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  1. anxiously waiting for graham's review here......
  2. Bluemax: thanks thanks dude.. i'm a government slave cpa on weekdays, and freelance consultant on weekends.. i rarely go out, i have a girlfriend, but still haven't contemplated on settling down (i knew when i would, that would be the end of my spending spree for this hobby lol) i used to juggle three jobs just to fund this hobby.. but lately i've been on hibernation after getting into a vehicular accident, so i haven't updated my collection that much recently.. thanks, it is custom made.. a conversion from a closet to a display cabinet.. i had to do it after realizing that i'm buying more toys than updating my wardrobe lol (i haven't even bought a new shirt/jeans this year hahaha) thanks kirik, the misb room was more on other toylines, so i didn't bother sharing it here... would love to post more pics of other displays/cabinets with other toyslines though if you guys want.. everything's custom made dude.. i wanted to settle with those ikea cabinets at first, but the O.C. in me demanded i wanted something that would fit my preference, so i had to literally design one for myself.. i basically did everything from designing, to choosing what materials to used, to electrical installation.. i left the painting and complex carpentry works to professionals.. will go over my archives and maybe share my plans and WIP pictures of my display area..
  3. MY DISPLAY AREA 3 of 3 - this is where i placed most of my MISB/MOSC collection and some other toy lines i collect: macross revoltechs.. the rest are pretty much lined up over the lobby and at some corners of the house waiting for their turn:
  4. MY DISPLAY AREA 2 OF 3 - YAMATO MACROSS DEDICATED DISPLAY - still opted a not so cramped up display, chose only valks that i felt like displaying and 2 of my non-camo favorites: LOWEST LEVEL - Macross Do You Remember Love * with my first ever scratch build - DYRL ARMD Launch Arm and Base THIRD LEVEL - Macross ZERO wanted an Exhibit like theme for this line.. so made a custom made acrylic labels for each valkyries: FOURTH LEVEL - My Scratch-build Macross Armored Factory and Maintenance Bay TOP LEVEL - Macross PLUS (New Edwards Base lolz) - sorry for the crappy pics..
  5. finally found some recent pictures of my collection.. MY DISPLY ROOM 1 of 3 - i showcased two of my main toy lines here (Large Anime Female Statues and Macross) - the room has two lighting scheme (Daylight and Amber Lighting scheme).. depending on my mood, i choose which light type i turn on or a mixture of both.. - every 6 months i reorganize my display and replace the collectibles with those that haven't made it yet on the display
  6. seems like this is partly collection showcase and partly collection issues with family/loveones lolz really great thread.. keep the pictures coming.. will go over through my archives and share my stuff as well
  7. Managed to finally make a second macross dedicated display, the first one if i posted it here last year.. here's how it looks so far.. with the exception of 2 1/60 Gundam Mechas, everythings from different Macross Series.. same with my first macross dedicated display. i don't want a cramp up display..
  8. rotorhead: lol.. don't worry.. it roughly cost me 110 USD in materials plus dedication, headache, patience.. 505thAirborne: i'm pretty sure yamato could pull out something like that as well, even better.. heck if only i have all the necessary materials and tools.. would have opted to make it transformable..
  9. haven't been working on this project since late november.. only got the time, chance and drive to work on this after a few boost from friends and some followers over a local toy forum: more pics at my build thread
  10. again.. sorry for the very late reply.. project is roughly at 80% completion.. i've managed to build both boosters and hooked them up to the main hull.. nuff said.. here's some quick updated pics.. sorry for the crappy pics, got too lazy to check on my camera settings: thanks for lookings guys
  11. sorry guys.. a lot of things came up lately, problems here and there that has deprived me the luxury of time at working on this project. i managed to do 'lil work on this project though last week. i'll post some updated pics tonight.. just need to work on this pile of paperworks i have on my desk..
  12. hello guys.. .sorry if it took me a while to update this build.. i have been busy lately with work and renovating our house.. i totally converted my two old rooms into my very own dedicated display area... work pretty much lasted for roughly two months... now back to the project.. i've already build the base form for the boosters.. i injected my own preference by making the booster more streamlined looking by adding a little curve on it.. it would have been easier though if i stick strictly with the line art and make it look boxy. still have to add up those minute details and edges on the booster.. will continue working on it this weekend.. hopefully i'll be able to put up everything by the end of the month. thanks for looking
  13. looking good so far majestic.. you beat me to it.. i've been contemplating of doing either this or an Atmospheric Booster after i'm done with my current scratchbuild.. keep it up and thanks for sharing
  14. 2,000+ USD??? WTF!! I'D RATHER FINISH MY OWN SDF...
  15. i'm trying to collect all liger variants.. but lately been prioritizing getting macross stuff.. will try to post some pics i made with them.. these toys are really nice granting how much details it has and their machanism..
  16. those are kotobukiya chain base.. originally for 1/144 gundams, but they could be attach together and still look good on larger scale mechas.. CLICK HERE (oppss sory about the reactive missiles)
  17. Kicker: you're always fond to posting teasers (mahilig ka talaga magpabitin ha!! hahaha) lemme see your new baby! all these talk makes me wanna plunge in and get a DSLR camera as well (as some people say i've already outgrown my camera).. but that's too much for my wallet to take for now.. i guess i'll just have to be contented with my PnS camera..
  18. it's a pretty decent size really... i could only hope that it will cost less than 500USD, but 200USD (or less)?? naah.. that's too much already!
  19. thanks everyone for the comments... just making up most out the luxury of chance (of being single hehe), though i think some of those collectibles might need to go sooner or later as i feel like i'm getting too old to keep all of them.. (i'm 28 by the way) since early this year, i've been keen with buying new stuff (limiting my purchases to macross goodies and large anime statues).. had to start allocating my funds to more important matters.. (getting married perhaps lol)
  20. and another glass cabinet.. just a little bit of everything.. and the rest are still lying around the house...
  21. DISPLAY AREA 3 - THE REST OF MY TOY LINES.. it's an old picture i took when i was rearranging some of my stuff: still a mess, but i promise to share to you guys and updated pictures once i'm finally done with cleaning and arranging them..
  22. ROBOT DEDICATED CABINETS i temporarily placed robots from different toy lines.. still contemplating if i'll do another Macross Dedicated display theme, other than the one i set up at our lawn, or just stick with the temporary display theme and just add up more robots to fill the area.. i'm likely to lean on the latter, once i get to complete all VF-1 Version 2 Yamato Valkyries.. got few shots only since it's not yet final.. With Lighting Type A (Camera was set to automatic color balance, so the light color is exactly the same as actual) With Lighting Type B (Camera was set to automatic color balance, so the light color is exactly the same as actual) .. other side, under construction ^_^6
  23. With Lighting Type B (Camera was set to automatic color balance, so the light color is exactly the same as actual)
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