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  1. You're just supposed keep destroying each ship using your RMS-1 missiles. You need to lock on to a portion of each ship (usually the middle) and wait for Ms. battyy to give you the signal. Don't use up all your RMS-1 missiles or you fail the mission.
  2. You already have a cartoon accurate Starscream. The Mega SCF figure is very cartoon accurate. I don't know how much accurate you can get to Floro Dery's half-assed designs.
  3. Well, the original series don't suck like Robotech. If we stopped talking about Robotech may it'll just go away.
  4. I think the consensus is don't be stupid and move them with the same strength you'd use to jack up a car. Loosening the black screws that hold the bars to the body helps too.
  5. www.ps2fliptop.net has all you need to get started. In eight fruity flavors too! Fliptops are really easy to install. It takes about ten minutes tops. Just remember that you need to buy the swap discs as well. They do most of the work.
  6. The head laser points forward on the in game model.
  7. The Macross PS2 game is made for crazy Japanese video game players who somehow managed to be perfect at a game and unlock everything!
  8. Another Century's Episode 2 features lots of VF-1s.
  9. The retard Valkyrie is not in the Japanese Macross PS2 game. You're seeing things.
  10. Watch out for those Glaugs. They're the most annoying enemy in the game by far with their beam cannons.
  11. The plot is basically the events of TV series and DYRL. The player character is substituted in for Hikaru in events like fighting the scout in Miss Macross or killing Boldolza at the end of DYRL. You even get to pilot that VE-1 from DYRL and take it on a mission. Most of the mission objectives are pretty self evident such as, "Kill all these guys" or "kill the enemy ships before the Macross dies" etc.
  12. I was only 16 years old, ya hobo. Tell me, what did you expect from a goddamn teenager with a warez copy of photoshop and a bunch of idiots egging him on? And I never, ever thought that my strips were art. They were often hastily thrown together and highly pixelated with lots of amateur Photoshop techniques. Did you have a problem with me or the comic at the time?
  13. I think you're taking this joke too far, Bsu.
  14. VF5SS

    Comic Strip #1

    You can have them if you don't mind the fact that I have no plans to continue making more comics.
  15. VF5SS

    Comic Strip #1

    The VF-4's name is Sparky.
  16. VF5SS

    Comic Strip #1

    Man, those farters are petty.
  17. And explosion in space should be round. There should not be some random planar ring coming in a three dimensial environment like space.
  18. VF5SS

    Comic Strip #1

    I tried putting them on Photobucket, but that fizzled out.
  19. VF5SS

    Comic Strip #1

    Like hell you do.
  20. Hasegawa Valkyries are incredibly out of proportion. Their fighter mode kits are too thin and DO NOT match the lineart. Their Battroid kits are even worse with their out of proportion intake sections that were made to be large because of the joint system. What they did was adapt the lineart of a VF-1 in fighter mode to fit a more realistic modern day fighter design, which was really stupid because it radically changed the basic look of the machine. Now, because they're Hasegawa people automatically believed that their design was true to the lineart. You can ask David Hinginten about how accurate their F-14s are... I submit to you all a kitbashed VF-1 fighter that actually looks like the machine was depicted in the lineart and in the show. Here is the kit. Notice how it has the proper VF-1 look AND propotions. Also note that the arms are FREAKING TINY like they are on the Hasegawa kit. Hasegawa is so totally wrong its not even funny.
  21. Stick is apparently now Kenshiro. Just look at that jaw line.
  22. I could've sworn that the Binaltech version of the Alternators Prime is supposed to be Ginrai.
  23. You mean the Golem right? Yeah its kinda imposing, but the whole thing was just for comic relief. They can move as they are in the background of some scenes holding weapons. I like the two little lights on their chests; one red and one blue. They have an interesting motiff to say the least, being giant versions of the GMP Arming Doublet.
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