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  1. i'm gonna mourn my favourite cardboard standee, Mirage, & forget that this series ever existed
  2. HE IS HOT!!!!!!!!!!!! fangirl pick for isamu, for sure
  3. am i a terrible person too for wanting freyja to kick the bucket?
  4. THANK YOUUUU boys (& girls) for watching this so i don't have to keep the running commentary going... i'll be holding all your hands & handing out imaginary vodka during the finale. it's a far far better thing that you do than you have ever done... stay strong!!!
  5. hahahahah, soooo sexxxyyyyy the random musical numbers are in place... i say we're almost there!
  6. if we're entertaining the theory that Hayate's daddy is Isamu, there're perfectly legit reasons why he's an Immelman & not a Dyson. a - maybe his parents were never married & he grew up in a single-parent household with his mom, thus having the mom's family name; at the same time, dad's obviously absent but kept in touch from time to time. Isamu being the playa, this isn't an unthinkable possibility... sowing wild oats & all b - maybe his parents divorced & his mom remarried & Hayate adopted his stepdad's family name i've a feeling this mystery, like Lady M's identity, is gonna crush under the weight of my unreasonable expectation.
  7. hahah, nehhh, no need to feel too sorry for the team... they're getting loads of lovin' from me my Keith-sama is just misunderstood
  8. totally random, spoiler-free inane comment... after yesterday, Zero-G Love is in loop in my head. HELPPPP!!!
  9. hohohoh, you mean the xmas special that cannot be named!
  10. did you guys see Umineko waving goodbye??? nooooo, they didn't take him along??? **sob**
  11. awwwww, i think this is all shades of cool ever thought of getting your daughter into it too? as a fangirl who got into it in the 80s (while still in the single number age demography), my first viewing of SDFM had me really stoked cause the female characters were just awesome. you can do worse with animated role models than Misa, Claudia & Milia. i've never liked Minmay (sorry, bro!) but watching SDFM again years later as an adult, i at least appreciate that her character is driven and focused, & pretty well-written (still don't like her though). for an anime which was supposedly targeted at mecha head fanboys, it was a positive experience for this mecha head fangirl... and made me a fan for life (regardless how i wish certain character in Delta would just choke on an apple & die, evil laughter)
  12. usagi-man, kawaii! what... we're not eating the actual ScarCat aka Heathcliff? damn, here i am imagining it on a spit & grill maybe the scar's from a jealous ex-ladyfriend? just sayin'...
  13. yes! i thought it was just me. some of the facials look kinda wonky at some parts. return to the... nest? hahahahahahhahah it's nice that almost each ep ends with a cliffhanger (oh, it's not sunday yet???)... only wish that the momentum actually carries on on-screen into the following ones.
  14. sighhhhh... & i still don't see plushies of this adorably adorable creature?
  15. i watch wayyyy too much movie for my own good which is why in a den full of vipers, i trust someone like Roid the least. i'm paranoid & am always looking out for the Keyzer Soze.
  16. this is the ultimate zippo of my dreams!
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