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  1. And Ordered. Thank you sir for saving me a wasted valk.
  2. I could so see me pounding in that pin with a mallet. tap tap tap tap. hummmmm. TAP TAP TAP TAP :/ hummmmmm BANG BANG BAN.... OH @#$@#!$^#@%$@!$#!. LOL I know me.
  3. I would go for the old, because the pin fit better. But I'll buy either.
  4. I so can't wait to get a set. Now I don't feel like a hoarder for keeping all my broken toys, They can be fixed. LOL
  5. That's because of the solar winds. "Uh, some of us have got this idea. We want to land a craft, deploy solar sails. You'll have a great big canopy. Solar winds will be caught by these mylar sails." Just saying? LOL
  6. I liked the movie allot. I don't buy DVD's or Bluray'a anymore but this I will buy. I also will get the sound track on CD. I thought it was really well done and left lots of mysteries about it. I like when movies don't give you all the answers, because in real life it's the same way. To me the hot chicks was the first thing that made me notice the previews but in the end they where like the extra added bonus to the film.
  7. Only two things that Yamato will get my money for. VF-4 and 1/60 reactive armor. I'd sell a kidney for a VF-4.
  8. It could always be a VF-4G, A guy can hope you know.
  9. 1/60 VF-4 FTW. At least that way I could put it with my 1/60 Yammies.
  10. Any pics of the finished product yet? I was hoping you might have taken some at the con.
  11. Here is some videos of my newer saber. then I fixed the LED and now got a better purple.
  12. I'm in. Hey while your at it could you recast me the should flaps. My kids lost mine.
  13. I had the same issue, I just used some super glue. seams to have worked fine so far.
  14. That is the two tone grey. It's a nice look. I bet it would be perfect with the Low Vis.
  15. some pics of my VE-1 Thunder hammer
  16. Yep me too. I'll throw it on a VF and post some pics later tonight. Thanks
  17. Just in case you missed that.
  18. Waiting to see something on the VF-4 III 1/72.
  19. I'll take one. Long time since I logged in but I'm glad I did today.
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