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  1. It says sold out... it took me too long to figure out I guess...
  2. How does a fella here in the US buy from here?
  3. warrhead

    Hi-Metal R

    Got my payment request from my Kombini... now: the wait.
  4. The price difference between the 2 is minimal, as far as I'm concerned- HLJ has my back if this very expensive toy arrives with defects or breakage.
  5. warrhead

    Hi-Metal R

    I'm not certain, but I think they made have had a voice actor make the "pew" sounds when that jingle played.
  6. warrhead

    Hi-Metal R

    What I need is a new box for my Regult... My step-son wanted to see inside the box and tore a good 2 inches into it before I saw what he was up to... any army builders here plan on chucking one of your boxes?
  7. I know that a lot of folks here are put off by the tabs on the chest plate and would prefer that they were gone, but is it possible to just clip them shorter, or is there a structural reason why they have to be soooo long?
  8. warrhead

    Hi-Metal R

    Sofa king cool! The spirit of Takatoku is smiling from beyond. Can't wait for some SDFM valks to put with my SDFM baddies!!
  9. warrhead

    Hi-Metal R

    I have never had a preorder with Angolz before... Anyone know how long should I expect to wait for them to ship?
  10. I would like to put in my "other" vote for better, tighter missiles for the Yamato version VF-4G One has already been lost (an arm mounted one) and in a household that has 2 and 8 year old kids, losing more feels like just a matter of time. I know how to "tighten" with superglue, nail polish etc. but that doesn't bring the lost missile back. My other option is to wait until 3-D copying becomes more accessible i guess.
  11. oh, no, she doesn't want one for herself, she just accepts me(ish). The answer: buy more, buy everything you feel inclined to have and be proud.. Be what you be and love what you love. Find a nerdy girl who'll think it's awesome... these days it's not even that rare of a find. Your love of robots is no more or less childish than a grown man's obsession with sports and sports memorabilia, it's just more stigmatized.
  12. I have been back and forth about getting this, but now, with the Arcadia version coming to join his Yamato brother, I sort of feel like I need to get this just to switch things up a little. By the way, have any shapeways artists made replacement missiles for the Yamato version that can fit a little tighter? I lost one of the arm mounted ones last time I moved. Bummer.
  13. YEEEEP! My wife agreed to buy this one for me. It won't be around in time for my birthday but I aint waiting until Christmas if this is out in July(ish). ...anniversary present? Is that an okay thing to want for our anniversary? I may have to dodge a frying pan or two, but I'm gonna' ask her
  14. Is it possible to return a toy to HLJ or any other sites because it's just plain shitty, or does a toy that never worked to begin with not count as "broken"?
  15. warrhead

    Hi-Metal R

    I am still a little new to this line. I see that the Regult should be out this month, but is there a time of the month that Bandai typically releases these?
  16. I have no idea, but I'll post here if I find out before anyone else.
  17. You read my mind jvmacross... this thing totally reminds me of a Joon's valk, especially the pics of the rear in fighter mode.
  18. http://www.toysbuddyhk.com/forum/upload/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=14418 more pics here. The first one was not to be missed by me and it wasn't. I longed for high quality Orguss mechs for a loooooong time. I'm grateful that my holy grail was handled by Megahouse as opposed to Evolution with the VF-2SS... my heart cries out to all who have waited for that one the way I waited for this. ... <--- (moment of silence) It was worth every dollar. This certainly makes me hopeful for a CF and for enemy mecha to (Ni)kick it with my Orguss. Bronco II and some Emaan and Chillum "devices" in the plain ol' Variable Action line would be wicked sweet too. I can dream, can't I? A SDFM VF-1A version of the Hi Spec would be sweet too.
  19. warrhead

    Macross figures

    Most of my collection these days is 1/20-1/24 scale toys and models. I would be in SO MUCH trouble with my wife if I ever brought a 1/20 scale VF-1 into this house... so how to proceed...
  20. ...sooo... we missed out on, nothing? Seriously, this (mis)treatment removes everything Macross about the story and added everything one would expect from a formulaic generic Hollywood sci-fi script. I'm usually open minded about changes and new things, but this is just too gods-damned far. For once, hooray for failure!!!
  21. The big ones are fun, but they cost so much my blood pressure is always a little too high where my 1/60-(DX) collection is concerned. I'm about three solid SDFM HMR announcements away from doing just this.
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