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  1. Great I am dying to get it, but I think it will be more resistant if you print it sideways
  2. Domcalmet1

    Nanoblock VF-17

    The pocket transformable stealth valk
  3. Domcalmet1

    IMG 8001

    From the album: Nanoblock VF-17

  4. Domcalmet1

    IMG 7999

    From the album: Nanoblock VF-17

  5. Domcalmet1

    IMG 7998

    From the album: Nanoblock VF-17

  6. Domcalmet1

    IMG 7997

    From the album: Nanoblock VF-17

    vf-17, nanoblock, blocks, lego, vf-17S
  7. I am trying to create as many nanoblock transformable valks as I can and simple transformation is easier to emulate, so if somebody can help to find the pics in this forum I would greatly appreciate it. I will leave you with a pic of my latest creation, the vf-17. Thank you in advance.
  8. Domcalmet1

    Nanoblock Minmay doll

    Another of my microblock creations
  9. I really liked the use of the VF-1 in this episode, but was it me or the was no sound cue for transformation and in second though transformation was way to fast, it did not felt natural for a Vf-1
  10. what do you think of Delta team not using delta wings?. I loved one passage of the Macross the First about the 9 series Valks (VF-9, VF-19 and VF-29) as being the ones with swept forward wings and I think it would make so much more sense for the engineering, mythology and the series title to have all VF-31 with delta wings. I believe that they chose to use the swept forward wings in order for the plane to imitate the valkure hand gesture of the "W". It really bothers me somehow
  11. Yes but at the same time many of the cool ideas of GTIS are not new to general audiences anymore, it may appear as highly derivative even when it was the source, much like it happened to John Carter
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