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  1. @canklebreaker looks similar to the Bandai Stage Act Trident Plus which I use.
  2. Yeah I usually pay the NY markup and they have always delivered. Options are good so thx for the pointers.
  3. @jenius woah interesting...didn’t know bout from Japan....thx again and yes I do appreciate your awesome reviews and vids! Cheers!
  4. Thx @jenius . Is that Buyee Japan that you’re referring to?
  5. For those looking for the Max It’s up on N-Y for preorder at $275.... https://www.nippon-yasan.com/figures/27881-super-dimension-fortress-macross-dx-chogokin-vf-1a-valkyrie-maximilian-jenius-custom.html
  6. Thx for heads up guys. Ordered the last strike set on eBay (for now) for 117 shipped. Like the post prior at 500 plus for “complete” setup it’s quite xpensive . Maybe the Hikaru one will just have to suffice.
  7. Second Jenius position. Gonna hold out until product release. All the hype will eventually cool down, at least that’s what I’m hoping for.
  8. Finally got around to setting up the stand. thx to YetiStand and forum members for pics and advice. I did end up purchasing 2 longer screws and lock nuts from Home Depot, no big deal.
  9. Nice pics Kuma!
  10. Just picked up Max for the post office and really like the tampo markings when compared with manual application of the decals which I did on the Roy. No need to worry about edges of decals lifting.
  11. My bad thx for pointing out Jenuis.
  12. In stock at bbts: https://www.bigbadtoystore.com/Product/VariationDetails/56670
  13. Caved in after months of holding back on the 1/60 scales as I also collect the HM-Rs. Ordered Milia preimiun through NY and said crap need a Max so ordered Max premium with HLJ. Fun of collecting....
  14. Anymoon scorched earth transformation vids as MikeRoz suggested helped a lot to get the ARMD on and to transform from Attack to cruiser. My first SDF-1 so very satisfied with the premium version.
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