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  1. Form the other thread. Sold it. Updated. Thanks!
  2. Pm’d You and updated posts.
  3. Up for sale we have my items with “issues” Please read descriptions carefully. Priced to sell. Priority mail with tracking and insurance mandatory. No returns BANDAI VB-6 Koenig Monster. (Olive green) The toy is solid with nice clicky hinges and was mostly just displayed. I stripped the SMS markings with alcohol and added stickers to make it a UNS version. Missing instructions and flight mode stand adapter. Comes only with what is shown here. SOLD
  4. CM’s Griffon Labor Flight unit. Complete. C9.5 in C9.5 box $65
  5. Additional price drop for the Q Rau (now less than what I paid) plus added a VF-0D. More to come!
  6. Prices dropped and HM-R Milia added. Thanks again!
  7. Added a VF-4G from Arcadia and dropped prices. Max and Q-Rau set is now $450
  8. It’s time to sell some toys! All items are complete unless otherwise noted. PM for shipping and insurance quotes. Insurance MANDATORY. Enjoy!! YAMATO: 1/60 Destroid Tomahawk C9.5 missing pilot figure but has other 2 ground crew figures. SOLD 1/60 ONE OF A KIND Q-Rau TEST SHOT in green and yellow. Closest thing Yamato ever made to a TV Q-Rau. Comes with leg missile pieces and a less than great box. No Pilot, which is how it came to me. As a bonus I will include the Milia figure released by CM’s. The box for it is faded and the paint is getting slightly tacky but it does the trick. Purchased here from Graham Parkes. SOLD ARCADIA
  9. All prices dropped. 1st and last price drop before eBay
  10. PM's returned and items updated. Thanks!
  11. For Sale! Megahouse Orguss - First release, complete C9 $325 plus shipping Orguss II Olsen - Complete C9.5 $325 plus shipping Bandai RENEWAL VF-25F Alto - 2nd release, C9 $225 plus shipping VF-27 (1st release) with break in the shoulder hinge but still transforms - EXCELLENT FOR SINGLE MODE DISPLAY SOLD Yamato VF-1A Ver 2.0 DYRL version C9.5 $225 plus shipping VF-19S Emerald Force BROKEN SHOULDER PAULDRON and MISSING GUN SOLD DYRL Queadluun Rau with Milia pilot C-9 $95 plus shipping
  12. Status's have been updated and PMs replied to with tracking info. All remaining items have had a slight price drop. Thanks again!
  13. Wow. The fires ate up my last window to post and sell. I am replying to the PM's now.
  14. Hi everyone, apologies for being away for a the last day or so. Moments of parental intensity required my full attention. I'm back and I'll be returning PM's in the order they were received. Thanks!
  15. Hi everyone, I hope everyone is doing well. I need to make some room and dough for the UCS Falcon. All are gently displayed a minimally handled. Priced to sell! Everything is complete unless otherwise listed. Pictures coming SOON!! I will accept HMR destroids (the Spartan and the other little guy) in trade Thanks. Yamato: Destroid Tomahawk beige TRADE ONLY VF-4G Lightning III Skull stickers applied missing one upper missile, right hand closed fist (all other hands are still there plus a set of fan-made ones) and 1 lower leg panel (the little red one) $225 VF-1J Hikaru V2 with painted visor NICE! $225 Arcadia: VF-0S Roy first release SOLD Bandai: VF-25A Renewal - missing gun and left shoulder panel SOLD VF-25A Super Armor $85 YF-25 Prophecy SOLD YF-30 Chronos SOLD VF-27 Super - trailing edge wing spike blunted on starboard side $155 Message me for more info!
  16. warrhead

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Mind you, the last time I doubled a preorder by mistake was for the Glaug, which resulted in said email and cancellation. I believe that this was before they started suspending accounts over it though so maybe they changed their policy. Of my HMR purchases through HLJ, I bought 2 Regults and 2 Brownies- one of each was purchased after release date. If I am remembering correctly, I was able to add a second Brownie to the 1st one I had in my PW.
  17. warrhead

    Bandai DX VF-31

    News to me. Whenever HLJ canceled any mistaken 2nd PO's the email they sent me even specifically says that if there are more after release date then you could buy a 2nd ( or 3rd etc.) one. The only reason to limit to one at PO is to ensure more people are able to get one. Once an item has been released it is reasonable to assume everyone who wanted at least one had ample opportunity. To continue to limit one per customer ensures sluggish movement of stock, increasing warehousing costs, and loss of revenues, and additionally provides an unrealistic snapshot of product demand.
  18. warrhead

    Hi-Metal R

    sh9000, what paint are you using on the HMRs?
  19. warrhead

    Hi-Metal R

    hear hear. I haven't hardly touched my DX's, Yammies or Arcadias in months. I've only briefly handled my new Hi Spec Olson (for me, that's saying a lot!) Most of my time goes into handling HMRs, and those 1/100 Zoid Agressives.
  20. This looks like it could be fun. I watched this with my boy and we both really enjoyed it! I'm not too keen on the new design for the Black Lion but I'll probably pick this up for my son and enjoy it vicariously through him.
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