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    For sale is a VF-25F renewal set that includes: ALL SOLD All items are brand new, MISB All items have been kept in a dark storage since I bought them. Smoke and Pet free home. Local pickup is also available. I reside in the Bay Area of CA. Payment via PayPal Friends & Family otherwise add 3.5% to total costs. Photos of actual items are attached
  2. If anyone finds a good site that is selling the 00 Quanta MB, please let me know. I would really appreciate the help!
  3. Eslim109

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Doesn't fromJapan charge a 5000 Yen fee for each auction, no matter the price? Otherwise I'm switching over to use fromJapan
  4. I did not receive any code on my eBay app. Is the code only for selected customers?
  5. Damn well I already placed a pre-order and can't cancel. But I spoke to customer service for my cc and they said they will provide protection if I do not receive the item, regardless of the duration between my claim and my time of purchase. Hopefully I won't have to deal with it but it's good to know I have protection past 180 days. And just in case, I decided to purchase another using a proxy. Not gonna take the chance and lose out
  6. The fees from FromJapan do look pretty reasonable. The total cost is Cost of Figure + fees + domestic shipping + international shipping right? if so I may just order one from them too
  7. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F232563253029 up for sale on eBay and you can receive 8% cash back in eBay bucks (that would then have to be used on another eBay purchase) comes to a total of $278 and $20 eBay bucks. Best deal so far
  8. Hi, I am considering to buy a Metal Build Exia/Exia Repair III or a Exia Avalanche (regular or weapons plus) New and unused. In sealed box is preferred but MIB is fine too please let me know if you are selling one and hopefully we can work out a price thanks
  9. MW community I have decided to sell one of my Metal Build 00 Seven Sword/G Gundams It is MISB It has been kept in storage since I bought it Just trying to make back what I paid for SOLD includes shipping in the lower 48 states Payment via PayPal Friends & Family otherwise add 3.1% to total costs Thanks!
  10. When the gun was extended, the latch at the back end of the gun, that is used to mount the gun in fighter mode, was jammed inside the gun. So it blocked the interior opening for the gun to slide in and out from being extended. So I had to pry the latch out which took quite a while since the latch opening is very small. Hopefully you are able to fix your gun
  11. I'm a little late to these 3rd party gundams so I was hoping some people could enlighten me of their opinion of the quality and build of the MC 00 Raiser? I looked through this topic and saw some good reviews but want to know if the figures are still holding up just as well? And in regards to the 00 Raiser, has anyone bought the Trans-AM version? If so, how is the coloring of it? I am debating on getting the regular or Trans-AM version of the MC 00 Raiser so all recommendations would be extremely helpful
  12. Ok thanks F360! im hoping it's the latter and they include Toys and Hobbies category
  13. So it won't work on something that's an action figure under Toys in Anime/Manga because it's not a collectible? That kinda sucks
  14. Thanks guys for the help! I'll take a look at these sites and see what deals I can find.
  15. Anyone know of where to buy a Metal Build 00 Seven Sword/G gundam? Currently looking for one.
  16. What Metal Builds and Metal Composites are you considering to sell? good luck selling the rest of these awesome valks!
  17. I ordered through a proxy called J Goods. has anyone used them before? www.j-goods.net
  18. If anyone decides to let go of one of their GFFMC Wing Zero orders, please let me know
  19. How can you order this as a US customer? will it appear in the US p-bandai site?
  20. I'm in need of one as well if anyone has an extra or no longer wants theirs
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