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  1. https://okini.land/en/26528-dx-chogokin-vf-31ax-kairos-plus-hayate-immelmann-use-bandai-spirits.html
  2. I just re read Dragon Lance Chronicles as well as the Twin series. Very good books. Finished Starlight Enclave and awaiting the next in that Drizzt series. I also decided to read the first 6 Dune books. Great series
  3. Drizzt Series. All 32 if them. Some are better then others but overall a good series that'll keep you busy for a while.
  4. I don't mind mine. Just lose it and leave it alone is all I did. Change pose every now and again. Is Bandai ever going to release this? I doubt it myself.
  5. Yeah. I scored the first glossy version. It's a metal skelly and snap on parts. Not all but much of it. I think the second release it had an actual molded box with plastic trays. Parts fall off a lot.
  6. Here it is. Got it out of hiding. No, I wish I had a good Ghost set up. But sadly no. And I do clearly remember my X girls sister telling me she got it from theater. I didn't see it at the theaters that she went to, to see it
  7. The last poster. I have the holographic version. Got it way back when from an ex girlfriends sister who managed to get a few when she went to see it in theaters. I'll have to dig through my poster roles I have. But I know I have it. Along with some of the other prints on the first page.
  8. Unlike some, my last order from Luna Park went good. I did send them an email before the VF-1 GBP was released and asked to be shipped in a box I never got a direct response, but the item was shipped in a box with bubble wrap. Just my experience.
  9. Congrats to those that scored. Seems like this one flew under the radar for many this time around. Didn't even attempt it myself. Bad business model IMO to create the scarcity. I'll try to for the MB Ev02 and the VF-25 World Wide at another time I guess.
  10. To bad it went so fast. Although I did sleep right through it all. It is IMO (only) my favorite color scheme I have seen. The fact it is matte as well is even better. Oh well.
  11. Released 6th CD and started to tour around the US doing music shows. Mostly college campuses and clubs. A few larger venues of about 1k capacity. Epic times and stories galore. Had a second a few years later and realized I would die much happier as an involved father over a musician. Joined to serve, and still do. A few tours in a less hospitable locations. Children are almost all grown and about to be an empty nester. Time for the next phase and Macross has been one of the only constants through it all..
  12. If it is MoShow and not the knock off version McShow. I have the original 1/72 Strike with Sword and Blaster additions. Damn solid figure. I was tempted to sell it in news if the others release, but VERY happy I didn't. After reading the reviews in ShowZ, that manufacturer seems like they were riding off the name of MoShow. Quit deceptively I would say.
  13. Just my personal experience with Luna Park. I ordered a second GBP VF-1J. One from Luna the other from Okini. Both came to me in really good shape. Both came in cardboard boxes and NOT ship wrapped. One thing I WOULD HIGHLY recommend for Luna Park is, plastic corner additions. ShowZ sends them out on almost everything I have ordered. I have a collection of them, if I decide to sell stuff down the road. I am not sure what additional cost this would be for them, but that way, even if in a shipping wrap package the corners are far more protected. Ultimately better shipping containers should be used.
  14. Anyone have this on pre-order and or knowledge of the company? Not Gundamit, as it is another ShowZ site, but the manufacturers. https://gundamit.com/pre-order-navigator-toys-pre-painted-pre-assembled-bandai-asw-g-08-gundam-barbatos-4th-form_p0141.html
  15. @sumyumgoy Where did you snag the MC version. Can't afford the original but would probably get this version.
  16. Yes indeed. If I recall it was way back it got cancelled. I believe when one of the companies that make the alternative version got shut down. There had been a good amount cancelled that day. Sad indeed.
  17. Thank you @Skull005. I would like to add Skull005 as a damn solid Macross Worlder. Thank you again.
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