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  1. For some reason I failed to register an account at AE. I guess I have to stick with HLJ for now.
  2. I just registered an account on AE, but I can't log in. Do anyone have the similar problem?
  3. 51k JPY on HLJ? We are probably looking at over 600 USD with shipping. Is it order though FromJapan a much better deal? I never use FJ before.
  4. I have a question, is Amazon Japan starting to charge consumption tax on overseas buyer now? I pretty sure they don't collect the tax before.
  5. My VF 0d arrived safely. But I have a hard time to open the landing gear bay doors on the legs...
  6. How can I open the landing gear doors on the legs easily?I don't under stand why Arcaida made the doors completely flush without any thing to grab.
  7. I decided to pay 9k JPY UPS shipping, hopefully my VF0D will arrive safely.
  8. I got their reply the next day after I submitted the ticket. Now I am waiting for them to upgrade my shipping to UPS.
  9. I haven't got any email from NY (still "Preparation in progress"), do I need to contact them for the shipping method change?
  10. I'm getting tired of this pre-order madness.
  11. Thank you sir! I just fixed mine!
  12. How can I remove the thigh cap?
  13. I used a proxy-buying service grab #1 to #7 from Amazon Japan, but it cost too much. Any online store have them for a more reasonable price? Or may be I should give up right now?
  14. I accidentally touched the antenna on the head. Now the tip of the antenna crooked a bit, any way to straighten it?
  15. HLJ replied me that the newly in stock sv-51s are the version with correct legs.
  16. I noticed the SV-51 is back in stock on Hobby Link Japan, is that the version with correct feet assembly?
  17. Are the misassembled feet a common problem on this new sv51?
  18. Thank you for the information. Might just stick with HLJ.
  19. It seems Nippon-Yasan has the sv51 at a much lower price than other online shops. Never order from them, are they reliable?
  20. Where can I get the Freeing E=X Garland at about 100 USD?
  21. It seems DX VF-1 has a few elements from Arcadia's VF-0 too, like to very noticeable shoulder flap covers the gap. The DX VF-1's knee an ankle joints design also looks very similar to VF-0 (both rear landing gear doors are hard to open...). In the end, VF-0 is the most modern VF-1ish design from Arcadia (still 4 years old), too bad VF-0 doesn't have these super good VF-1 new hip joints on the thighs.
  22. lmtsuper

    BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    I only have VF19 Adv, I guess it's good enough for me right now. I do wish Arcadia do an improve version of their YF19 though.
  23. lmtsuper

    BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    I actually canceled my 25000 yen pre-order on Amazon JP. Now I feel bad after watching the review.
  24. lmtsuper

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Anyone know how to fix this problem? The joint itself is fine, but the place where metal hip parts goes into the crotch is kinda loose.
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