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  1. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! Gorgeous work @arbit. Does the Blast shield come up too? You need a few on-deck hands and shooter. I wished there was another Valkyrie in the back waiting in the wings. Looks amazing, you should be proud.
  2. Are you saying there is a Shapeways figures of these? I'd love some.
  3. Meh... when are they ever going to do a gold chrome C-3PO (gold paint doesn't cut it anymore)? Is that windshield a new specific part?
  4. Hey @Dangard Ace - I designed the Imperial FTL ship, look for it on surface details and engine details as well as the interior set with the beds. I also did the hovercar on Trantor (they flew me out to London to supervise some of the construction and I saw the Dune Ornithopters there as well as some landspeeders for Star Wars - very cool!). I also designed the Raven interiors only (probably my best work to date - other than Pacific Rim conn pods) which comes up in later episodes (but only 2 I believe :(). I did Beggar's Lament exteriors and there's always the Macross vernier thrusters everywhere (hard to sneak it into Star Trek 😛) as well as the exterior of the Invictus. I designed the interiors and bridge too, but they ran out of money and severely cut it back to the point where I don't really consider it close to the original design anymore.
  5. I'm just happy that they've done away with the serial storytelling on this series and its back to episodic stories with a strange new world every week. As such there are some stronger episodes and some weaker episodes. Writing is always a problem, but its part of a larger generational outlook (I am one of the few that are over 50) and its at least a step in the right direction.
  6. I'm so glad there's so much positive buzz here on ST SNW! It really is different from Discovery. Some of you know I've been working in film for a long while and love to pepper Macross influences into everything I do. Just wanted to let you know that I'm the VFX Art Director on the 2nd season of this show and its not like Disco at all! I was offered Disco a few years ago but smart enough to stay away. Can't give anything away because of NDA, but the cast is great on this. Now everyone go out to see Foundation (Apple+) and The Boys (Amazon) season 3 airs June 3rd to support me
  7. Thanks @Chronocidal! I'm waiting for the Delorean on a double VIP points day - hope its in stock whenever one of those rolls around again / or maybe May 4th?
  8. Thanks @Chronocidal - what did you use for the tips for your SRBs - did you modify the entire cone part or just the very tip? Looks great! I might have to try this one day or try the China knock off bricks like Vonado.
  9. Beautiful @Chronocidal! The tips of the SRBs always bothered me, but what you did there was perfect. Someday I might hit you up for your mods. I'd love to do this shuttle stack someday, just too many things going on at the moment. How much did it come out to?
  10. They did cry no less than four times!!! 🤣 Had to make up for the few episodes this season when somebody didn't cry.
  11. Such a great idea and so well executed - probably paint marker.
  12. Perfect set for some of that aftermarket lighting!!! Just wished it was more silver pieces than just the wire chaseway across the back. To be absolutely nit-picky does anyone think we can add an extra stud to the length between the A and B pillars to make the door a little longer?
  13. Damn! All my childhood memories - I wanted to pass down my Galaxy Explorer and Technics Car Chassis - now I have to reconsider that. Thanks for the info @sketchley. With all this new info, I can't believe I survived my childhood 😛
  14. Exactly the same here, I just don't understand the appeal of SDs at all (other than they are the opposite of my aesthetic - fast and sleek).
  15. Hey @Dobber I hear ya! I just spent 6-8hrs learning how to use Bricklink properly with a lot of help from some kind facebook addicts and it takes a bit to get use to. Never just hit easy buy - you have to try to buy your pieces from as few local stores as possible, shipping across boarders kills you especially from multiple sources. Identify the problem bricks/items which are rare that is forcing the buy all from multiple sources and try to reduce or those and buy other items from those stores that carry the rare or hard to find pieces. Additionally watch out for the minimum buys as some stores will charge a fee if you are getting just a few pieces from them. After playing around with the site and manually selecting the stores to buy from I managed to get my stores down from 6-7 to 3 stores and 2 of which were even in Canada (locally) - I ended up saving 70% of the original "easy buy" costs. The trick is to isolate those hard to find/rare pieces and then look at who actually sells them and start your buy from those stores. Good luck, its pretty cool once you get the hang of it, but it will always be more expensive than buying a Lego set. I'm a total newbie and just started to get my feet wet in this whole new world.
  16. I come across this lack of science disregard all the time! It drives me insane. Either people are just plain stupid nowadays, or don't think its relevant, or ignore it because it convenient. The biggest influence on the world Trump ever contributed was the discreditation of science. It's easier than to learn, so everyone jumps on it's bandwagon (plus it usually doesn't serve politics).
  17. OK, thanks @no3Ljm... back to buying and worrying about shipping later 😛
  18. Thanks @no3Ljm that last link to "Our website will still show the normal countdown, and you may still receive warning emails, although the actual automated process itself will be stopped and you can ignore these messages." puts me more at ease
  19. Huh, I didn't know its so bad over there (or around the world for that matter, the news here generally is really local unfortunately). It looks like its dropping, hopefully it will improve over the next two months. Shipping has been killing me lately and causing me to think twice about any new purchases. Where does it say the 60 limit has been lifted at HLJ? I still have that countdown "58 days until automatic shipping" in my Private Warehouse.
  20. Same here the Regult is in, but can't justify FedEx at $65cdn ($45 FedEx + $20 brokerage/customs & duty) for a $35 model. Argh, FedEx and DHL are the only options for Canada. How did @sh9000 have something in the Private Warehouse for 539 days? They are only giving me 60 days till they automatically ship it - hopefully there will be a slower/cheaper alternative in the next 60 days for me to select to ship to me.
  21. Wonder whats going on in Japan? All the restrictions are relaxing here in Canada, in fact they don't even require masks or vaccine passports as of March 1st (at least in Ontario). Is Japan still bad off with Omicron?
  22. I hope this situation changes in the next 58 days - right now I just can't justify $65cdn ($45 Fedex + $20 brokerage & customs & duties) to deliver a $35 model kit to Canada - ARGH!
  23. Hey any news about shipping to Canada from Japan? HLJ only offers FedEx or DHL to Canada. I have a Hasegawa Regult model sitting in the warehouse, I hate to pay more for shipping that the model is worth. I don't need it any time soon. Anyone thinks Japan will ship to Canada via other slower/cheaper methods anytime in the next 59 days?
  24. Yep, same here. I don't think we're their audience anymore...
  25. YES!!! 1000% 1/72 from Hasegawa or FineMolds please someone that's experienced with actual real world fighter jets please.
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