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  1. Why would you need one? Id imagine a valk would just go to gerwalk to land.
  2. Haven't posted on here in a long time but... Anyone play these? I'm addicted. If you do, put in your user name/corp/alliance. And if you're looking for corp or alliance lmk. My dust ID is the same as on here, so I'm easy to find just shoot me a dustmail.
  3. I quit collecting years ago, when the VF-1 2.0's began coming out. I sold off all my stuff except for what I loved. All I kept was a V2 1/60 VF-1S Roy, A VF-1S Hikaru 1/48 with strike packs, a 1/48 VF-1J stealth with packs, a 1/48 Low viz, 1/48 Max 1A which I keep in GBP, and a 1/60 YF-19. I did just buy a 2nd 19 here on the forums to display in battroid (since it's my favorite in both modes and was a good deal) and a renewal Ozma. That being said, since I quit and only recently started casually collecting, I don't feel that burn to get every release anymore. But yeah, prices are getting way out of hand as I have kept up with the market somewhat.
  4. See, to me that looks more like the chest piece hasn't been slid down all the way. I'm digging the new head as well though. I will concede I'm not crazy about the strike parts so far though.
  5. Not one to start trouble, but did it dawn on anyone that maybe Bandai have the 1S in that goofy pose to show off the leg articulation, especially in the ankles? Because by moving the hips in like that you're centering the weight, and maybe they're just trying to show the legs and ankles can easily hold it up while posed. There's a lot of debate on this about lineart, Yamato, etc. and some really good points. I for one am getting this, and not only because I like the design. I see people keep bringing up lineart, but ask yourselves this: At what point do we let go of 30 year old lineart, and embrace a new take on the design? Isn't it in some ways, whether you like the end product or not, refreshing to see an alternate take on a classic mecha that very few people care about anymore? At least Bandai is trying, and whether you hate it or not, you have to give them that much credit. They've tried over the years, with Macross frontier, the classic 1/55 reissues, Hi metals, etc. No company has "nailed it". They all have problems. You can't compare a flawed product to a flawed product to a flawed product (Yamato vs. Bandai vs. Hasegawa). Point is, even if you don't buy it, just be glad Bandai is still paying attention to a remote, small corner of the mecha community when they didn't really have to. I'm sure Gundam, evangelion, and all the other stuff make them enough money as it is.
  6. Those views are great. And after seeing them, I like the Bandai even more now. Granted, the nose may not match lineart, but it does fit with what they're trying to do. I think the thing looks really sleek overall. I give Hasegawa the credit for overall aesthetics though. Never noticed how chunky the Yamato looks until now.
  7. If this were 6-7 years ago, I'd be with you. However, being a Gundam/Bandai fan (I know, boo) their kits have really come a long way, even since the frontier kits. Hell, MG Delta Plus seems extremely durable and it's transformable as well, and it's transformation is far more complex than a VF1. And if you did compare it to Frontier, I think the durability of the VF1 will be enhanced due to it's simpler design. As far as decal/paint abuse, I wouldn't be surprised if the chest pieces/wing trim were molded in the correct plastic already. I will concede that I don't like the FP, but I don't see what the big deal about the nose is.
  8. Madness! Sazabi is the BEST suit hands down, if they made a Sazabi MG today it would kick anything's ass. I'm totally with you on the Nightengale though.
  9. You're asking the wrong guy. I am a firm believer in if you're going to build a model, you should do it yourself. Of course in the beginning your going to suck, we all do. However, you get better with time, and in a way you even appreciate your first attempts more as you can see how you've developed. I have an old F91 1/60 I painted into a Harrison custom that looks like dogsh*t. Then, I went back last year and did another one with a kit I got for cheap and compared the two, and the 2nd one came out much more how it looked in my mind. But I still love that first one nonetheless, paint runs and all. Anyhow, without rambling, yes they do offer a build service, I couldn't tell you their pricing though. I don't know you're skill, however, if you REALLY have the G-sys bug, do what I did and start with a conversion kit, they're generally affordable and simple enough. I believe the MK.II conversion is fairly cheap, as is the Zeta head/gun kit and the Guncannon isn't bad. Or you can try something like the IWSP, so you can do it without risking damage to a PG kit. I don't know anything about they're MG conversion kits or smaller scale stuff though.
  10. Sure, as soon as I paint the armor pieces and get them to fit, of course, at the rate I'm going, that should be about 2015... All I can say is G-sys stuff is a lot of work, but so far it seems worth it.
  11. I have a few 1/60, Kampfer, NT-1, and some conversion kits, IWSP, Guncannon, and Wing Ka. Guncannon conversion is nice, Wing Ka conversion has some issues though. The Kampfer isn't bad, I finished the frame entirely and it's on par with a PG frame. Like anything else, you get what you put into it. It should be noted I picked up most of these on ebay for cheaper than what they charge on their site. I really want the new GP-03 kit and new Zaku, but damn it's a lot. Though I do hear great things about them. It should be noted you won't even come close to building these as fast as a PG, I've been working on my Kampfer for months and finally JUST started looking like something.
  12. Just got mine today and looked it over. Seems pretty cut and dry. I can tell you don't use that stupid tool they give you for removing parts, seems like a needless pain in the ass.
  13. I don't know whether to thank him for introducing me to Robotech as a kid and later Macross as an adult, or hate him for standing in the way of Macross in the US. Either way, I pay my respects because he was way too young and had a family. As someone else mentioned, he did give me Lensman, one of my favorites, so I can't hate the guy entirely. RIP Carl.
  14. Rocking out to the Sex Pistols, one of the greatest artistic gifts any man could have given the world, the Filth and the Fury. I wish Malcolm well wherever he his...hopefully Johnny doesn't go for a VERY long time.
  15. I'd say G-saviour is underrated, but that would be denial on my part as a Gundam fan that it's a big steaming mecha-turd.
  16. hguc=play MG=play, but less PG=pose and leave except to change pose every so often
  17. Lame games that I still enjoy: The Hitman series Dynasty Warriors +DW Gundam Armored Core series
  18. It is overrated. I understand that there was a lot of love for the show, yadda yadda, but at the end of the day, it's a high-end B movie, just like anything else Joss Whedon has his hands in. And I'm sorry, but the Captain guy, whatever the hell his name was, CANNOT act. Firefly/serenity was interesting, but that's about it. That movie could have been a made for TV 2 hour Sci-Fi Channel event and turned out exactly that same. Although after Buffy, Whedon should have been drug out in the street and shot.
  19. Surprisingly, not as long as you'd think. Personally, I'd have gone with the GP01, Zeta, or Strike. It's an ok kit, but next to the Wing Zero being the worst, it's not nearly as nice as the other efforts in the PG line.
  20. Meh, this is why I quit MG's at the start of the ver 2 releases. I had quite an extensive collection going, only to have to re-buy them again? hell no, although Zeta 2.0 and MK.II were impressive. With that and the MG price jump, I said I might as well build PG's exclusively and occasionally G-system and I haven't regretted it. MG's are decent, but nothing feels more like an accomplishment or says kick ass like a foot tall Gundam with 700 or more parts and LEDS.
  21. Gotten really addicted to Silversun Pickups (It's nice to know you work alone...AWESOME song) and We are scientists. Had a laugh today, I actually heard Brooklyn Bounce today (Born to Bounce)...and damn, I'm feeling my age here. The sad thing is in some strange way I still think it's cool.
  22. Yeah, but only as Railracer, I don't dig their individual modes.
  23. As far as I know, Unicorn had the initial release, a Titanium finish release, and there's another release coming soon with a Hangar/stand ala GP01 PG, and better knee articulation.
  24. Overrated: Predator Alien (the 1st one) Serenity X-men Underrated: Brazil City of Lost Children Equalibrium Starship Troopers (only the 1st one though, the other 2 suck ass)
  25. I have a few of the old IMAI Alpha's as well, they do heavily favor robot mode over the other modes. There's a really cool build up w/ alot of mods for this kit over on Starship Modeler for adding articulation, and improving the overall appearance. I always found it funny that the 1/12 bike kits were so great, yet the alpha's sucked so bad.
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