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  1. It does indeed
  2. Good call. Got one here
  3. NININ gone Cart Jacked!
  4. Think that's correct. Its 0200 Midwest Central time.
  5. You good friend are not alone. I have had horrible luck. But I have gotten them then next few days and of course at make up. Which I am not happy about, but it beats missing out all together. But then again, there have been multiple times I could have snagged the Hik 1S or VF-1 Max or J from Mandrake.
  6. Thank you @nathans82. I would slept right through if I hadn't checked the forums. Oh boy this is gonna hurt
  7. Wait one second peeps...Is Pre-order disorder tonight? I thought it was tomorrow? Just asking because i see that @DYRL VF-1S is asking what people are drinking. Wh9ich would indicate take a shot for every website crash/failed attempt/cart jacking ect...
  8. Just got notice from NY to pay additional costs for UPS. So I assume soon it will ship out.
  9. Make it 4. I put in a ticket 2 days ago asking for upgrade to UPS.
  10. 60.00 front loaded payment for 1 to Midwest area of the US. That payment was for EMS which looks to be a bust now. Just sent up a ticket to see what the cost difference will be. I swear 60 already should cover UPS or DHL.
  11. OH GOD the PTSD from the other 2 Pre-order events....I was honestly glad that the Kakizaki was a TWE. Special shout out again to @sumyumgoywho managed to snag an additional VF-1S. Otherwise it would have been at mark up for sure.
  12. So excited about this release! Here I was starting to make other series purchases like transformers. Didn't think I would move beyond Macross, but once I caught up on things I had a hole burning in my pockets that need to be satiated. Really looking forward to Roy. I have had ZERO luck on any of the pre-orders, So I think I will accept the mark-up. Hopefully it wont be to brutal.
  13. I knew something was up when I woke up and saw 20+ emails in this topic. Great news. I will sleep through this one as I have learned its less stressful. Slight increase in price is okay.
  14. Want to give @Bobby a shout out! Great Macross World Soldeir.
  15. Shout out to @aaajin. Local meet up. Good dude. Thanks again!
  16. I'm going to keep this up for a few days and then off to Ebay. If you want something, make an offer.
  17. Toys for sale: So I decided to go through my long time storage facility. In so doing I knew I had toys from days of old and have decided to sell them. I had to go through it and remove items as the entire storage facility area has had numerous break ins. Some of my toys have already been stolen. Price does not include shipping. PayPal only. Add %4 or use Friends and family. Macross/Robotech: 1/60 ARMOR PARTS (Old Yamato Version) x 4: - 1 is MISB: 75.00 - 1 is In box with stickers applied: 65.00 - 1 center part in lower area was glued, I had to remove the glue. In so doing, it broke the posts. Can be re-glued? 50.00 - 1 is has same center (lower crotch area) part is missing. I honestly don’t know what happened to it. 25.00 MACROSS SHARPENER COLLECTION MISB: Hard to find. Outer boxes opened to inspect contents and then put into storage. Each smaller box is sealed and unopened. 150.00 for the set. Yamato 1/60 (V1): Yamato VF1A CF (Version 1) MISB: 100.00 Yamato VF-1S Roy: This item is complete. However; the only remaining box I have is a VF-1A Max to put it in. 100.00 Toynami’s: 2003 San Diego Comic Con Limited Edition Metallic Robotech, New Generation mechs. Sold as set. Unopened/The cardboard. Set includes the following: Rook's VFA-6Z Metallic Edition ALPHA Super Poseable action figure. 1651 of 2000 Lancer VFA-61 Metallic Edition ALPHA Super Poseable action figure. 1624 of 2000 Scott Bernard VFA-6H Metallic Edition ALPHA Super Poseable action figure. 1585 of 2000 Sue Graham VFA Shadow Fighter Toy-fare Exclusive. 1143 of 2000 150.00 Toynami Morphers New Generation Alphas. Set is complete and unopened. 75.00 Bandpresto 1/100 Perfect transformation: - 2 CF with Super parts - 1 VF-1 with Super Parts - Version 2 VF-1J (Color types) this type didn’t come with Super Parts Models: 1/144 QUEADLUUN IMAI: 40.00 1/100 MILLIA VALYRIE: 30.00 IMAI TACTICAL POD GLAUG: 55.00 BANDAI 1/100 GLAUG: 45.00 Matchbox Robotech: Invid Scout troopers (2 of them):25.00 each no box Robotech Spartan (x2): 25.00 each No box METAL MATERIAL MODEL GUNDAM x 3. These items despite being in a dark storage facility have some yellowing. Otherwise they are complete. The boxes have seen better days. Some more than others. - 125.00 for the lot (used) Metal material model Force Impulse Gundam metal build Metal material model Force Sword Impulse Gundam metal build Metal material model Force Blast Impulse Gundam metal build Transformers Binaltech: TRANSFORMERS PROWL: MISB 2005 50.00 Transformers Binaltech Tracks, two versions. Both MISB: 75.00 for both The prices are not firm, and am very negotiable willing to make deals if multiples are sold. Thanks everyone. More images will be uploaded soon.
  18. Well, and here I just put in 15k for someoutdoor upgrades (Driveway /patio) Now I am looking at the housing market take a little dip and a few businesses have decided to leave. This will get even worse i know. I hate good idea fairies, they are never well thought out.
  19. It does indeed. I just have to may other things tying my money up right now. I doubt aftermarket will be forgiving. Living right outside Minneapolis, Ive decided to shift a few resources to more improved home defense plan with the police going away and all.
  20. I saw this available this morning available at ShowZ. Pass for me, I just don't have any history or tie into my life for it. I will say it does look pretty bad@$$ though.
  21. This is very true. 25.00 for a cardboard scratch post that lasts a day.
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