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  1. Just got mine, have to say its not nearly as polished as the other VF-31s, and the packagaing wasnt nearly as great as the VF-31s. The paint is a bit rough in some areas. Figure is ridiculously tight as well. Wont be purchasing anymore VF-31AX tbh
  2. Congrats, I remember buying gamlin ages ago when it came out and was cheap. Still my favourite in fighter mode. Pairs nicely with arcadia yf-19 in fighter mode.
  3. Got my AmiAmi notifcation. Shipping options seems steep and no idea what air parcel is?
  4. Still waiting for ami ami to give me a shipping quote
  5. Another one as well https://tfsource.com/articulated-figures-statues/vf-25-messiah-valkyrie-worldwide-anniversary-version-dx-chogokin-macross-frontier-bandai-spirits/
  6. I find it very telling that NY still haven't listed the Mirage type. Kinda sums up the state of affairs at the company. Shame
  7. Carn believe they're still Using Styrofoam tray, kinda rubbish. It's the reason why my mirage yellowed whilst boxed up because I didn't have the plastic separating the foam tray and the fighter.
  8. Am I the only one that feels like buying the GBP set was the cheapest way to buy a DX VF-1J? Cause thats why I bought it.
  9. Lol more a wish and a possible guess because Max VF-1J was shown when the GB armors were being shown.
  10. TV Kakizaki in April Next year. Followed by Max In Miria in September. I guess.
  11. HLJ is charing 4800 JPY for FEDEX to the UK, or 3500 JPY via surface. Gonna leave it the ol Private Warehouse for a bit whilst i figure out if I want anything else.
  12. When other DX Chogokins have been close to their release dates the prices tended to be 25 to 50% markup on the RRP. It seems now, or at least with the 1J GBP the price so close to release date is as close to RRP as it has been for a while. Hence my comment.
  13. Wow mate, that's tough. Really sorry to hear that. Enjoy the new collection and the car.
  14. My VF-31C has recently yellowed, left in the box. Was the Styrofoam for sure thst caused it. The other DX VF-31s I have had a plastic sheet between the valk and the Styrofoam and they had no issues. Will contemplate this process once I muster up the courage to do it.
  15. In battroid mode the images suggest a chunkier form. Especially in the arms area.
  16. Nice job Lolicon, that pilot figure does look great as does the YF-29
  17. Dirtyboy

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Its annoying how much more appealing the armor set is in those more neutral military style livery.
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