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  1. Huh. If they could do that I wonder why the SMS crew didn't mock up a VF-0 for the Movie during Frontier?
  2. Jeez, Guys. You have been blowing up my inbox over the past two days with notices of new replies. Shakes head. Still, like to mention something in this discussion about Macross Tabletop Role-Playing Games. Back when I was young and dumb I ran several PBP RPs, or as I called them at the time Novel Type RPs, using a website called Rpol.net which has some neat tools and such for Roleplaying. Figured I mention it.
  3. Yes, but if I remember correctly the Caliburn was actually developed for the use of the SMS, mostly the SMS Frontier Branch which they used it before they received their Messiahs. In fact, I do believe they are also mentioned in the Frontier novelizations. Am I correct @Seto Kaiba?
  4. Isn't the VF-19 SMS Version the VF-19EF Caliburn? Or was that another name for Isamu's own variant he used at the end of the second Frontier Movie?
  5. Think it was mentioned by @Seto Kaiba somewhere in this thread or maybe another one.
  6. Nice to have you rick.vale. Glad to see another Macross fan from Sin City. Ah. Robotech. You have to love it and hate it. I love it that it brought me into the world of mecha anime in general but I kind of hate it for other different things.
  7. Errr... I am not the best person to answer this, but since we already got the first movie which has been out for a couple years and another supposed to be releasing sometime this year or next then I think that it is a given.
  8. That is the new fighter for the Second Macross Delta Movie I do believe.
  9. Huh. That would quite interesting actually. Though maybe not anytime soon I think we have gotten enough of PMCs in Macross for a bit. I think I saw that somewhere but I don't remember where I did find it. I just remember Global booking it out of the bridge.
  10. Yup. I would love to see a version of that done in the future. Or maybe something about the Jenius Air Circus which would by this time be under the control of another Jenius daughter instead of Max or Milia. Another couple ideas I would like to see are either a story focusing on the elusive VF-24 and the Federal NUNS Forces, or go down a slightly different civilian path in something similar to Hayate's job at the beginning of Delta but done with a VF which extends to protection of the transport from pirates or terrorists. Shrug.
  11. I would like to see them doing something with civilian-owned Valkyries similar to say Macross The Ride or Kawamori's original pitch for Macross Delta were we can see modified and modernized versions of older fighters in more civilian roles. Like the Vanquish Races or flight demonstrations.
  12. Yeah I know. Still though it would have been an interesting change I think. Hmm... Now that you mentioned it yeah they are still there. Huh. They never use them at all. Still it is a shame. It would have been interesting to see it appearing like at the final battle or before then. Sorry. I meant capable of being swapped. I am aware of those guns. Interesting. Still I wonder why the NUNS started dropping Laser Monitor Turrets for small Beam Guns. I am aware of that darn pink-painted thing, I meant in the series itself. Would have been interesting. Though I wonder is that Radome Dish an optional equipment for the VF-171EX or is it a modification?
  13. Interesting. Like the Trailer Version of the machine with the heavy arm guns of a Cheyenne II which has already been mentioned. Oh. Now that is interesting. So I was not seeing things then. I have also reviewed both of the scenes mentioned myself and does it look like the Nose Turret wasn't on either of those units? Also. I wonder what happened with the Dulfim after Episode Seven of Frontier. Since I do not think we see it afterwards at all. The Kaitos gets destroyed during the episode by the Knight Class ship appearing at the end of the battle but the Dulfim survives but after that we do not see it again. Was there anything about it in the novelization? Huh. I knew about the Messiah's forward guns but did not know it was also in the VF-171 as well. That is interesting. Speaking of which with the Variable Fighters introduced during the last two series we no longer have them sporting laser guns as head guns instead now being called beam guns. Though they still kind look like lasers when firing. So is there any difference between these new beam guns and the old head lasers? Now that is interesting. For it does make sense. Though I wonder why they didn't throw some of the VF-171EX units in there to make things interesting.
  14. Yeah, @Seto Kaiba, Have a question for you. I was reading through the VB-6 entry at Macross Mecha Manuel once more thanks to current conversation going on right now and I noticed something. It says the Konig Monster has a single light gun (vulcan gun?) in the "chin" of the shuttle mode and GERWALK mode. However, I remember seeing both in Frontier, and later in Delta that it sports some sort of vulcan gun or gatling cannon built into the arms of the unit. Since the one time we see the Destroid mode of the Konig in Frontier it's blazing away with arm-mounted guns, and during Delta it fired a similar gun at a Draken-III destroying it before landing onto an asteroid in GERWALK mode were it proceeds to one-shot a Windermere Cruiser with its big guns. So does the later variant (2050/2060) of the Konig Monster have added guns in the arms? Great. Thanks so much now I am getting "ideas" for an old Robotech story idea I had years ago. Sigh.
  15. Oh man. I had forgotten about opening for this game. It is freaking awesome! I love the whole full-on animated openings!
  16. I am aware of the second movie. However, what I meant is that we should have gotten a second movie covering the series timeline more time to explore bits of the new storyline. That said. I am quite excited for the second movie since it is going to be a whole new storyline after the end of the series/first movie.
  17. So I am glad there are more Las Vegas Macross Fans out there. So question? What other anime franchise you all follow?
  18. Okay. After my latest watch of the movie and seeing this thread I figured I put this down before I forget about it. First, of all I want to mention that I am quite a fan of Delta. Do not know why I am, since Frontier is better overall but still I do like the series. That said. I am not blind to its failings. I actually loved the whole idea of the series moving the Franchise away from Colony Fleets but towards a collection of settled planets. I also liked the idea of having more nationalities out there outside of the Human-lead New United Nations. Even then I know Delta does have some issues and I am okay with that. For it is fun series to watch. Okay. That is enough for the series itself, since this thread is about the movie. Moving on. Hmmm... So just in case I shall place my stuff into a spoiler tag. Overall. While it was not as good as the Frontier Movies at all. It was still a fun little piece that was fun to watch. Seto I think said it best earlier. It is a popcorn-crunching action flick but that is all it is. They really should have a second movie like Frontier to spread things out a bit and add a bit more new story stuff also Frontier. Anyways. That is my humble opinion of the movie. Hate it or love it. It is still an interesting movie.
  19. Not all of it just the bit at the beginning with Minmei's concert. They don't show the Megaroad-01 Launching. Also. I have watched Flashback a couple times now and I never noticed that Minmei's supporting band members are actually full-sized Zentradi. Laughs.
  20. Oh. Like that Akusho Section seen in Macross 7?
  21. True. I actually had the idea long before I even started watching Delta. Again. True. Though I did not know there were more virtuoids out there beside Sharon Apple. Interesting. Huh. I did not know that they actually could reproduce. Thought they were only some sort of weird bio-weapon created by the Protoculture. Sometimes I really wish I could actually play Macross games. Sigh. Interesting. Thanks for the info. Huh. So it could be the City Section of the New Macross Fleet that originally found Ragna? The one seen in that one flashback. I thought those particular early City Sections were around 5k meters in length? The Island Jackpot looks to be half-that size. You know I just remembered didn't Macross 5 (and Macross 1 now that I think about it) have more then one City-Section? Therefore. This so-called Island Class could a smaller auxiliary city section for those early Macross Colony Fleets.
  22. I am glad there are a few other Macross Fans out here in lovely sunny Las Vegas. Though be warned I am not all that much a fan of say Macross Seven or that the stuff created for DYRL? is so prominent in later Macross productions. When everything calms down and goes back to normal. I usually have breakfast at the Denny's at Craig and Valley on Sunday mornings after I get off work. So feel free to join me there when everything goes to some sort of normal after this pandemic starts to run out. Remember Stay Vegas Strong. Or should that be Vegas Deculture.
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