type) or will I have to wait until the end of Oct? On as side note, what is the deal with Bandai anyway? Is this type of short supply normal for them? Is it just Macross or do other properties have to deal with this? I can't imagine Bandai puts their Gundam fans through this do they? I do not collect any Bandai lines so I have very little experience with them. Just curious if us Macross fans are the only ones getting the shaft? It's almost as if they don't want our money. I guess in the end it's for the best, Bandai has saved me quite a bit of money by literally not letting me spend it on their products. More for Arcadia I guess.
  2. Just messing around in Photoshop to see what it might look like naked. Other than the show logos I'm not sure what else will be a decal. It would be nice to see an official image of what it will look like right out of the box.
  3. Not sure if this is what you are referring to, but found these through google image search. http://www.macross2.net/m3/forfansonly/crazycanuck/lineart-macrossworld.jpg http://www.macross2.net/m3/forfansonly/crazycanuck/layouts-macrossworld.jpg
  4. Hmmm. I know the anime shows Alto in super packs and Ozma in the armor most of the time, but for whatever reason I prefer them the other way around. Somthing about the yellow trim and red missles of Ozma on the armor set that is too busy. Alto with all red accents just matches better to my eye. On the other hand the darker grey of Ozma seems to fit with the blue/grey of the super packs better than the white on Alto. Glad I went with Ozma and the super packs. Now I just hope Bandai does a bundle of Alto with the armor, really don't want to have to pay web exclusive prices on the armor like I did with Ozma's super parts.
  5. Well, with news that the rest of Yamato's Mac 7 offerings won't be out until late this year, I feel like I can splurge a little, so I pulled the trigger on an Ozma and super parts from Big bad toy store. With only 5% discount form hlj and shipping factored in, big bad is only $10 more. Plus hlj does not have the web exclusive super parts so yeah. Hope this thing is as awesome as everyone is saying.
  6. So I'm seriously considering taking the plunge and seeing if I can get an Ozma VF-25S with web exclusive fast packs. I passed on the Ozma pre-orders because I was hoping Bandai would release a fastpack set, but seeing as Bandai seems to be repeating the V1 release plan, I'm thinking there will never be a bundle. So what are my options? The only place I could find that sill has pre-orders is Big Bad Toy Store, but that will run me approx $350 for Ozma and fastpacks. Does anyone know of anywhere else not sold out? Is $350 for the set that bad? Should I take the gamble on Bandai releasing a fastpack bundle? Hope HLJ puts Ozma up again and try to track down a fast pack somewhere else? Any opinions would be appreciated.
  7. Not a big deal but thought I'd mention it. I just got a VF-1A TV Production Type (Canon Fodder) from the second HLJ sale, it's one of the later runs as it has the updated swing bar nose hatch and no rainbow canopy. However the canopy does have a fairly prominent seam line down the middle. A little strange as I have a few 1/60s with the non-rainbow canopy and they do not have a seam. Not a big deal as this canon fodder is my second and I plan to display it in battroid mode anyway, but still something people might want to watch out for.
  8. Well, I just got the first half of my HLJ order from the second Yamato sale. I was happy to score the VT-1 for 30% off, unfortunately one of the shoulder joints is cracked. I was hoping by now there was a second run with the proper pins but I guess HLJ is selling off old stock. Not a huge deal as I plan on displaying it in fighter mode, but still something to keep in mind for anyone who ordered one.
  9. While this poll does provide for some interesting possibilities, I would say it's pretty safe to assume the VF-17 is the clear front runner. However, IMO a complete Zent figure and Phalanx would be nice additions as well. As for 2011 speculation. Has there been any word of non canon VF-1 color schemes? I for one would love some more realistic schemes. Heck I would even be happy if Yamato re-visited 1/60 versions of the Low Vis, Low Vis II camo and Stealth schemes. I also hope Yamato reissues the Max and Milia VF-1J super sets at some point.
  10. Awesome! Thanks for the info. Now I won't have to cancel the two 1/60 strike packs and VF-1J holding up my order.
  11. That's all fine and good. I don't really care how long it takes them to re-stock a backordered item as long as I get it for the sale price. What I need to know is if the sale is over when they re-stock and they decide to charge me, will I get my order for the sale price quoted on my order confirmation email or will I be charged whatever the price happens to be at that time?
  12. Forgive my ignorance, but does anyone know how HLJ handles backordered items that are on sale in an active order? Is it like a rain-cheque, meaning you will get the item for the sale price when they are back in stock? Or if by the time the item is there and the sale is over do they charge full price? I am curious as I have two 1/60 strike packs and a 1/60 VF-1J which are both backordered and on sale in my current order. HLJ has not charged me for any of my order. I'm a little worried I could suddenly be charged full price for those backordered items.
  13. Not sure if this is the best thread for this, but I have a question for those with recent experience with HLJ. I have not ordered from them in years, but recently did and am wondering about when they charge orders to credit cards. I'm currently tracking the items and they just cleared customs, but have yet to have my credit card charged by HLJ. Is this normal? When should I expect to be charged? Thanks Just occurred to me to check the hlj FAQ. It appears it can take some time before the charge appears on a card, something about transmitting charges twice a month. Oh well, I was starting to get my hopes up, guess it's just a matter of time..... Unfortunately.
  14. Just a small update. Finally finished the textures for the gantry cranes. I decided to go with a cable type system instead of a mechanical arm on the crane. The mechanical arm was becoming too cumbersome and complicated. The Plan is to use small ribbon for the cables, but string or small chain should work too. I still have some odds and ends to do for the textures and will probably move onto a ceiling of some sort to enclose the space. Still a long way to go but this project is not dead. I've been getting some PMs requesting the images I'm using for the textures so I thought I'd let everyone know the situation. This is still very much a work in progress so I am holding off releasing the images until everything is done. There are a couple reasons for this. The first being that I have not done a test assembly of the diorama. I have a plan in my head on how this should all go together, but until I actually build it I don't know if everything will go according to plan. I therefore may need to make changes to the design and would prefer to not have different versions of the images floating around. The second reason is because I will need to make instructions on how to assemble the diorama. The printouts alone will not make too much sense without knowing how they are meant to go together and I can't make the instructions until I build it. I'd rather not be bombarded by people asking how the printouts go together when in truth I don't entirely know yet. Having said that, once everything is done the plan is to release the images and instructions so anyone can make their own dioramas so please be patient.
  15. Yes and no... My plan is that everything will be made with a combo of foamboard and cardstock, the staircase included. The stairs themselves are foamboard, each step is one piece of foamboard making each step 3/16" high. The platform is two layers of foamboard and the railing/walls are two layers of cardstock. I'm considering trying to make the whole staircase out of cardstock, but until I start building it for real I won't know which is the better way to go
  16. No progress on this project since my original post, but thanks for the encouragement thus far. From the comments so far it would appear the major issue is the desire for various scales. I'm pretty confident that as it is now this would work for 1/60 and 1/72. It's technically a little on the small side for 1/60 as I am using modified 1/72 ground crew figure kits as 1/60 people. Basically I'd say it's somewhere in between 1/60 and 1/72. It might work for 1/55 but that would be pushing things and 1/48 would probably not work at all. Even though the majority of my collection is 1/48 I made the decision early on to concentrate on 1/60 since that is Yamato's official scale and 1/48 is basically dead. Unfortunately simply scaling up the images won't really work as much of the current design relies on using 3/16 foamboard. Having said that it is possible that once this project is done I may consider going back and make a 1/48 version, but no promises.
  17. Nobody? I would have thought someone would be interested in a free do-do-it-yourself factory diorama. I guess once I have pictures of one built with some valks displayed in it there might be more feedback. I've attached an example of one of the pages that's part of one of the walls. I've broken them up so they can be printed out on a 8.5 x 11 (Legal) page on any color printer.
  18. First time poster, long time lurker. I hope this is the right forum, if not please feel free to move or close the thread. I've been working on this for what feels like years, not that it is a particularly difficult project, but finding the time is and it's still not done. Anyway the project is an attempt at a poor-man's 1/60 scale factory diorama. The basic idea is to create printouts that can be glued on foamboard/cardstock and assembled into a reasonably nice diorama. The cost involved would be little more than supplies and time. The design is modular to allow for some re-arranging of walls (not much more than the order). I currently have 3 sections designed. The first is the Gate with the staircase. The gate will not open but the turntable will be rotated The second is the lift platform with the gantry crane (crane design is not done). Again the turntable will move as well as the gantry crane will be free to move side to side and the lift platform moved up and down as well as side to side. Eventually I hope devise some sort of simple mechanical arm to hang off the crane. The Third is the end walls which does nothing, One section including end walls will fit in a Detolf display case. Nothing exists outside of the computer right now, so things may change if my theories on the construction techniques are flawed, but the basic idea is there. What you are seeing in the attached images is the 3d render of 6 sections (two of each) with some basic lighting in an attempt to see what the actual diorama might look like once built for real. Obviously things will be very different depending on real world lighting conditions, but you get the idea. I thought I would post what I have for some feedback. Basically just looking for some general reactions and any suggestions. Plus maybe some input will motivate me to actually finish the project. Thanks
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