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    1:60 GBP-1 !?

    Direct Translation on the card: "MACROSS 1/60 3-stage Transformation VF-1J Armoured Valkyrie (Price) Not Fixed 2004 Summer Release" EDIT: ^---- Didn't even need Japanese. Chinese was 90% sufficient. Yes, it's a bundle (because otherwise it would have read GBP armour instead of Armoured Valkyrie). Yes, the underlying 1J should be transformable. Yes, it's going to be frickin' expensive ('cos they haven't decided on the price yet..). And yes, it's going to release next year, which gives us some time to save up. Lucky I didn't get the 1/60 Super-1J previously... man, your chinese(or english?) is not well enough...it says "2004 spring" not "summer" and, what is a CF?
  2. very impressive!! and nice tip on the tip lights
  3. Nope, 10, she was born in 1993 He's right. Minmay was born on Oct. 10th, 1993. http://www.anime.net/macross/characters/l/...html#LinnMinmei oh my! my birthday is oct 10 too! just 15 years older than she...
  4. sorry! my huge mistake!! i know Sausage want this one:65766 Macross Option Decal Part 3, the Paris show, right? http://www.hlj.com/cgi-perl/hljpage.cgi?HSG65766 there are 30-40 more in Shenzhen China, and i just got mine... but notice: the blue stripe is NOT included in decal, you must paint them youself (and it's not easy i think), it only have minmay image and advertisement text.
  5. you better believe it...it's a limited release several months ago, maybe just 500 pieces made. why don't you just got a 3800 yen minmay guard batroid model(65768)? should order asap, they are limited too. i got more than one 65768, only want to keep one, sell the other's decal and keep the plastic parts, coz the later batroid(65713\14\68) has better leg parts than the first one 65710, runner Q is new. but, i'm in China...wish you good luck at ebay
  6. here in Shanghai,China(still a "developing" country), most people are using "un-narrow band", at least ISDN, so I think you "developed country" are broad band all around...joking but in my dial-up time, I WILL download a 10 more MB file if I DO want it no matter how long it takes...don't you people using some download software or just "right click to save"?
  7. hey Agent ONE, my "next time" is coming now PATLABOR 2 THE MOVIE£ºTHIS IS ANIMATION THE SELECT BOOK http://www.tomcat521.com/temp/p2.zip 12MB, 32 pictures, most are mechanical format, also include several colorful drawing. It's too thick to scan, don't let me split the sheets! Scaning every page is a damage to the book for every labor fans B)
  8. since you find it before release....not too late, i mean it! how many people here ordered it? hope i can get mine
  9. you right, i should've told the file is 10MB big...
  10. nothing special, but full of "specials"... "the UN SPACY special strategy corps, The special weapon system development air group, The 87th special safeguard fighter squadron, AKA 'Minmay Guard', the fighter now modelized. This machine was used to protect Lin Minmay in her Moon base live show year 2013. The kit parts molded in white, decal made by cartograf,Italy. Limited release, only 5000 will be made."
  11. http://www.tomcat521.com/temp/mg_lwa.zip 10MB! I scan from MODEL GRAPHIX 2001.12, LABOR WALK AROUND, the issue has some nice model works, all of them are fancy reconstructed and painted, include that NYPD LABOR. I re-upload this file today(9.15), don't miss this time , may delete without notice.
  12. minmay will be 30 in 2013, right?
  13. http://www.hlj.com/cgi-perl/hljpage.cgi?HSG65768 it will be released in 20 more days.
  14. just preordered one, who knows the release date?
  15. 30 RMB?? where did you find it? I never saw such a bootleg in Shanghai. friend told me there are some other toy/model bootleg found in Yiwu, ZheJiang,China, but not for retail! and no other reports from rest of China. I wonder where they go? only to USA?
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