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  1. Just got home and look what I found, Wow it is a great looking helmet cant wait to paint it the way I want it but still looks perfect the way it is can't to ride with it !!!
  2. waiting for mine any day now it should be here by thrusday, as soon as it shows will post pics.
  3. just got email my helmet is no its way!!! but not in time for mwcon
  4. does the black part come off or is thin weak part helmet maybe its ment to be that way so it will not grab something in a carsh.
  5. What sizing review from 505thairborne?
  6. Delayed until next week Hope it gets here before mwcon.
  7. look at that looks like minmay all i can say WOW!!!!
  8. email masei at sales@maseihelmets.com they will help you with your final payment.
  9. just got a email from masei will get mine in ten days.
  10. i dont know i think its 50 usd.
  11. i think they will be decals if you want paint it will be extra.
  12. i ordered one with no graphics also did you get a email saying it shipped i have not got mine yet.
  13. can anyone make a sdf-1 dyrl 1\2000 model kit would be great 500 or less.
  14. its perfect for cold riding not hot .
  15. yes it will be vinyl but you might be able to order painted too.
  16. ready in one month! 30 days!
  17. i think by oct. when they will be ready.
  18. can't wait to get mine, that's perfect!
  19. helmets are being tested for paints looking good!
  20. helmets are done! sept. oct. dates 289.00 before oct. after 389.00.
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