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  1. I own one. Actually, I stole it off ebay for 95 USD + 15 for shipping. Not a bad deal. Now, is it the best thing in the universe? Absolutely not. It's massive, yes. It has cool features, yes. But it's really nothing to write home about. If I had to choose between the 1/144 Dendrobium or the White base, I'd take the Dendrobium any day. The figures are really lame too. Warping gunbarrels, poorly detailed. As a matter of fact, for being as big as it is, the details on WB aren't that impressive either. Basically, it's an attention getter, that's about it. You're money would be spent better elsewhere, I wouldn't pay more than 100-120 USD for one now though. I almost wish they'd redo one in 1/200 scale for the HCM pro line. Now that would be the best thing in the universe!
  2. For my kids to enjoy X-mas the way I used to. Items wise: An announcement that the PG VF-25 1/48 is coming in 2010! A new micrometer The G-system 1/60 Gerbera-Tetra
  3. dalong beat eugimon and built the 00 Raiser first. Shame on you eugimon! j/k, at least you got started, I haven't even done that yet. http://www.dalong.net/review/pg/p12/p12_p.htm
  4. I like Prime. Best looking Prime in forever.
  5. Says you. Try a conversion kit, ANY conversion kit. G-sys is 2nd to none, period. Even better than Bandai. The frames on G-sys kits are incredible. Expensive? Yes. Work? Yes, but that's the point of model building. Worth it? TOTALLY. And the sanding, drilling...it's not that bad at all. Hell, some of the newer stuff is damn near immaculate. That's why G-sys is THE best resin kit maker around. Compare the G-sys Zeta or Mk.II to Bandai's, and the winner is clear. Like I said, try something small like the Wing Zero Ka. Conversion kit, or the Hyaku-Shiki conversion, and then say that they're not the best.
  6. I agree, the Zeta is awesome. It just suffers from the back heavy syndrome in Robot mode, but that's it, and it's not really THAT bad. That's more the design of the Gundam rather than the kit design. I love wave runner mode, personally. Always good to see some Zeta love.
  7. Go fine, VERY fine. Better a lot of sanding taking a little off at a time, than the other way around. At least 1500 grit, I think it's called Alligator. I've used it on a couple hase kits and worked good for me. It can be found at most hardware stores. It's gray and almost smooth to the touch.
  8. Personally as someone who has built them all (except the 00 in my closet, which so far from build ups I've seen I am not impressed, although to complete my collection I'll build it) I rate them like this: Strike Red Frame MK.II GP01 RX-78 00 Raiser Zaku Zeta Wing Zero If you add the HY2M line, I'd insert the Dom between the Zaku and Zeta, and the Gouf after the Mk.II. You can buy an IWSP kit from G-system for around 200 bucks. They also make a 1/60 Kampfer that sells for around 350-360 US. As for the sword, in the Manga, it's made so Lowe can fight without using the battery power from his unit, since the Red frame's battery also powers it's rifle, beam sabers, and energy ball attack (an attack projected from it's hands). It's made to look like a samurai sword because Lowe already knows he wants to make a non-powered sword, and goes to a junk colony that's deserted and was once inhabited by artisans and tradesmen. He meets the last living resident, and old swordsmith, who teaches him how to fight with a sword, and then helps him make one scaled to the size of a Gundam. Again, a very practical idea. So don't knock it, because if you were an MS pilot, it would probably be reassuring to have a weapon that didn't suck your mobile suits juice out, and would do much more damage in close combat than slugging it out with fists.
  9. Listening to Dope's new album. What a great band, really. They did an awesome job on the cover of Rebel Yell.
  10. I completely disagree with your assessment, as an owner of a Red Frame. What do you mean, what happened to the legs? The legs are fine. The sword, well, rediculous as it may seem, it's the point of the Red Frame, what makes it unique. If you read the manga, you'd understand it serves a very valuable, believable and reasonable purpose other than "penis compensation". The "Lego Arms" are almost identical to the Strike. To badmouth the mechanical design, you're badmouthing the Strike design, which is widely agreed upon to be the best design of the PG line STILL. Granted it loses some articulation due to the armor pieces, but not that much. The only thing flawed on the Red Frame is your assessment of it. It's a damn fine kit.
  11. I've used them several times. Great stuff. I've had custom stuff done, rescaled a few decal sheets to larger sizes, I was always impressed. The only bad thing is I've noticed occasionally I can see blurriness in the lines, and on blow ups I've noticed printing dots. In fairness though, the patterns they did for me were pretty unusual and elaborate.
  12. Not true. Bandai spends a lot of money developing these kits, and there are always production runs. They just do it in cycles. 2 years ago, Wing zero was past 200 a pop, now it can be had for about 130. Why? Because Wing Zero was just run before the Red Frame was released (they ran some Extra coating and reg. versions) all you have to do to spot the cycles is watch ebay's HK sellers. When you see a ton of one kit, more than the others, then you know that kit has been reproduced. If you notice, Mk.II's and Gp01's are starting to get thin. That's because those have been out of cycle the longest, meaning they'll be the first ones back in after the Raiser/Red Frame hype has died down. I don't really know how to explain it, but I have it down to a science watching for these, and it's served me well from not overpaying for a kit for 4 years. Strike is getting thin as well, I noticed the average price has jumped from 130ish to 160-170ish USD. Don't feel like you need to buy one because it's older, it will return eventually. Bandai's good like that.
  13. Both are great kits. If you're into looks, the Gp01 is a great display piece with awesome features. The stand really makes the kit, and pics don't do the size of it justice. Articulation is great, well balanced considering the design. The Red frame is a retool of the Strike PG, the be all end all of Gundam PG kits in terms of looks and articulation. Looks incredible, kick ass sword (swords if you find the initial production version). Not as nice as the Strike though. Compatible with the Aile Strike stand too, which makes for sick mid air posing. If you're relatively new to PG building, this one is better. Both are great. Go with your gut and pick one, then tell yourself you'll eventually get both.
  14. Best/Worst Anime (film/TV series/OAV) Best film: Appleseed/Appleseed Ex machina Best Series: Gundam SEED Worst Anime film: Shadow Chronicles Worst Series: Naruto * Best/Worst Manga Best: Gundam Seed Astray Worst: Bleach * Best/Worst SF (film/TV series) - Best film: Star Trek Best Series: V Worst film: Pandorum Worst series: Warehouse 13 * Best/Worst SF Literary (Book/Short story/Comic) - Best comic: Nova/Annihilation books Worst: Spider man * Most annoying trend in Anime Poor animation, stupid names for rediculous Kung fu attacks * Most annoying trend in SF - Special effects over storyline * Best comeback - Macross Frontier * Most disappointing comeback - Vampire Hunter D * Best/Worst Game of the decade - Best: Resident Evil 5 or MGS4 (too close to call) Worst: Silent Hill 5 * Most consistent game developer - Surprisingly, not Konami. Toss up between Eidos or Capcom. * Best/Worst Game platform of the decade - Xbox 360. What a piece of sh*t...glad I junked it for a PS3. * Which product do you really wish had not turned out to be vapourware? N-gage * Most Unnecessary *Remake Bewitched the movie...if that counts. *Sequel Alvin and the Chipmunks (not sure if it's out yet, but I know we don't need it) * Greatest addition to your toy/model/DVD collection - Greatest toy: My first 1/60 v1, VF-1S. Still have it, and I'll be buried with it. Greatest model: PG Strike Gundam Greatest DVD added: DYRL * What is the piece of technology that you have now which was not available at the start of the decade that you cannot do without? My big ass 1080p TV and Blu-ray. * Best/Worst Band/Album/Live performance - Best Band: Boom Boom Satellites Best Album: Boom Boom Satellites - Full of Elevating Pleasures Worst band: Panic at the Disco Worst album: Bloodhound Gang-Hefty fine Best live performance: VNV Nation, Chicago 2005. Worst live performance: Powerman 5000, 2009. * What do you think is going to be the most inaccurate SF prediction about life in 2010? We'll be living on the moon * Person of the decade (NO politicals) George Mitchell, for exposing all those dope head steriod popping millionaire baseball players, and not being afraid to name names. * Where do you think you will be at the end of next decade? Dead or doing the same crap. * Complete the following sentence. "I will be much happier next decade if..........." I finally realize that having a decent job and family doesn't necessarily mean I have my sh*t together.
  15. Heard Wierd Al today, now I'm on a Wierd Al kick...I miss being 12.
  16. Ummm nobody's going to believe this, but Walmart was selling Leader class Animated figures for 20 bucks. So guess what I picked up? SHADOW BLADE Megatron...which I THOUGHT was a TRU exclusive...how the hell does Walmart have it?
  17. Seriously though...try watching the original Genesis Climber Mospeada (Robotech Next Generation).
  18. Hattori Hanzo?! As in Kill Bill? So that's where Tarantino ripped that off from...what a hack.
  19. Thanks, that's going on the ipod...very cool, reminscent of a poppier Boom Boom Satellites. Just completed my dream collection...All the Pop Will Eat Itself releases on Vinyl!!!! Now for some Lo-fi bliss.
  20. I remember when I first got into Gundam building (well, serious Gundam building, not HG kits), I was building an MG a week. I built like 20 or so, and stopped. Then, I started on PG's. I built 4 back to back, and by then, I was exhausted from it, and I had an PG RX-178 Titans that I had bought sitting there on my bookcase for 6 months. One day, I got the itch to do something, pulled it out, built it over the course of 2 weekends, and that started it up again. I however, have found the key to avoid burnouts. Here's my secret: Build bigger more elaborate kits. Greater sense of accoplishment, and you don't feel the need to build an army of them. Like I said with 1/60 scale, less selection, less urges to build 'em all (Until you get bitten by the G-system bug, like I did with the Guncannon and Powered GM conversion kits). The rest between kits feels deserved as well. Alternate types of kits. Gundams can get monotonous. Try something else, like Altair Zega Pain (great Bandai snap kit, love the LED effect), Macross Frontier kits, etc. Have you ever tried your hand at a Hasegawa Macross kit? Try a Battroid kit. Easy enough, and you can do a decent enough job with Rattle cans if you don't want to buy an airbrush. It's entirely different, so it doesn't feel the same since you use putty, more cutting, decal sheets, etc. I go through "real model" phases and "Slam build" phases, as in my head I've separated the two into entirely different catagories.
  21. Just finished Arkham. Anyone playing Uncharted 2 yet?
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