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  1. yeah but I agree they would have been a bit more discrete yeah that was a bit hard for the first transforming toy of ET lets keep in mind nobody wanted to pick this license, and I think there is a lot of anime magic on the transformation of the VF-2
  2. Is it me or this and the SAP look a lot like old bandai kit, I hope the plastic is better
  3. At this scale and since nanoblock does not have technic parts I had to do parts swaping but I left it to a minimum as you can see the cannons rotate and extend
  4. It is about 35 cm long, it may be possible to be made out of legos
  5. I am posting more details on the Nanoblock SDF-1 I posted in facebook, I will post my official toy collection, but as you can see I have kept busy, now I need to buy more sets with blue mosaic parts to give it a smother finish. I also ran out of blue parts. this ting is bigger than I expected and actually in my first try I had to start over as I realize the size was way bigger,as I was putting too much detail on the bridge. I took the pics with my phone so WB is terrible I know
  6. I can't seem to find this in the shapeways page somebody has an updated link?
  7. hi man a pleasure to chat with you in carousell I will be willing to meet, maybe we can rail up people for something Delta related, not a big fan though but is what we have
  8. Great thank you for the replies I may also love to gather
  9. I have been living in Singapore for two years and meet a couple of fans through trading, but I would like to know if there is an official group in Singapore. Cheers
  10. the pieces that I used come mostly from the airliner and nanogauge Shinkansen Series N700, nevertheles I must say that due to the lack of $$$ I also use compatible blocks from the LoZ brand for the super pack. Actually the basic set of nanoblock comes with ball joints in black and white
  11. to tell you the truth you need to remove the head and thats it, most of it is ball joint
  12. I spent some days obsessed by the idea and I had to try it
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