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  1. Tamiya thin-cement definitely not good enough. Try Plastic Magic from Deluxe Materials. This is a beast for joining plastic of most types.
  2. NY frequently 'recoup' their discounted price a bit by jacking up the shipping cost.
  3. If only NY release VF-0A/0S for sales as well ...
  4. MAC-X

    Bandai DX VF-31

    +1 noy only that, their prices are going north as well
  5. Awesome! Hope to be able to attend this event one day myself.
  6. Lol I misunderstood. Thanks for clarifying
  7. MAC-X

    Hi-Metal R

    With all the possible HMRs and DXs releases in 2017, I will have to go to austere-mode now lol
  8. Can you share how you were able to tell thar HLJ had 19 remaining stock? I didn't see any indicator on their site.
  9. P.O up at HS as well If only Bandai's P.O is like Arcadia ......
  10. MAC-X

    Hi-Metal R

    Nice! Btw, what did you use for the panel lining?
  11. Probably closer to 15000s after retailer discount, but still ....... that amount can almost get a bandai valk ...
  12. The 17 looks badass! I always thought the 17 is about the same size as the 171, or is this because of the angle of the shot?
  13. CDJ now sold out
  14. And when you can see it in your search, you can't touch it .
  15. I think IXTL REALLY saved a lot of folks' day today
  16. That last one was taken I think ....
  17. Thanks IXTL!
  18. You mean the F91? Or is there something else I missed out on?
  19. I read somewhere that clear piece is more fragile than colored one, but I'm not sure how true that it. I too wish Bandai could have the adapter and support made in clear, but I'm happy they at least make an effort.
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