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  1. i'm gonna mourn my favourite cardboard standee, Mirage, & forget that this series ever existed
  2. HE IS HOT!!!!!!!!!!!! fangirl pick for isamu, for sure
  3. am i a terrible person too for wanting freyja to kick the bucket?
  4. THANK YOUUUU boys (& girls) for watching this so i don't have to keep the running commentary going... i'll be holding all your hands & handing out imaginary vodka during the finale. it's a far far better thing that you do than you have ever done... stay strong!!!
  5. hahahahah, soooo sexxxyyyyy the random musical numbers are in place... i say we're almost there!
  6. if we're entertaining the theory that Hayate's daddy is Isamu, there're perfectly legit reasons why he's an Immelman & not a Dyson. a - maybe his parents were never married & he grew up in a single-parent household with his mom, thus having the mom's family name; at the same time, dad's obviously absent but kept in touch from time to time. Isamu being the playa, this isn't an unthinkable possibility... sowing wild oats & all b - maybe his parents divorced & his mom remarried & Hayate adopted his stepdad's family name i've a feeling this mystery, like Lady M's identity, is gonna crush under the weight of my unreasonable expectation.
  7. hahah, nehhh, no need to feel too sorry for the team... they're getting loads of lovin' from me my Keith-sama is just misunderstood
  8. totally random, spoiler-free inane comment... after yesterday, Zero-G Love is in loop in my head. HELPPPP!!!
  9. hohohoh, you mean the xmas special that cannot be named!
  10. did you guys see Umineko waving goodbye??? nooooo, they didn't take him along??? **sob**
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