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  1. Absolutely. Doing Mirage justice would have been enough to save this thing imo but, alas, Kawamori is senile enough to think delta is a good product. Definitely less than 15, maybe 5 or 3, but who knows really? Fixing the lifespan problem altogether like some theorized would have been better. I feel Delta might mark the end of Macross franchise as we know it. A shame. They should have just call it something else entirely.
  2. I'm not even sure an end where Mirage wins the love race with Hayate will be enough to make Delta a good entry in the Macross franchise. It would certainly help, but Delta has so many flaws.. jeeezz...
  3. How they keep treating or mistreating Mirage is one the biggest problems. Too much of what happens in her mind is not told and we have to guess instead. And the Windermereans are underdeveloped as hell. I kept thinking they wanted the audience to empatize with them but Cassim/Herman are basically the only redeemable ones and with some brains.
  4. Lady M might very well be Mikumo, the big boss of the whole squadron. It would also mean she's rich as hell though.
  5. http://www.animemaru.com/harmony-gold-to-adapt-macross-delta-as-robotech-spin-off/ Intro https://vid.me/search?q=robotech%20delta
  6. http://sn■nt/s11/0309koyuki.jpg ■を2ch.neに変える >Replace sn■nt with 変える Teach me how to do this please, tried to understand but really can't make it on my own
  7. http://sn■nt/s11/0309koyuki.jpg ■を2ch.neに変える >Replace sn■nt with 変える Teach me how to do this please, want to understand but really can't make it on my own
  8. Screw all that from above. Uninstalled anydvd & updated my powerdvd10 to ver.14 trial. Everything plays perfectly....for 1 month at least
  9. AnyDVD 7.4.6 Looks like it needs to update something inside (like the powerdvd the first time i tried the series blurays), but trials cant update, first I have to pay ~70$. So I'm screwed it seems. Any ideas?
  10. Blurays and same region as Japan by default, but no results. I have a legit powerdvd btw even if its version 10
  11. I just picked it up today. PowerDvd doesn't want to play the movies on my PC, how are you guys doing it?
  12. crixskn

    Macross figures

    Simply cuz biginjapan its cheaper.
  13. crixskn

    Macross figures

    You can always cancel Amiami or they hunt you down? they can't take Paypal money from me, right?
  14. adding Tochiro, good price and fast shipping!
  15. crixskn

    Macross 30

    Thanks, but it shows the same than other stores: preorder only Well, hope is the last thing one must lose
  16. crixskn

    Macross 30

    lol... and already closed. Continues in this one http://live.nicovideo.jp/watch/lv128199333?ref=ser&zroute=search&orig_filter=&date=&keyword=%E3%83%9E%E3%82%AF%E3%83%AD%E3%82%B930 So, how much should I expect to pay for a Limited Edition now? Don't know why I didn't pre-order
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