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  1. your right no helmet will protect you fully form crash . side note look at the size compared to yamato helmet wow !
  2. you can make the front face guard stronger with steel insert or carbon fiber.
  3. thats just messed up hopefuly this stops soon.
  4. i did but not drl colors mine came packed very well protected with two layers of protection.
  5. yeah it will protect the same way a open face helmet will there are ways to make the macross parts stronger i'm going to renforce with fiber glas and then give it a grade A paint job.
  6. are the ghost sets renewal ver.?
  7. the only part that your head is the round round part it is a open face helmet if thats mess up then yes it will not be safe.
  8. if masei rights the wrongs then post it lets wait and see if they follow thur , at least they give us something that would have never seen the light of day with other big companys.
  9. i was worng he is with masei , i have had lots of masei helmets in the past they never send one all messed up like the ones im seeing posted not even my black macross helmet that sucks i was going to order more , but i think i will wait till they start shipping better.
  10. he's not with masei he is a reseller i tought he was too.
  11. this is one way to cover that screw.
  12. 289.00 USD that's a good price if you won it for that.
  13. Shipping now 7 to 10 days !
  14. They look ready I think there shipping now and will get here in January.
  15. Very soon today 10 DEC. And going forward!
  16. starts shipping next week!
  17. when is this sale what time does it start?
  18. Check out the crazy new paint no helmets!
  19. i want to paint mine but i dont have the skills, going to take it to a paint shop to see how much they will charge hope its not to much. has anyone else received your helmets post your pics !
  20. i hope you get it the way you want it they should be shipping in november goodluck !
  21. yeah if you want it exactly like yamato you will have to paint it, you can ask to have the decals no the sheet and select what you want to apply on the helmet the only thing that is off is the 911 m logo its 99% there.
  22. Great choice I think I will get a second one to have as a back up. Are they still 289.00?
  23. thats cool its not a yamato helmet but i like it becuse it is a real helmet you can ride with.
  24. yeah thanks, if you like to talk to macrossworld about a being a sponsor at next years macrossworld co n you can talk to exo on the forums you can sell alot more helmets ! , thanks agin the helmet is perfect great job you are the man !!!
  25. yeah next year i will ride my bike with my custom painted helmet, hopefully ill paint my bike with a macross theme to.
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