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  1. Latest episode of Portlandia (S3E9) has a sketch about 'Japanese Toy Consultants' dressing up a guy's office desk; prominently featuring a Hikaru figure.
  2. Is there a BRDrip fansub that has been released without all the idiotic scene-destroying karaoke?
  3. This is based off the storm attacker lengths. It's from 4ch but the guy took the lengths, put them side by side, cut up the pics, then 'transformed them', then this layer was made on top. IIRC Chronicle places the SDF-01 as being slightly taller than Battle 07 when you incude it's shoulder guns. So by the looks of things he was pretty close. As for quarter's size, who knows.
  4. So is there a torrent of the patched ISOs anywhere?
  5. In Canada prior use always negates trademarks; I'm sure it is the same in the US.
  6. Why do humans sing? Why do we dance, paint, play, and write? Why do we set sail on perilous seas, and seek the distant skies? Why do humans do anything beyond our base instinctual programming to consume and reproduce?
  7. I'd donate towards 7th Chord
  8. Any chance someone could snap some pics (not asking for HQ scans or anything) of some of the mecha in 7th Chord? It sounds awesome.
  9. If they only reanimated certain scenes it would end up looking like Zeta Gundam: A New Translation, and it would be terrible. The animation in the pachinko game looks cheap. It's very cool as a tribute, but it's soulless and would destroy a classic.
  10. Totally against a remake. A great way to suck the magic out of a classic would be to redo it. Now if they made some side stories set during Space War I with a mix of new and old characters, I'd be all over it.
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