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  1. The 1J has normal water decals. The 1S and 1A has the water slide and the rub on special decals.
  2. Can anyone tell me what this white boxed clear color kit is from? Was it a show special? Here it is compared to my 1S and 1A clear color sets. See the box cover? They are normal and have a gold sticker.
  3. My Valkitty patch came in. Here is on my TAD Gear EDC Fast Pack, no it is really called that.
  4. My friend at Orca Tactical has been making cute and awesome patches of Hello Kitty as various pop culture characters. Stormtrooper, Boba Fett, Modern Warfare, Robocop, Ironman etc. He had an exclusive Cylon Kitty patch made for Mojo Tactical in Hawaii. So I approached him to make a Macross Kitty patch. We went with Roy Focker's VF-1S https://www.facebook..._count=1&ref=nf
  5. Sigh. I always miss the awesome macross guys at Otakon. too busy working Otakon and never pay attention to who actually shows up. But I hope we can pull the right strings and get Kawamori for next year.
  6. Any ideas what a 1/48 VF1S Fokker Weathering Special goes for?
  7. They did improve it. The cockpit is hidden. And the connection for combining is no longer the tail. I don't see room for serious improvement. Except the legs and rotation at the elbow joint. Don't forget that this is Mattel. They don't know how to make giant robots. If bandai made this it would look better but be smaller than Golion Godaikin.
  8. There is a guy on kickstarter who came up with an idea to make something similar as the laser tag but it is modular. You can mount it to a nerf gun and play with darts. Best part is that it says it can track other players.
  9. It really isn't anything amazing other than its size. When combined It will rival my Fort Max as biggest robot toy I have. . Nope. I do find the auto buttons a tad annoying too. The position of them is poorly planned. Bad marketing research. Someone who doesn't know adult collectors put this stupid crap in. All they need to do is look at SOC series. But it makes up for it in size and accuracy. The only other giant voltrons was the Panosh Palace which is really bad and that hard to find trendmasters giant.
  10. I think this will be the largest toy Voltron. Here is a pic of Jasonjupiter's modified giant Trendmasters Voltron. Here is my Red Lion. HUGE!!!! Seeing the first picture, It seems that the Mattel Red Lion is as tall as Golion. But the Trendmasters version doesnt seem as tall.
  11. I picked up a Nerf Rayven the other day. I integrated the Nerf Jolt so that it acts like a vertical grip, like a P90 and as a backup shot. And this is my latest modifications. Magpul rails to add tacticool stuff. NV scope, IR light and a laser. Oh here is video of my Rayven. Bullpups are awesome. So compact.
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