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  1. Does anyone have one for sale?
  2. moy

    Wanted sdf1 1/2000

    To Rich for my blood the highest I can go is 2300 I guess I keep looking.
  3. moy

    Wanted sdf1 1/2000

    Yeah just saw it sold out I know it's cost a lot but I don't think bandai is going to release at 1 /1800 scale they had for show awhile ago.
  4. moy

    Wanted sdf1 1/2000

    Anyone knows where I can find one I really want one.
  5. Is there going to be a 1/2000 sdf1 reissue?
  6. how much for ozama parts shipped to call usa?
  7. just got some paint done on mine.
  8. moy

    Bandai 1/35 DX VF-1

    wow hope they super parts
  9. asking 180 + shipping paypal 4% extra ship us only make offer need money for mwcon.
  10. what part number did you use and did it fit perfect?
  11. i think we will see a lot of helmets at mwcon this year.
  12. so does anyone have plans to post more pics with the helmets?
  13. look at this paint theme wow!
  14. does any one here ride a motorcycle post pics please
  15. do any of you have any other type of paint themes out there?
  16. wow there are alot of haters out there but when it comes macross 2 the best looking macross toy that will be made with super parts i hope?
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