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  1. RX-79 is my favorite gundam in UC. Followed closely by the Mk.II. Too be honest, I'm shocked G-system didn't do a conversion kit for it. You could use the frame off the RX-78-2. Well, maybe the Mk.II would be better since the weapons backpack would make the kit extremely back heavy, and I don't think the frame for the RX-78 would hold the weight.
  2. Wait in line, I'm still waiting for: PG Nu PG Sazabi PG RX-79G PG GM Ah to dream...odds are I'll see a PG Unicorn before any of those. Not that I'll complain all that much. I know it's coming, Bandai is giving a lot of love to the Unicorn it seems. However, I believe every UC series should have at least on PG kit to act as a flagship model.
  3. My first Gundam kits were the Wing Gundam and Wing Zero 1/144...got them at walmart to kill time over X-mas with the wife's family. Got addicted and went back for the rest of them. At the time Epyon blew my mind...funny how now it seems like a piece of junk. But the nostalgia factor still remains. However, I took a hiatus from them after the EW 1/100 stuff until Seed came out. Say what you will, but I love Gundam Seed and love the kits and mecha designs even more. For story I'll take UC any day, but design wise Seed is the best series so far in all of Gundam.
  4. 1/48 looks disappointing. Looks are good, seems to improve on the original RX-78's lack of fine details. The hands bug me, I'd rather have had posable fingers. Maybe I'll pick one up eventually, but it's not high on my list. On another subject: Anyone ever figure out how to get a 1/60's fingers to stay in the ball socket? I have a PG with a left ringfinger that keeps popping out. It's tolerable, but annoying.
  5. Bummer...I guess my custom plans are on hold.
  6. I doubt it, but is anyone else playing MLB 2k10 on here? Wow, what a great game. I love the road to the show mode, I just signed a 9 million dollar deal with Toronto after one minor league season...if only it was real life. Graphics are 2nd to none...
  7. Going to pick up Mindwipe this weekend, I can't resist anymore. Wish I would have picked him up last time instead of HA Barricade.
  8. I normally don't build HGUC anymore, but I got a steal on a set of Unicorns (Destroy and Unicorn mode) and was pretty impressed. Still prefer PG's though, although I hope the PG 00 Raiser isn't a sign of things to come. Not bad, but disappointing for what it was, and more importantly disappointing for the price.
  9. we all laugh, but we've all been there. I remember getting stitches from my Hasegawa Ivanov.
  10. I'm not disagreeing with logic...I mean in terms of the VF-1, I do agree with you. However, there are other designs LIKE the YF-19, or the 21 as another member pointed out where I would say you're wrong. In short, there have been efforts to improve or reduce kibble on valks. I don't bash kibble, it depends on how the kibble looks honestly. TF's are notorious for either having good kibble or bad kibble. They all have kibble though. This comes from the fact that in the TF universe there is not much lineart, and they abuse "animagic" more than anyone else. G1 Megatron, Soundwave, and the seekers are the worst examples. And it's a trend that continues to this day, like Energon Jetfire, Energon Ironhide, etc. Animated was pretty good about kibble, but that was because the designs weren't rooted in reality at all. Good Kibble is: G1 Ironhide and Ratchet: Using the extra van part for a tank thing. Cheesy now, but pretty cool idea. Cybertron Optimus: Great figure, I love it when TF's use kibble to make weapons/flightpacks etc. ROTF Jetfire was an absolute mess and engineering DISASTER though. There was really no excuse for it. I understand that the design is hard to work with, but still. Now Mindwipe on the other hand, that looks like a sharp TF I might actually pick up. But only to repaint it and mod it into a wierdo hybrid style VF-17.
  11. I'm going to disagree with that. Even though there are OBVIOUS similiarities, there are also a ton of differences: 1. F-14's are 2 seaters, a VF-1 (save for the Elint, VT, Super-O, are single seaters) 2. The nose is much sleeker on a VF than an F-14 3. The backpack/tailfin area is all wrong, tailfins should be farther apart. 4. The engines on the F-14 sit flush with the main body, while the VF-1 has them underneath. This is the biggest difference, it lowers the whole underside of the VF, intakes and all. It was obviously BASED on an F-14, but to say it *is* and F-14 is a stretch. There a more differences of course, but I think these are the biggest. I can see what Knoted is saying, however, I don't agree with it. I mean, I thought the YF-19 did a great job hiding limbs. To date, IMHO, I think it's the best variable fighter design out there, simply because it hides Battroid mode so well, and vice versa.
  12. Just went there today again, they still have a bunch...don't know if I'm going to make it back there for a while, so again, if anyone needs one speak up! Movie Devastator was marked down to 64.00, and Animated Rollout Prime was 20.00. On the upside, finally found HA Barricade...not bad but not great. Better than Sideswipe though. I'd like to see a Sideways though, maybe with the Pretender chick.
  13. When I collected toys, my wife used to get pissed, because I'd buy them, keep them for a little while, then start collecting something else. So then I got into models, mainly Gundam PG kits and Macross Frontier kits, and while she gripes about the prices, she acknowledges that at least I'm doing something with them by building them, rather than just buying toys that sit there. I limit my toy buying now to only what I really must have, like MP Transformers, 12" Gundam/JG Gundams, the occasional Macross 1/60 Yammie or Bandai DX (I'm more a v1 Yamato guy anyway, I love diecast), or SOC. But models are far more interesting to me overall.
  14. My walmart has a TON of clearanced MP Skywarps for 30.00, does anyone need one?
  15. I love the Vader and motorcycle. It's like in Return of the Jedi: "Luke, help me take this mask off. Let me look upon you with my own eyes..." "But you'll die." "Nothing can stop that now..." And off comes the mask and................... "Oh my god, my dad is Ponch from CHIPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I always felt Erik Estrada would make a good Sith lord.
  16. Man I'm sorry...I woke up Saturday morning about an hour after the quake and saw the news. I can't even imagine.
  17. I still haven't found HA Barricade yet, which is the only TF I want...
  18. Anyone else playing Heavy Rain? Great game, I think I'm almost done with it. If you liked Indigo Prophecy, you'll love it.
  19. I always said if I was only allowed to listen to one album for the rest of my life, it would be FNM's Angel Dust. That album was shear perfection.
  20. Finally watched the 1st 7 min., sucks without subs, and no appearance of the Unicorn at all. Still, looks like it's going to be great, and I'm glad to see them stay away from that sterile CG stuff that MF abused way too often.
  21. Anyone else listen to Electric Six? They got me in trouble today, I was listening to "Gay bar" and my 10 year old daughter overheard it. Same thing happened with Marilyn Manson and White Zombie a few months back.
  22. My new 1/60 God Gundam kit arrived. I'm gonna paint it Hyper mode colors...I opened the box and forgot how much I love this kit, even if it is an old HG-EX. My ONLY bitch is they should have made the God Finger hands posable like the regular hands.
  23. Mindwipe is so tempting, but as a rule I've been staying away from mass retail TF's. Just picked up an MP Skywarp for 24 bucks shipped on ebay...already have one, so I'm thinking repaint...I want to do a Thrust, but I'm not sure I have the skills to scratch build the wings. I'd do Sunstorm, but as I said in an earlier post, I hate his colors.
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