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  1. That's the major point! Luckily my wife neither against my collections NOR shows interests on them. I think the later is more important
  2. In those "not that much Macross in the market" days, we feel lost; and these years we feel confused too, don't know which to choose. We have less space, budget and spare time for them... Could these big hands been replaced by some HGUC hands? Can't wait to see some great customize...
  3. http://akibahobby.net/2008/06/yamato_gunyu_yf19_review.html review from Japan IMHO: For: The painting looks far more better than average of Revlovtech. There are some details on the elbows. The panel lines are clear and fine. Against: Oversized weapon and hands. Less exchangable parts. Surely they are two different toys in the market, but I still think GN-U shouldn't priced that high. 2400Yen(20USD) should be ok to me.
  4. I found this one, it IS officially coated with rainbow... http://www.toysdaily.com/discuz/thread-65383-1-2.html I just don't have enough room for this scale, cos no one can just got a single VF in a new series, right? Althoug we maybe lie to our wallet all the time...
  5. Is the canopy "officially" been coated? I don't see any effect from the posters
  6. That's the point, as long as they got the copyright, they are the boss! We can do nothing but wait. P.S. if Bandai would use their latest HGUC and EX kits tech on the MFs, such as no injection pin mark, seamless fitting, multi-colored parts... That would be huge help for us to build more and more VF-25s, even super modelers like WM Cheng would love that I think!
  7. New to this series, and the FP & GBP would be sold seperately? Just can't wait!
  8. Any difference bisides the boxart and price tag?
  9. Let's talk about the price? could it be around 2k - 2K5 JPY? Just don't be another high-price EX series!
  10. I like Hasegawa style too, but sometimes they may be overworked? There ARE so many details on the Hasegawa kits, but there ARE also nice touching designs in Bandai's products recent years. Let's just wait and see.
  11. IMHO, BANDAI has released very nice EX kits before, and the new MF kits maybe benefit from that. Just don't judge a brand so quickly.
  12. What would be there in the series 3? My guess: VE-1 of coz! VF-1D original orange VF-1D M&M's wedding VF-1S Focker without Super pack VF-1S Low vis! VF-1S 25th Anni Only a dream...but if there would be half of them, that'd be cool!
  13. Why it can't be 144th scale? Why Yamato always jumped out for an odd scale!
  14. Did you just DIY the paint scheme or did other custom work to make it looks more better?
  15. During the shopping trip in HK days ago, I got a 25th Anni VF-1S and a GBP-1. Since there are too many boxes for me to take with, I have to find some way. I noticed that there are enough room to use in the YAMATO package, at lease 6 boxes of plastic models and 12 diecast car toys were filled into the VF-1S, and 3 boxes of model and 8 bottols of paint and even a Revoltech toy into the GBP-1 box! How kind of YAMATO over packing their VFs
  16. Totally agree with VFTF1! I'll keep collecting any new VF-1 model/toys as long as there are! No matter how many new VFs are coming, the VF-1 is just like FIRST LOVE in my life.
  17. The main landing gear post is too high, I cut it off Done! Compare with other 1/144 jets, how tiny the VF is!
  18. I love those tinies, cheap and better than none! Really looking forward to the Vol 2! I want VF-1D!
  19. Very impressive! And I didn't get Toynami yet, but this one surely makes me to buy one!
  20. Nope, this time CM's doesn't have covers for screws, Daxx! But I think those 4 screws on the forearms make the INGRAM more powerful feeling, MHO. I hate those on the legs though. There are about 80% diecast material over all. All most everywhere white is metal, except the head, hands and should covers(the exchange parts for INGRAM 1 and 2). Price is a little bit high even for me as a more PATLABOR fan than MACROSS, 12800 JPY, about 100 USD I guess.
  21. Do you have more detailed pics of these, Graham? of coz you do, right?!
  22. OMG, NO FRUSTRATING... is this sign everywhere in the WF?
  23. http://img.animenewsi.com/g/index.php?mode...800&start=0 Several old friends, no SV-51 still
  24. Yeah, I deeply impressed by this image, but some saying: you got to be very BRAVE to get a CM'S Brave Diecast item home!!
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