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    Macross 30

    mmm... live channel just begun on nico http://live.nicovideo.jp/searchresult?v=lv128198802&pp=,0&zroute=search&orig_filter=&sort=point&date=&keyword=%E3%83%9E%E3%82%AF%E3%83%AD%E3%82%B930
  2. crixskn

    Macross 30

    Hi, where I can find a LE at this time? please don't say amazon Play-Asia still have some copies, but $180 + EMS, I rather use Ebay how was AmiAmi, CDjapan, BigInJapan stock on the SnT pack? they got some more after release date?
  3. crixskn

    Macross figures

    naah, no need for any kind of versus Misa & Sheryl were just superior and that's it, basically
  4. crixskn

    Macross figures

    true that, Sheryl is for true men
  5. crixskn

    Macross figures

    I'm guessing Sharon Apple
  6. Holy **** dude, you need to put some tag, i almost spill coffee on my office pc. Having said that, where is the link to buy it?
  7. So? Since your dates dont add up, this law didnt stop the uploader but other reason probably lack of ppl interest. Actually, I follow like 10 series right now and none has stopped or delayed for this law, first time hearing of it. I might think about getting the original material, but doesnt seems too popular to award a bluray/dvd release. Maybe some chinese channel will do...
  8. Still i wanted for collection purposes, too bad the uploader forgot about this
  9. THis show still airing? how many episodes already? Cant find torrents after episode8
  10. 最新一期Newtype ACE漫畫,全裸的女王 全裸的Grace正面! MFB7的人物造型/作畫:丸藤廣貴(MF人物)、桂憲一郎(M7人物)
  11. There is a way to buy from Yahoo auctions from here on America?? I have only done transaction with Cdjapan so far.
  12. How is the experience of Mandarake Shipping with you guys?? They wanna charge me 2500yen for SAL SmallPacket. If I combine different items from the same store (Shibuya) they sum the shipping cost 2500 aprox. each time or they give me a discount?? Also, Open Box means defective item, scratched, broken, or just "Opened"??
  13. What about yf-29 + super pack for $550 then? Im really tempted to try my luck before year's end
  14. Excellent. Im keeping mine in mint contidion. Waiting to hit 800$ at least to sell it.
  15. I heard it from 3 guys in another forum. One order of vf-27 and two pre-orders of yf-29s with pending shipping cost. When release date was close and pre-orders unavailable anymore, AmiAmi charged them with yf/vf cost + SAL Parcel 5000yen (it wasn't EMS, sorry ) Still , kind of a high price for me. I had good experiences with CDJapan so far, may try my luck with them again. Thanks for the advices.
  16. Hi again, I found the sites to pre-order some pages ago. Still, i have to decide between CDJapan and AmiAmi now. I hope someone here can enlighten me CDJapan has a higher price (10000yen), but the shipping is guarantied to go SAL (1640yen). CDJapan also gives 1000yen discount for my next purchase. AmiAmi has 13%off the price : 8690 yen, but the shipping cost stay pending until the package is released. I heard from some guys than AmiAmi has the bad habit of choosing EMS (4760 yen aprox.) without letting you change it later. So, in the end: Which one should I choose? Its the rumor i heard about AmiAmi true? Im thinking this maybe too much Any advice will be well received
  17. Hi, There's is still time to pre-order the bluray-special edition?? Which stores are the best ones (cheapest and reliable)?
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