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  1. For some reason I failed to register an account at AE. I guess I have to stick with HLJ for now.
  2. I just registered an account on AE, but I can't log in. Do anyone have the similar problem?
  3. Are the YF19s at AE sold out already?
  4. 51k JPY on HLJ? We are probably looking at over 600 USD with shipping. Is it order though FromJapan a much better deal? I never use FJ before.
  5. I have a question, is Amazon Japan starting to charge consumption tax on overseas buyer now? I pretty sure they don't collect the tax before.
  6. My VF 0d arrived safely. But I have a hard time to open the landing gear bay doors on the legs...
  7. How can I open the landing gear doors on the legs easily?I don't under stand why Arcaida made the doors completely flush without any thing to grab.
  8. I decided to pay 9k JPY UPS shipping, hopefully my VF0D will arrive safely.
  9. I got their reply the next day after I submitted the ticket. Now I am waiting for them to upgrade my shipping to UPS.
  10. I haven't got any email from NY (still "Preparation in progress"), do I need to contact them for the shipping method change?
  11. I'm getting tired of this pre-order madness.
  12. Thank you sir! I just fixed mine!
  13. How can I remove the thigh cap?
  14. I used a proxy-buying service grab #1 to #7 from Amazon Japan, but it cost too much. Any online store have them for a more reasonable price? Or may be I should give up right now?
  15. I accidentally touched the antenna on the head. Now the tip of the antenna crooked a bit, any way to straighten it?
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