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  1. I think a Kai would look really cool if the scheme was reversed, yellow with red accents. Kind of like The Flash and Professor Zoom. Other than that, Purple and black would be cool.
  2. Welcome back rockhound!!!!!!!!!! Missed your build ups terribly, glad your back on it. I have the YF-19, but have yet to start it. Maybe if we had enough people we could start a group build, offering pics and tips on getting around problems, etc. I was going to start it, but I'm waiting for Jasmine studios to do their photo etch parts first.
  3. I love it, can't wait to see it painted. I wish you'd provide material lists and instructions/documentation so we could all make one! Nice work though!
  4. I'm waiting on a 1/60 God Gundam kit from ebay right now, that's it.
  5. No. Given their track record over the last few years I'm postive the 1st wave would be f***ed up somehow.
  6. Whatever it is or ends up being, extra 1J/1A heads ala Hasegawa would have been nice, but that keeps them from making more money I guess. I'll get one, at that price it's worth the risk.
  7. I can see a PG Unicorn coming out, seems they like making 1 PG for any recent series that comes out. Too bad they can't go back and make an RX-79G...
  8. My TRU has a huge sale on old 25th stuff, I just picked up a Firefly/trooper pack for 9.99. They had other stuff as well, they still had 25th G1 Prime there, but he was 60...not worth it when I already have a G1 Prime. Anyhow, what's the word on the Mospeada-type cycle coming out? I plan on buying several for customs.
  9. Actually now that you mention it, I don't know if he counts but Sunstorm's bright day-glo early 90's Orange always bugged the hell out of me. I had barf that color once after drinking Mad Dog 20/20. The white head looks cool though, I'll give him that much.
  10. I used to have a horribly unfixed image dimension of a 1/48 Roy...and it's been gone for like 3 years. Can we fix my rank now from "please fix dimension...eyes bleeding?" It just doesn't fit anymore...feel free to be creative, I don't mind a good joke at my expense. I guess the first mod that gets to read this gets to have his way with it.
  11. Taking a guess, this thing looks like a snap fit kit judging from the wings on the sprue pic, I know it says glue on the info by the preorder info, but looking at the parts I see a snapper. Very smart if they did go that route, it'd win over a lot of the toyboys.
  12. they should be, I just bought a couple sets from them about a month ago.
  13. I'm surprised that Tron hasn't been brought up yet.
  14. I'm with you on that one, on principle alone.
  15. crossbone was one of my favorite mg's, get the cloth version though.
  16. Destroy a 300 dollar model kit with paint?! How? If you mess up, Pine Sol is your friend. I do it all the time. Just drop them in a bucket and let them soak a couple of days, paint comes right off.
  17. Not really apocalyptic, but 12 Monkeys, Brazil (both Gilliam I know), and the first 2 Terminator films come to mind...I try to forget the last 2.
  18. KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. Couldn't tell you about the 1/2000 kits, but the Seed EX kits of Archangel, Minerva and Argama are awesome. Dendrobuim is a total MUST own for a Gunpla builder. 3 feet long, massive, and really, really good details. Fits in nicely with the Fix Fig Deep striker and Stamen also. And it breaks the tediousness of building just a MS. All in all, if your a big MSG fan, and love WB, then by all means get the 1/400. Just don't pay an insane price for it, because it's not worth it.
  20. Hey man, can you post some pics of the defects on 00? I'd like to see if there are any preventative measures I can take to avoid any problems.
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