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  1. yeah i agree nice combo!
  2. is that legal to carry a gun while riding that would be cool.
  3. dude treat this as a open face helmet i ride with it in town not faster 65mph wind would be to much . well you can go 100mph but onlyif you dont turn your head.
  4. that looks perfect wow! i want to do something to mine to but dont have the time right now
  5. will there be any macross there at wondercon?
  6. has anybody made any mods with their helmets?
  7. you guys forgot mwcon the best place to buy.
  8. take a look at this mod the visor comes down and up!
  9. just got back from a long ride just thought i'd post some pics anyone have any thoughts of riding to mwcon this year?
  10. i think someone ordered it like that ,they will maybe make tv colors.
  11. how do you order the sdf-1 in the states?
  12. i still have mine and bi wonder if i can use my boster pack with this hope its not 300 bucks!
  13. i 'm looking for a light up ver of (toyami hikaru ichijo rick hunter 12" )
  14. so did you shave any part of the front part of the helmet?
  15. how was the modding did you have to cut it?
  16. i think that will work . post pics to see how it looks.
  17. dont hold out yamato it wont happen 250 is a great price.
  18. how do you make a cardboard/duct tape one?
  19. if they ever fix the shipping issue im going to get one to mod it like the yamato one.
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