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  1. Come on you lovers of robots, lets give it up to that funky Kung Fu epic robot show known as Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos! How cool is this show? You got Rom "You don't deserve to know my name!" Stol kicking ass with the ultimate martial arts style known as Ten kyuu Juu Shin ken! And then you have Blue Jet, the coolest (and only ) mecha robo samurai mack daddy out there If you've never seen it, then you gotta check it out. The first two US DVDs are easy to find.
  2. Nice to see you too, lover of the eternal Mustang car. =)
  3. Macross's insane animation director who would often steal the cels he was working on and perfect them in his private love nest until he was satisfied. Usually three days later he would return with the cels and then the production staff would have to shoot the footage mere hours before it had to be aired.
  4. Anno was serving as Mr. "Insane" Itano's assistant at the time so they probably threw him in because of that.
  5. Hmm lets see. You made a thread about fanworks in the discussion forum You started posting REALLY BIG images And you made it clear that you did not need me to return
  6. They're pretty cool in Machine Robo.
  7. Ever since someone on this board said that the Soul of Chogokin Getter Robo should not have won Toy of the Year =p
  8. VF5SS

    Britai attacks!

  9. Supposedly, it is an ESL tape Children can learn so much about Americans from "John Wayne Roy." Such as, "You can still fight when you're drunk!"
  10. Ever get that feeling?
  11. What I mean is... Down with Katoki's crappy redesigns that make everything look like crap
  12. Is THIS rendering based on that cutaway picture of the GU-11? I remember a while back I think Graham or Shawn posted a nice cutaway of the GU-11 with the ammo clearly visable in a wrap around belt.
  13. Most of it occuring during such amazing dialogue like "AMURO!" and "SHAAA!" =)
  14. Game mechanics are not indicators of actual universe stats. Mr. March knows this rule all too well...
  15. It was UCer verses Winger during the Great Project Wars. Mark Simmons looked on in disgust as "Wing Gundam vs RX-78" and "Plot Field" filled the annuls of his abode. Mark looked down upon the masses and saw that it was not good. That and ever since Wing aired on TV his bandwidth usage skyrocketed.
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