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  1. There needs to be laws in place to protect intellectual property like this from being abused.
  2. Wouldn't a Macross cafe make more sense? I can't think of any remarkable food Gundam had.
  3. They had a long time to bring DYRL? over here before HG even trademarked the name Macross (which happened about 10 years ago). So I'd like to know is why did Bandai wait?
  4. well if you spin the protoculture bottle, you can play 7 minutes in heaven!
  5. They should rename the country to "Ashland"
  6. Yeah you should see Rei off screen. She's like totally wild, man.
  7. Now we'll never know what happened to Rick Hunter!
  8. I only watched the show for the robots after hearing Kawamori was the mechanical designer. He did a really good job. Of course, when does he ever fail in that department? The rest of the show was a mixed bag. There were some great characters like Dominic and Anemone, but the show just didn't focus on them enough. Instead we had to bear Renton and Rei Ayanami Eureka crying and screaming for 50 episodes. AND THOSE FRICKEN KIDS. OH MY GOD.
  9. The movie made as much sense as EOE, so any theory could be warranted. Have they made any movie specific toys? I know the Nirvash had a couple differences and the Devilfish had a fastpack in the movie.
  10. That's a pretty dick move on BW's part isn't it? If they had better relations with Tatsunoko, maybe these international problems could get resolved. You know, like taking away HG's rights and giving them to someone more competent.
  11. So I hear Voltron is getting another new show. I guess WEP has better relations with the Japanese than HG. Or they're more competent.
  12. So did you figure out how to rip those DVDs?
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