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  1. Hey @peter its looking great in the photos and I think the faint panel lines will add interest and texture to your aztec decals. If you're buying spray paint, why not get the Tamiya Pearlescent White TS-45. It should give that sheen underneath your aztec decals (is what I want to do if I ever get around to building my 1/1000 E) I admire your tenacity! Since you've already invested so much sanding, don't give up on it, its looking like it could turn out great.
  2. Yes I saw his stuff on YouTube, amazing! It would be at least $5K-$8K I would guess (maybe more). I've got to replace my crumbling deck at my house... SAME HERE!!!
  3. I think they were $11K-$14K usd when they first were offered. I they were pretty limited run.
  4. Oh man that Enterprise brings back so many memories and the horror. I was so much more simple then, I had the one with the rainbow stickers and the grain of wheat lightbulbs back then, didn't paint it or anything just slapped it together and zoomed it around the room. I think it survived a month or so, then the bulbs burnt out one by one and it just started to fall apart in my hands. They were great memories and its still my favourite design of all spaceships. If only I could afford one of those QMX minatures, I just love the flashing nav lights and the strobe lights, but now I want it all - its the only time I ever thought seriously about committing that kind of cash to my favorite design, but then I had my daughter and that knocked some sense into me. However if I won a lottery, that QMX Enterprise would be the first thing on my list! I love watching you attempt yours, please keep posting!
  5. @peter this shelf is all that I have left (survived all the moves). There's a Yamato 1/60 (version1) in the lower left corner that's just a toy, but everything else was done in highschool in the mid 80's. You can see my old SDF-1 in the back behind those 1/200 destroids - I think the stand broke over the years.
  6. That looks fantastic @peter!!! Congrats on a great build and thanks for posting here, Iove seeing everyone's work when I don't have time to build (makes me feel connected a bit). It's not amateur - give yourself some credit. It looks really great. Keep going!
  7. That's amazing @peter you still have your kids stuff!!! I just turned 51 and boy do I feel old (I actually have a few crappy models from my childhood too!)
  8. @peter Nice base and collection of VF-1! @Dobber Man! You've been busy, those X-Wings look fantastic. Yep, running out of room too. That penciling on the Enterprise looks awesome!!! I bet it shines/gleams metallically just like the real thing! Do you have the lighting kit for it? I do like the design, hated the Discovery Design, but I do like this version of the Enterprise. @Grayson72 What do you mean the electronics weren't working? I've got this kit too, buts its in the basement awaiting my retirement - do the electronics just go sitting in a box for too long? Now you have me worried. I'd love to see your progress.
  9. Thanks for that bit of sanity! I've been away for a week and a half at a cottage with my family (believe me I wasn't happy about it - my wife definitely doesn't understand!) so I'm way late to the party and after reading back 10pgs or so, I think I will have to be content with waiting till November in hopes of getting one (instead of paying 35K Y at NY) - I've never gotten one at release date before so this will be a new experience for me. Any tips for that?
  10. I hope HLJ or someone else will carry this new book that will allow us in Canada to buy it!
  11. OMG Thanks for posting! I love its just not the points of lights, but the spills of lights in the trench too (just like the movie) - I want to try to replicate that but don't know how.
  12. How much was MSRP for this toy?
  13. Damn it! I'll be away at a cottage without cell service let alone internet next week - ARGH!!! How hard is it to get one of these at release day with the markup? Where would that be? How much should I budget more than the 19,800Y MSRP to get one at release date? There isn't anyone in Toronto that wants to order an extra one for me is there? (I'd even give them a tour of my models/toy if they wanted to come by?!)
  14. Hey didn't know where to post this - but I've been working on this for the last year (so its kind of on my workbench) but I'm so proud of it. The first peak teaser... I'm the Supervising Art Director and put together the Toronto Art Department team with my Production Designer Rory Cheyne designing these new worlds. I got to help design a lot of the spaceships and convince them to build model miniatures to shoot instead of CGI spaceships. As with all the films I work on I always sneak as much Macross into the sets and spaceships as I can :P!
  15. @NZEOD Covid has all the postal stuff delayed, I'm sure its on a boat over (no real air travel - at least for packages) anymore. @derex3592 That SD is lookng great! I was thinking of masking some of those rectangular patterns to get the mottled look, but your method my look as good without being insane effortwise. Can't wait to see how it turns out.
  16. Thanks all! Nope the clear blue is really glossy (gotta leave a lot of time for it to properly cure before handling, I kept getting fingerprints on it - argh).
  17. Kept busy while I waited for NZEOD's canopy to repair and finished my F-18F Super Hornet. My best buds are together again. What great kits, amazing engineering, however they are a bitch to build if you want to paint them. The tolerances are so perfect that a layer of paint throws everything off and a lot of modifications need to be cut and performed to build them out of order to facilitate painting. I'm pretty happy with the finished product though. I Alclad all the blue panels with chrome first, then sprayed Tamiya Blue Clear as a clear coat over it so they have a iridescent sheen to it like anodized aluminum. ...and my big ass quarter to show scale!
  18. Sorry, I thought there was only one DX issue for the YF-19. Is there a broken version? (or are you guys saying that there is a broken toy for sale at Mandarake as well as new in box versions?) Am I having flashbacks to broken shoulders of the older toys?
  19. wm cheng

    BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    Yes I agree, I'm sure DHL or couriers pocket the taxes when they are not charged as I got a DHL invoice but not the Canada Customs Invoice (which I get about 1-2 items for every 5-8 courier charges) which is still way more than when I get caught with EMS/Canada Post (which always returns me a Canada Customs invoice when caught). Yes my packages are always declared full value but I never thought to look at the declaration between collectibles and toys (I think they always say toys/models no battery).
  20. I've been lucky enough to adorn all my 1/48 Yamatos with @Anasazi37 amazing work!!! Seems like a lifetime ago...
  21. Gorgeous and sooo smooth @electric indigo Do you primer first? If so what do you use?
  22. wm cheng

    BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    I guess I've been just lucky then since I haven't had any customs or duties on anything that has been sent to me via EMS for the last 3-4yrs (including the YF-19 I just received). I got dinged with EMS maybe 4yrs ago once but then nothing before that for a few years. I do however get dinged consistently 100% when it comes through via DHL, FedEx or Purolator. Most recently, I got a SSP delivered and that cost me $33.37 from DHL. The actual customs & taxes were only $14.72, (which is probably what I would have paid via post) but DHL tacked on a processing fee of $12.71 AND a transaction fee of $5.93. So $18.64 went to DHL is what I meant which didn't sit right with me.
  23. wm cheng

    BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    Well, EMS to Canada took over 1.5 months from Mandarake for my YF-19 but no Customs & Duties. DHL however I was just dinged both a Processing Fee AND a Transaction Fee on top of the Government Duties and Taxes which ended up paying more to DHL than the government. Never had Customs & Duties when I ordered EMS, only through couriers.
  24. Hey where did you get those clips on the sticks and that cardboard base? What is it called? I've been trying to look for something like that but don't know what to search for?
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