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  1. Yes. That is the Gefion and is only a single ship so far upgraded in that way. The Macross Frontier/Macross Delta Northampton doesn't have the runways and such of the Gefion. That said from from what I remember about watching the Macross 7 episode with the Stargazer the fighters launch from those blue hatches as I mentioned. No idea on the interior of the ship for its hangars. I am sure one of the books will have some lineart of the hangars on a Northampton.
  2. It depends on the variant. For this M7 Version of the ship I think the fighters deploy via those blue painted hatches along the sides of the ship. Though for anything else you have to wait for @Seto Kaiba to come in.
  3. Okay. I know this is a Macross Forum, but I have seen some stuff for Robotech on here in the past and I wanted to recommend a Robotech fic to all. It is called Salvage and is over at the Sufficient Velocity forums. It is about Vanessa Leeds after the events of the finale of the Macross Saga and the loss of the rest of the SDF-1's bridge crew beside her (and Lisa). A well written and interesting story all around so far.
  4. I actually thought that made all sort of sense for UN Spacy Carriers to be named after older naval warships. I just wish they gave the ARMD-Class Enterprise a bit more combat history before destroying it. To allow it to prove itself to be known as the Enterprise. I didn't care they destroyed it I just wanted it to go out with a bit more finesse enough to earn it accolades alongside its namesakes. But that is just me. I actually really liked this idea and wished they kept it up. Though they would have perhaps had run out of names eventually, but still it was an interesting idea that paved the way for the UN Spacy to have its own naming conventions over that of the earlier blue water navies. That is interesting. I did not know what the Uraga Class had been named after till now. Though I did know this, funny I didn't connect that with the later Uraga Class. Also, I think the Guantanamo Class is going to have the same problem the Northampton Class and its variants have and that is too many ships to actually have a valid naming scheme for the entire class. I would think that the individual fleets or colonies would have their own schemes for their ships of those classes. Yeah. With over nine thousand ships produced the Northampton Class really can't have a normal naming scheme hence why I think it would have different fleets or colonies with their own naming schemes. Or they really are named with anything that makes sense. My own head canon name for the Stealth Cruiser was actually the Ontario Class before I learned that a fan-created book called them the Osaka and started to use that in my head canon now. I never really connected the name of the Northampton with the naval ship of the same name instead seeing it as a link to the town of Northampton so I decided to start naming the Stealth Cruiser after regional areas of countries, hence the Ontario Class. So instead I started to use the Ontario Class for a variant of the Stealth Cruiser. Honestly, I would prefer a non-American or non-Japanese name for the Stealth Cruiser since the vast majority of the named ships we do have are of those two different former nations. Shrug. Just a think I had. Yeah. Kind of pity for there is plenty of stuff in Delta I would love to explore a bit more. For example, I would also like more on the Enterprise Class as well. Like how many fighters can it carry and does it naturally carry a Macross Cannon or was that only a custom job?
  5. Honestly, I am just glad there is something to call the Stealth Cruiser in my stories now without my own madeup class name ruining things. Still wish we had some more information on the Windermere ships outside of what we little we got from the man himself Berger Stone during his little introduction to Xaos after he arrived. The only thing I got from that is the Windermere ship that is based on the Deneb Class actually has two main variants. One with turrets along the frontal hull and the second looking almost exactly like the regular Deneb Class just its hull looking like its partner variant.
  6. True, that. Still I would love to find out the class names for some of the ships we see in both Frontier and into Delta. Like the Stealth Cruiser or the Windermere Ships in Delta. Though, from what I understand a non-canonical source of some sort had the Stealth Cruiser as the Osaka Class if I remember correctly.
  7. Blink. Jeez. That is worst then the Macross Quarter Class. I always called them the Macross Elysion Class in my head canon. Or for my own fanfiction I had them called the Macross Pathfinder Class.
  8. Considering he piloted a VF-22 during his days as commander of the Macross Seven. I would think he could fly a VF-19.
  9. I hate you so much right now! Laughs.
  10. So, I wanted to ask since apparently my google-fu is really not all that great right now. Is the movie going to be streamed on one of the streaming sites like say the Gundam Hathaway Movie was? Or are we going to get it in theaters? I know someone else asked this earlier but I did not see anyone answering it so figured I bring it up again.
  11. Actually no the Megasion (the brown(?) colored one) was destroyed by the Windermere before they ever got to Ragna for the final part of the battle. The Grasion was the green colored one and did ended up under the control of the Var though it tried to combat the Elysion but Plot Armor and other such things had the Elysion manage to live through the opening barrage. It later almost got a Macross Attack from a recovered Elysion to the head but managed to shake off the Var due to Walkure Singing.
  12. Snort. I got things crossed. Ranka is the half(?)-Zentradi Girl we know from Frontier who becomes a major singer and part of the reason for the Macross Frontier Fleet to win the war against the Vajra, Frejya is the Windermere Girl that becomes a part of Walkure and a main characther in Delta.
  13. Grumble. Really shouldn't have read the past few pages. Still looks to be an interesting movie and story. Though like the others here I am not going to say if it is going to be good or not till I actually see it. That said, I have a few questions/observations about what we know so far: Alright that is about it from me. I am sure I am going to have plenty to talk about once I actually managed to watch the movie. EDIT: Oh. Should have spoiler tagged that list. Done. EDIT 2: Added links.
  14. Considering what happened with Havamarl during Macross 30? Not much. Though due to the whole Ouroboros Aurora Fold Fault I do not think Earth knew what had happened till things were already taken care of by the Ouroboros SMS Branch and the regular Ouroboros NUNS Garrison Forces.
  15. Yeah. I always wondered the same. Which is why in my head canon Alpha, Bravo, and Gamma are all full squadrons instead of just flights. There was also a fourth "grunt" unit which was only mentioned once right before Delta and Walkure started the operation to get to Windermere IV. Theta I believe. Which combined with Gamma kept the Alfheim Garrison busy while Delta and Walkure set up for the operation to get into Windermere IV via portal. I think Alpha and Bravo stayed with the Elysion when it helped out the distraction force at Randall since we see one Karios being saved by a regular Nightmare Plus before being engaged by Keith's Unit. Also, to further your note I do not think the Elysion is seen deploying any Cheyenne IIs at all. In the movie I remember some are seen on the hull of the Elysion and its remaining sister ship, but in the series I do not remember any Destroids at all outside of the regular NUNS units.
  16. Hmmm... Both of your posts Sato were different from one another though both mentioned the two VF-0 Phoenix found under AFB Edwards. The second went into a bit more detail. That said, I would love to see someone taking these small hidden pearls and make them into a full on story.
  17. Very nice, summary. Honestly, I wouldn't want to fight a fifth generation fighter like the Messiah in a Regult of all things. I almost feel sorry for those Zentradi pilots.
  18. I honestly think it is one Musical AI, like Sharon Apple, just running five different "images" in an effort to counter Walkure. I think there was a theory earlier in this thread when the first teaser came out that Lady M had two main programs for a new Idol for Walkure. The first of course being, the cloning program which brought us Mikumo, and the second, being some sort of new Sharon Apple like AI. With Mikumo being so successful the AI program was halted but now has come back for some reason.
  19. You know. We have been wondering why Walkure had weapons in that video but I wonder they are fighting against their new rivals.
  20. Jeez. Did someone try to clone Walkure? And I wonder if that earlier theory about another "Sharon Apple" being a thing is true but instead of just being one the AI copies Walkure entirely.
  21. Wait, what? We are getting another Frontier Movie? What? Why? When does it take place? Huh. I am not often correct, but I CALLED IT.
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