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  1. Thanks guys. You really helped call a bullshitter on his bullshit.
  2. No numbers = no proof = SHOVE IT! I don't want your speculation poo. Laserwave Skylynx And it was Toyco who created Shockwave, Omega Supreme, and Skylynx. Only the Takatoku toys were not released in Japan. Not that it matters since they were never in the show. Exactly what are these western values you keep talking about? Are you talking about the stupid Saturday Morning cartoon model of TV shows? They dubbed out all the western dialogue and changed the characters to reflect a more Japanese style show. The only thing they couldn't dub out would be the crappy animation and poor plots. Rattrap and Bumblebee became the cute characters, Convoy is more intense than Optimus, etc. All of Scramble City is pretty indicative of what Japan did to Transformers. You mean like how Arcee was a useless token female who took care of Daniel all the time? Or wait, that was in season 3! Doh! This has nothing to do with the popular shows of the time being Zoids, Hikarian, Nadesco, Golden Brave Goldran, the Eldoran shows, Kabutack... THE 90's WERE A CAMPY DECADE FOR JAPANESE ROBOTS! Dubbed Beast Wars is campy. The Japanese Ninja Turtles show was campy. Do I have to go on? Man, you are totally insensitive.
  3. How charming. 424745[/snapback] I can't believe I had to ask you for souces. Why didn't you do this in the first place? Can I see some numbers on the first bit? I'd like to judge for myself.
  4. You mean the handful of models and toys right? That's a lot of mechandise. Yep Sure is.
  5. So your friend speaks for Japan right? He's an official source right?
  6. I'm sorry. Toy makers cannot reproduce "treachery and speed." Do you really want a toy that can steal your wallet really fast?
  7. I posted all the unlockables and how to get them on page 3.
  8. It was in GERWALK but it showed that it could physically do it while the arms were still retracted. I'm sure if Max's use of the head turret in DYRL had the neck extending at all but it does move out of it's underbelly socket.
  9. We see Hikaru drop the head turret in "Love Drifts Away" in order to manually cut a hole in a wall to free Misa.
  10. It'll be that bum's biggest paycheck since the last movie!
  11. At least the enemy doesn't exclusively target the blasted thing and it isn't hard to keep it alive.
  12. Play-asia.com is pretty cheap at the moment.
  13. This is the whole list of unlockables. Zwarth: Get 30 Secrets or launch for 100 missions. Billbine Camoflage: Upgrade Billbine to Lv.4 Lepruchan: Use 40 different units or launch for 85 missions Enhanced Layzner: Upgrade Layzner to Lv.4 Lazyner Mk-II Original: Upgrade Layzner Mk-II Bullgrenn: Use 20 different units or launch for 82 missions Zakarl: Get 40 Secrets or launch for 110 missions Daljan: Get 25 Secrets or launch for 97 missions L-Gaim Mk-II: Upgrade the Amon Duule "Stack" Auge: Get 60 Secrets or launch for 118 missions D-1 Custom: Upgrade D-1 Lifter to Lv.1 D-2 Custom: Upgrade D-2 Lifter to Lv.1 D-3 Late Type: Upgrade D-3 Lifter to Lv.1 Gilgazamune: Get 35 Secrets or launch for 106 missions Nelly Brain: Upgrade Yuu Brain to Lv.4 Johnathan Baronz: Clear Extra Mission 1 or launch for 95 missions Quincy Baronz: Get 50 Secrets or launch for 114 missions Aestivalis (Akatsuki): Clear Extra Mission 3 or launch for 88 missions Aestivalis Gunner Prototype: Clear eight Training missions in Free Missions mode or launch for 80 missions Black Selena: Clear Campaign Mode Aestie Custom (Ryoko): Get 20 Secrets or launch for 93 missions Aestie Custom (Hikaru): Get 15 Secrets or launch for 92 missions Aestie Custom (Izumi): Get 10 Secrets or launch for 91 missions Alstromeria: Get 30 Ace ranks or launch for 75 missions Yatenkou: Get 60 Ace ranks or launch for 130 missions Sazabi: Get 75 Secrets or launch for 150 missions Gundam GP02A: Clear Extra Mission 2 or launch for 120 missions Neue Ziel: Use 70 different units or launch for 140 missions Armored Valkyrie: Clear all 12 Training missions in Free Missions mode Nanajin: Clear Mission 2 Oukao: Clear Mission 66 Feather Ark: Clear Campaign Mode on Ace difficulty or launch for 160 missions As you can see, almost all of the machines will be awarded for simply playing the game enough times. I really have a blast playing this game. My favorite unit right now is the Layzner Mk II, which in itself is a beautiful little midget Gundam-Valkyrie hyrbird.
  14. Controls are... Common to all modes. Square: Gunpod Circle: Secondary Weapon such as missiles or head lasers. Head Lasers automatically target incoming missiles. Hold circle to lock multiple missiles and fire. Start: Pause. Select: Switch secondary weapon L2: Transform up. R2: Transform down. L2+R2: Transform from Fighter to Battroid and visa versa. Directional pad: Various camera views. Fighter X:Accelerate Triangle: Decelerate (the air brake even pops open. L1: Yaw left R1: Yaw Right Left Stick: Pitch and roll. GERWALK X:Forward Triangle: Go backwards Left stick: Pitch and lean. Right stick: Roll and altitude. L1: Turn left. R2: Turn right. Battroid: X: Booster L1: Strafe left. R1: Strage right. L2: Lock closer target. You will turn to face the target as long as this is held. R3: Descend or crouch. Left stick: Move forward/backward and turning. Right stick: Allows for pitch and roll in mid-air.
  15. You need to follow the purple waypoint markers and land on the Macross.
  16. Here's the full list of unlockables. Secret Valkyries Here are the methods to unlocking the hidden Vakyries: Unlockable How to Unlock VF-1A Hikaru's Paint Clear ARMD-1 (movie) version VF-1A Kakizaki's Paint Clear Prometheus (TV) version VF-1J Hikaru's Paint Get 5 S rankings VF-1J Max's Paint Clear stages 1 - 5 of Prometheus (TV) version with Max's VF-1A with A rankings or above VF-1J Miria's Paint Clear the "Pine Salad" TV stage with Max's VF-1J VF-1S Fokker's Paint Clear ALL stages with an S rank VF-1S Max's Paint Get S Rank in Stage A-05 Movie Mode
  17. This is Broadcast and Soundwave's big battle. They had an old fashioned throwdown.
  18. Did you ever watch MTMTE part 1?? And if you are just going by the movie - well, judging by the shot of Bumblebee... that isn't correct. He still looks skeletal and goofy. 412894[/snapback] You mean where all the characters look exactly the same about nine million years before they ever adapted to Earth? Yeah that was really farting smart. They should make the same mistakes as a shitty 80's cartoon.
  19. Buy the import Macross PS2 game...
  20. The Macross PS2 is is based on the Aerodancing engine. Despite the arcade aspects in terms of weapons and damage, the game has a nice physics engine to it. You have access to all the weaponry seen in the show and movie such as the Strike Cannon, Head Lasers, and the nuclear missiles. You cannot jettison any armor packs though. GERWALK mode can also be used to stop in mid flight and can move backwards.
  21. Did you go through the tutorial at least? They tell you about switching weapons there.
  22. Push select to choose the RMS-1?
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