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  1. I felt that I needed to spit out something harsh if I wanted to spark some discussion here, but I guess I was wrong. I had no idea how lively this forum was.
  2. This is probably why the movie didn't work for me. I only have a vague recollection of the TV show, at best. What made me actually come home everyday to watch the first season of the Robotech show was the characters. Here, the characters stories seem rushed, and kind of fake. Gore and explosions isn't all I look for in a movie, although it's certainly a plus. I did think that the whole concept of protoculture was neat, and that they should have spent some more time discussing this. But then again, you can't fit everything that was in the Macross TV show into a movie.
  3. You guys must be pretty hardcore. I know this is way off topic, but I like Macross in general, and maybe one of you could quickly clarify some stuff that's been bugging the heck out of me ever since I first saw Robotech on TV. The Macross doesn't look like a Zentraedi ship. Where did it come from? And who's idea was it to booby-trap the defense system so that it shot at the Zentraedis when they came to Earth?
  4. I guess the story just wasn't for me. It seemed like the love story was so much involved in this one than in the TV show. I think the story would have kicked ass if they were to somehow put emphasis on that blue haired guy and the Meltradi girl, rather than Hikaru having to put up with some actress bitch and some wierd older woman. The action still BLEW MY MIND. Seeing some Zentraedi getting gored by those female battle-armours made the whole thing worth it for me.
  5. So I walk into the videostore today and look through the bargain rentals pile and guess what I find? Macross: Do You Remember Love?. All these memories of seeing Macross on TV started flooding back to me, and it hit me that the tall green guys' ships were flippin' sweet, and I wanted to check them out again. I also remembered that Macross was made into Robotech on TV when I was like 9, which absolutely sucked. Anyway, I go home with my video and put it in VCR. My dad walks through the room, and I force him to stay because I swear to him that Bodolza's flippin' sweet ships will start kicking ass soon. And guess what? We have to suffer through like half an hour of listening to bad pop songs and observing some phenominally stupid love triangle go through its various obscene convulsions, just so we could get to see some Zentradi heads get popped. Who else here agrees with me that this movie, despite its kick-ass animation, shweet mech action and pretty colors, absolutely sucked??
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