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  1. It's been a few hours, and no PMs so we're going to cancel the dinner. Maybe next time.
  2. Tenjin and I are heading to Las Vegas today for a day trip, so if there are any locals free and would like to join us for dinner please PM me for me up details. We have somewhere to be from 6:30 so it would be an early dinner from about 5:00 PM, location not yet decided (most likely on the main strip).
  3. Tomorrow will be my last day for filling orders if you want something PM me now. I won't be returning to the sale after Friday Japan time.
  4. Macross and Patlabor Collection Figure Part 2 sets have been added to list. Also make sure to read the details on how to request your order.
  5. List updated. Sale Ends October 13th but I will be leaving for MW Con on September 28th. So if you want something, you better contact me before I fly out.
  6. As the post says PM me, don't know why you are asking for shipping quotes here.
  7. Update: Macross Figure Collection Part 3 finally showed up at the sale and Mospeada Fuke is back in stock and this time it's complete with all parts. Also added some CM's Transformers GITS figures.
  8. Sale still going on! Grendizer price also dropped now $160.00
  9. Brave Gokin 40's Grendizer (Comes with extra parts) $190.00
  10. Updated list with photos of stock being sold as of yesterday.
  11. Still a good deal compared to ebay. As of yesterday only 10 left. I got your shipping. Sunday we had typhoon weather here in Tokyo so I couldn't go out or ship. I will start to ship from tomorrow.
  12. Well they just put out Gutto Kuru Figure Lynn Minmay and Queadluun Rau Miria 639 3 Pieces set. List updated, but as you will see they know that the Macross stuff is worth something.
  13. Fast forward to present day. Tatsunoko and Big West work just fine together these days.
  14. The Mospeada and Macross figure collections have not surfaced yet. The one in the picture is the unmanned type. They are not offering a good discount for it at this time, so I didn't put up a pick up price. The shop has it listed at 10,000 yen, I think you can find it cheaper on eBay.
  15. SALE HAS ENDED Every once in a blue moon there are sales in Tokyo you just can not pass up, in most cases there is more stock than one needs for their own personal collection. In this case it's the CM's Corps. Liquidation SALE. It's been a few years since I've made a post like this and once again I'm offering pick up services for any MW members interested in the stock which is listed below. Prices include my pick up service fee. Shipping and Paypal Fee will vary depending on buyers location and amount of items purchased. If you are seriously interested in one or more items PM with the following info. 1. Item name and quantity. 2. Include your PayPal email address. 3. Location you would like the item shipped. I won't know the shipping cost till after the items are purchased and packed, so I will issue the first invoice in response to PM orders received. Once the invoice is paid I will pick up the order and have it packed for shipping and then issue a second invoice that will include shipping cost and PayPal fee. There is tons of stock at this sale and it changes daily. As of last night this is what they had which most members here would most likely be interested in. They also have other Super Robot CM's toys and PVC figures so if there is something else you are after PM me and I will let you know if they have it and the price. Collection Figures Macross Figure Collection Part 1 '09 (boxes not included) Ishtar (Part 1 '09 updated Face sculpt, green frosty clear hair ver.) $4.00 Mao (Part 1 '09 solid blue hair with both eyes open Ver.) $4.00 Mao (Part 1 '09 purple clear hair with both eyes open Ver.) $4.00 Macross Figure Collection Part 2 (boxes and stands are included) Set of 5 $60.00 (Secret not included) Set of 5 Clear Hair Ver. $50.00 (Picture shows Minmay Illustrator Touch Ver. actual clear set comes with solid blue hair Minmay) Macross Figure Collection Part 3 (boxes not included) Isamu Daison $8.00 Max Jenius (Meltlandi Pilot) $8.00 Flower Girl $8.00 Lynn Minmay (Macross City Concert) $8.00 Lynn Minmay (Clear hair Macross City Concert) $8.00 Shammy Milliome $8.00 Roy Focker Cockpit $8.00 Part 3 Set $50.00 (includes Clear hair Minmay for a set of 7) Patlabor Collection Figure Part 2 Part 2 Set $50.00 (includes BEL 1999 Caldia secret figure for a set of 7) Mospeada Brave Chougoukin Line: Riding Suit Figure Set $25.00 Only 1 Left in Stock Dark Bartley Ride Armor (Shinobu Type) (Shinobu character head not included) $55.00 Dark Ride Armor (Stick Type) $45.00 Only 4 Left in Stock Dark Ride Armor (31Type Rei Ver.) $45.00 OUT OF STOCK Ride Armor Bartley Fuke Type $60.00 OUT OF STOCK Ride Armor Blowsperior Yellow Type $55.00 OUT OF STOCK Ride Armor Soldier Ver. Stick Type VR-52F (Green Sticker Winter Wonder Fest 2008) $55.00 OUT OF STOCK Dorvack Brave Chougoukin Line: Mugen Calibur $100.00 OUT OF STOCK VV-54A Calibur $100.00 Patlabor Chougoukin Line: Griffen Flight Unit Ver $80.00 OUT OF STOCK Votoms Sunrise Metal Action Series: Zerberus VR-Maxima (Q/C issue with left shoulder hinge usually broken in box) $50.00 Gutto Kuru Figure: Megazone 23 P3 Eve PVC Figure $25.00 OUT OF STOCK Transformers Super God Masterforce Ginrai CM $40.00 Transformers Super God Masterforce Minelba / Minerva $50.00 OUT OF STOCK Transformers Super God Masterforce Minelba / Minerva Yellow Special Color WF Ver. $50.00 GITS Stand Alone Complex Motoko Kusanagi $50.00 Gunbuster Noriko Takaya Acton Figure $45.00 Macross Lynn Minmay (without retail box comes in plastic bag with stand) $90.00 OUT OF STOCK Queadluun Rau Miria 639 3 Pieces Set $45.00 OUT OF STOCK
  16. Udon's announcement might shake things up a bit on forum threads arguing over HG & BW licensing rights. I couldn't stay for all of SDCC so I've asked Tom Bateman to make sure to be there and report in. Just to be clear Udon's announcement has zero to do with the Kickstarter.
  17. Those of you who have contacted me, sorry I'll be at SDCC this year and won't be back in Tokyo till the day after WF. I can probably point those who are interested to somebody that can help; but be prepared to pay through the nose. Also I recently saw that T-Rex's Kamjin and Zent Soldier kits have been recast and sold on ebay as somebody else's limited customs, so I may also stop providing WF kit assistance in the future.
  18. Most shops in Akihabara have both the Bluray and DVD box. Last I checked Yotobashi Akihabara also had both on the 6th FL but it was more expensive than most places.
  19. Lucky for us the line was said in English, probably why most haven't caught it yet.
  20. As of right now that is the only honest mistake / error on the subtitles. Can't wait to record the next cast. I think it will be called "Meowcross Frontier: The Paws of Farewell, Meowhoooo!!!". Pissed just thinking about it.
  21. Our sample boxes came in yesterday, now you have three copies of both movies. I'm already ticked off about a specific scene in the second movie. "Kittens"????
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