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  1. nice what did you use to do your panel lining if you dont mind me askn? here's something to go with the 19 - the pilot (maverick) and his co-pilot or wingman (Goose or Iceman) and the instructor (Viper) lol
  2. Crooked gun pod what?! I dont care like Wicked said don't deprive yourself of a nice valkyrie.. and I've got seven to prove it ....2nd run what? WooT WooT!!!
  3. no just one, its a 4inch one.. i had a six inch and a 2inch, but i had to do a hack job to make it work for the wingzero. I needed a nine-12inch one but L&F toys didn't make it in that size, so i joined two six inches and used the remaining 2inches to make it work. So i'm only left with one for now..
  4. all that was missing is the smoke it created in the episode where they fought in the deserted exercise city.
  5. wow 30pgs of reading.. sigh.. anyways.. yes i agree with most of you in regards to the price of the boosters/fp, and mine only has a slight misalignment on the gunpod, but no problems with the flaps beneath and shoulders. I'm actually tempted to find a spare seat and pilot to paint and fit in the back seat =). Got my 19's a while ago, but couldn't really play with it in the open.. gf will be pissed if she found out i bought a new toy..lol.. but i managed to snag a few pics... "Yamato should include black TV hands in my box!!" & Hurry up with the YF21's new replacement!! Someone who can actually give me a run for my money!!
  6. I'm only missing one now.. .. this came in today The whole squad all together
  7. lighting owns me =(, but oh well i tried, had a few moments to screw around with the camera.. oh and jenius its out of the display case this time.. I promise here's a few poses, i looked for some cool poses from the movie, but there only a handful that i could do.. especially with the lmited hands (sorry i tried having the YF19 hold the gun upside down to beat up on the 21, but no worky worky) Look in the sky its plane, its a bird, its OMG! Aiming for what?! Whats coming to you! Duel! Shine Guld!!! Myung!! Reach out and touch someone!!
  8. I didn't really get a chance to play with the YF19 too much, i was busy rearranging things to make them fit in the display case...I'll try again don't worry =) and I'll do a better job with the background and lighting... i was actually busy taking pics of other collection (other display case) which turned out quiet nice and this one came out especially nice =) now back on the valkyrie topics
  9. cool.. so where can we get those socket joints? looks good
  10. the display is actually from a Robotech Display stand, it was a promotional stand that came out to promote the 1st game that came out on all platforms. I still haven't cut out the valkyrie cardboard pictures that came with it.
  11. Well my collection isn't that big, so i apologize in advance.. after moving stuff around i finally got a chance to make some room and put away some yamato boxes. sigh.. Here is what I have to deal with: All of this has to be displayed to open up some space in my small room. Goes into this Results: Like the background the rest of Macross/Robotech related stuff... Ground crew of the Prometheus: I managed to rearrange my other display case, but that's all gundams..unless someone wants me to post them
  12. I dont have a white back ground but i'll respond to some of the pics YF19-1/60 Yamato Version style: Enjoy =)
  13. yep it was delivered to my door, didn't know usps delivered on christmas day.. oh well, but guess what came in the mail today!!! glad i stayed home.. bwuaahahaha 6 + 1 = and they will join the rest of the YF-19s
  14. Is it really that small? how about a 2nd seat would be better anybody panel lined theirs yet?
  15. one came in today.. six more still in customs <,<
  16. my yf-19(s) should be arriving this week from HLJ
  17. Does anyone still know if Neova's toy, model and hobby ship still do customs? (link to their site if you don't know who i'm referring to http://www.geocities.com/valken_exs/toys_customs.htm)
  18. do you live in the U.S.? i thought they dont usually tax on toys, it says right on their webpage http://www.hlj.com/faq/q42.html i'm kinda worried if i have to pay taxes for the huge order.
  19. Kicker773

    CM's Figures

    I know a few people have mentioned the box and the packaging that these figures come in to distinguish the difference between a fake and an authentic one. But is there any difference between the figures if put side by side next to each other? TIA
  20. yeah but i think his store is not going to be open until jan, and i dont think he's takn any orders at the moment.. anyone selln their heads 1S for either Hikaru, Max, Kazaki? (already painted)
  21. So should I be worried that I ordered from HLJ? I ordered quiet a big order from them... ordered it with EMS and i hope its insured. I ordered a few and will probably be selln a few of them soon...
  22. has anyone have had any problems with large orders from HLJ?
  23. thanks prommetheum i got it in my e-mail, i'll start on it once i get out of school.. thaha thanks i like it
  24. quick question for everyone i'm plannin on paiting a gbp armor to match the miria 1/48, just thought i'd ask what kind of paint(s) to use and what steps. input would be appreciated... now back to the topic.. awesome job
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