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  1. I have found that Toynamis Alphas are mor for customizing then collecting. This is wHat I have done with one of mine. The LV Alpha
  2. Legioss & Tread how sweet it is. I will take many pics of my squadron when I get them this summer. I will then email all my pics with a letter saying " you missed the boat" to Toynami. I am really glade however that Toynami Blow me off as a Robotech fan, because I have since been devoting myself more to Macross.
  3. Ok guys and gals. I just bought another VF-0A 1/60 to custom into a VF-0D. I think I got the tail fins figured out playing around with the VF-0A I have now but what I don't know yet how to do is make the new wings and the stabilizing wings on the intakes. I figure I will have to use some type of resin cast but I have not done anything like this yet. I would appreciate any and all input. Thanks
  4. Mine either. Let me know please if you find a place to get them.
  5. I love VF-0 with the RA. I bought two have not decided how to paint the second one yet. but here is my LV verssion. And my new VF-0D
  6. Boy count me in for one of these bad boys. I would like to super size it and have a VF-0D 1/60 to go with it as well, with a RA for my VF-0S on the side.
  7. New to post at MW, but here is my add to The RA. I would buy two One to keep stock and one to LV for my VF-0A. Oh and I would pay "2 millon dollars. WHAAAAAAAAAA" Here is my 1/72 RA LV.
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