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  1. I just opened mine and dropped the legs, guess what Missing part. one of the cover sliders, left leg. I hope NY is good at customer service.
  2. I cant's wait to get home tonight to find my pick up slip in the mail box. I guess I should be happy knowing I'll have it this weekend.
  3. Yeah I'm thinking the ones from the SV-51 would look good on her.
  4. I would like to thank Kurisama for providing the parts through shapeways to make my VF-0C possible. Thanks man you rock.
  5. Yeah I got a full set of the arms coming now. But until then here are some more pics.
  6. I did nothing, It only really bothers me on the canards.
  7. Oh yes please. I'll PM you for details. Thanks
  8. Thanks guys. I still need to finish up with the painting the arms and fixing the one. It broke at the spinning bicep part ,then I need to add the stickers and let the paint cure before I transformer it. I was thinking about the two tone gray with White trim, but at the last min I just went with red trim. I really like how it came out. I might put some red trim on the ghost so they match better. Now I can finally cross the VF-0D of my list. With the VF-4 coming out and hopefully ;) the Reactive Armor ( I wish I could make that flash) coming soon ;) I list will be empty.
  9. So I'm almost done with my repaint. I decided to go with a gray and red. All I have left to do Is the arms and sticker it up. One of my arms broke though . I'm really happy with my VF-0D though. It will look good when all done with the ghost on top.
  10. Did they send you a request for payment or did you have a credit card on file and they just charged you?
  11. Works good. Had to trim the turbine section off, and drill out the peg holes some, but not bad or a custome piece. I got some sanding and painting to do, but all and all I'm really happy with my new VF-oD Thanks
  12. Nope I ordered a set and the tracking say's it will be here on the 7th.
  13. We went and did the Midnight showing. My GF summed it up the best in her FB post "I was getting irritate after 15 mins, 25 mins - annoyed, 35 mins - pissed, 50 mins -- WHATEVER!!! " The best part was the three guys getting arrested during the middle of the movie for piracy.
  14. Well I guess I can't keep you guys in suspense then with a bunch of "I'll get to its'" LOL. Cause yeah you were never going to get them pics anyway. I'll post pics of my Toy's, just not that Toy. I wouldn't trade a whole feet of VF-4G's for her. LOL Speaking of VF-4G, I'm dying for some new pics, You would think that with December closing in we would be seeing something finished soon.
  15. Yes she does have a sister that still lives in Malaysia. I'm on my tabet now but will try to post a pic tomorrow. I still need her to help do a new Lightsaber presentation video.
  16. Total opposite here. I got divorced 2 years ago and the new (smoking hawt Asian) GF has no issues with my Macross, Transformers and Star Wars collections that are displayed around the house. In fact She's a bigger kid than I. I have recent stocked up on duct tape and rope in case she tries to get away from me, because she's a keeper. I would like to take this moment to thank my ex wife for leaving, you did me a solid. ;D
  17. http://www.locushk.com/index.php?sp=&p=6&cat2=1574&cat1=155&cat0=24&id=4697&cat1=155&cat0=24&new=&more=〈=en First sighting?
  18. Shut your mouth. LOL I really hope not, I've been wanting this bird like most here for a looooooooooooooooooooong time. I have two of the transformable recast models unbuit because I'm too scared to F it up. The VF-4 is my unicorn with a naked super model riding it with rainbows shooting out her JJ. I'm not a praying man, but I hope your wrong and HLJ get's this bad girl.
  19. So was the Hulk and Loki Scene.
  20. Fantastic movie. It was a Hulk Smash!
  21. I so can't wait for this game, That chick is hawt and makes a perfect LC.
  22. Thanks for posting the link, I scored one last night. Obviously just in time. The
  23. You saved my vf from the garbage bin. thanks. It installed perfectly.
  24. I'm going to break out the BFM9000 for this one.
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